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The Renascibilitas Crusade [Redemptor WIP]

Marshal Mattias

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Best models on that shelf. Totally unbiased on this one......Alright, I might just be a tad biased. :laugh.:


Seriously though: I truly hope you get placed. Those are some great looking Sternguard. 


@Honda: Yeah, the witches are gonna get it.  "You're locked in here with me us!"

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Ooh, re-match time versus the Ultramarines! Except, this time he is bringing Calgar and honour guard in a couple of storm ravens... And I have no idea how to take them on...


I have LRC/LRR/Vindi/Razor, speeders, drop pods, but no dedicated AA or flyers myself :( And I REALLY want to take Calgar's head this time... His 1-wound escape in our last match has left a bitter taste...

Any suggestions guys?

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Whirlwind Hyperios x3, then bring 1 Damocles Command Rhino per HQ you have, Inquisitor with Null Rod to hit Tigurius (Inquisitor cannot board BT transport so be careful with this one, or have the Liber Heresius and a 10-man Thunder Hammer/SS Assault Terminator Squad to accompany him), then have an ADL.


The Whirlwind Hyperios has Interceptor and Skyfire, and all shots at Flyers or Skimmers count as Twin-Linked, no to mention it is S8 AP3 so any shot directed at a Stormraven has a high chance of killing one.


Damocles Rhinos have Orbital Bombardments and adds +1 or -1 to your reserves. 


Inquisitor with Null Rods can Instant Kill enemy Psykers in close combat, they have access to Relic items that are very very cheap. The Liber Heresius grants you a 1 Special Ability per turn, provided you passed a Leadership test. The special ability ranges from Scouts, Hatred to Counter-Attack putting a 10-man Assault Terminator AND your Marshal in that Squad would terrify the living hell out of your enemy. Also, the Null Rod user and his Squad cannot be targeted by enemy Psykers.


Or just bring a lot of Terminators and Land Raiders, Honour Guard Squads hate Terminators or any kind... if there are a lot of Honour Guards, then 2+/3++ is your friend.

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Termies, of course! Some solid ideas, maybe I can proxy a razorback as a whirlwind Hyperios for a game to 'test' it? :P I might just play for fun rather than winning - load up the 'raiders with all the nastiness I can manage and just charge...
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And I've even been making some progress on my ETL vow, not bad for a little free time between work and dinner:



Some more WIP before the late shift, also added some washes to my Helbrecht (now that I have discovered them!)



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Or just bring a lot of Terminators and Land Raiders, Honour Guard Squads hate Terminators or any kind... if there are a lot of Honour Guards, then 2+/3++ is your friend.

Now, I can work with that :)

I brought 5 pods last time so I think I will leave them at home now. I'm expecting to see a couple of landspeeder storms anyway. I've built a list which will hopefully be fun at least. :)


+++ (1497pts) +++

* Chapter Tactics

Black Templars


+ HQ + (230pts)

* Chapter Master (230pts)

Orbital Bombardment, Artificer Armor, The Shield Eternal, Thunder Hammer


+ Elites + (220pts)

* Terminator Assault Squad (220pts)

4x TH/SS, Terminator Sergeant with Claws


+ Troops + (247pts)

* Crusader Squad (169pts)

Flamer, power weapon, 6x Initiates, 4x Neos

* Sword Brother

Bolt pistol, Power Weapon


* Scout Squad (78pts)

Camo Cloaks, Scout Sergeant, 5x Scouts


+ Fast Attack + (150pts)

* Land Speeder

Heavy Flamer, Typhoon Missile Launcher

* Land Speeder

Heavy Flamer, Typhoon Missile Launcher



+ Heavy Support + (650pts)


* Land Raider Crusader (260pts)



* Land Raider Redeemer (250pts)



* Vindicator (140pts)

Siege Shield, storm bolter


Speeders are on anti-scout duty. I expect he will (like me) be tight on points with his deathstar Ravens, so his speeder storms and scouts will be important scoring units. Typhoons to eliminate the speeders at range, heavy flamers to wipe the unit when they bolt for cover.

Marshal and termies ride in crusader, crusader squad in redeemer (where they will stay as long as possible), supported by vindicator. Rush for enemy lines :D

Scout squad infiltrate into covered objective and stay there with camo cloaks, ready to charge anything that comes close. With regards to winning? Doubt it, but if I think I can smash his scoring units before his ravens turn up, then I will. If not, I will hold back a little and let them come (AV14 for the win) and attempt to counter charge. Should be a quick game either way!

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If fighting an enemy force that has a lot of Flyers, the trick is to get to his deployment zone as fast as possible and stay there, no point musing about things just get there so he could only do 1 strafing run per turn with the Ravens, if he decides to hover them you have Terminators that could easily take them down. you just need to be really tactical about your gamestyle.... but what should hamper you the most are those unforeseen things... like him bringing Meltagun Drop Pods :p

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Uhm... It's easy enough to hover out of assault range. 24" guns beats total of 18" to reach assault.

But! Land Raider MM's on the other hand! I'd try to snap-fire those MM with POTMS every time. You might get lucky, and if he does hover, turn your Assault cannons on him!

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If you're  using POTMS with the Multimelta you don't need to snap fire them... you need to hit them but with full BS...

(sorry, I've never had much luck with the Land Raider's Multimelta :p)


Would it be fine to drop a Scout from the Infiltrating Scout Squad and drop the Land Raider Redeemer for a Land Raider Phobos (standard) with a Multimelta... still the same role carrying your Crusaders in them and just biding its time with your Vindicator, but has a lot more chances of downing a Raven especially if Marneus 'Papa Smurf' Calgar is riding with them.

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I don't have a regular pattern setup unfortunately. Same with the whirlwind idea. Back to the snapshot bit though:

I thought the zooming flyer would mean my POTMS would still only hit on a six 'like' a snapshot?

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Okay, cool, that's good to know (brought two multis!)

Also, he has only finished one raven and the rest of his list will be made up of tac squads in rhinos... So if I wreck some face ASAP, keeping my vindicator out of harms way, as soon as he drops the Calgar/honour guard payload it is BOOM time :D

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If you're  using POTMS with the Multimelta you don't need to snap fire them... you need to hit them but with full BS...

(sorry, I've never had much luck with the Land Raider's Multimelta :tongue.:)


Would it be fine to drop a Scout from the Infiltrating Scout Squad and drop the Land Raider Redeemer for a Land Raider Phobos (standard) with a Multimelta... still the same role carrying your Crusaders in them and just biding its time with your Vindicator, but has a lot more chances of downing a Raven especially if Marneus 'Papa Smurf' Calgar is riding with them.

I meant using PotMS to fire the MM at the zooming Flyer, should have clarified. :sweat:

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Was an interesting game, although that bloody deathstar of Tigurius/Calgar/HonourGuard is so ridiculously gnarly... For the second time, I was winning at the end of turn 5 and lost in turn 6... Calgar just made every saving throw, and Tigurius makes very pyschic test and gives so many bonuses that a 5-man honour guard and TG tore apart my shield eternal chapter master and 5 terminators with storm shields... I had some poor rolls too :(

Proper BatRep to follow anyway! Plus bonus Chaos match ;)

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Had another go against the Ultramarines - pretty much the same enemy list as last time but with a Storm Raven instead of a Land Raider (I don't think he liked the Melta dropping in last time). Unfortunately, my lack of experience in dealing with flyers and their rules meant I made a slight error...


Mission was classic objectives, 3 total. Deployment was annoyingly divided into a diagonal across the board, meaning that the imminent arrival of the storm raven was frustratingly unpredictable. I decided to just go hell-for-leather and go demolish what I could. Also, I infiltrated the small scout unit (who were in fact all given snipers except the sarge) into a multi-floored building containing an objective.


Frankly, the first turn was excellent. I stole the initiative, allowing my typhoons to scoot up the right flank behind some buildings and blast apart both of the enemy scout speeders, killing a couple of each squad in the blasts and forcing them to scramble for cover.

The snipers stayed put and killed a marine in cover. (Each squad had combat-squadded on deployment)

Land raiders fired assault cannons at marines as they advanced.

Vindicator rolled forward towards the left and blew apart a Rhino and one of the marines inside, IIRC.


Enemy turn saw the scouts getting into cover and a flak missile coming from a tac squad at the rear of his lines, glancing one speeder and another was immobilised. The marines on foot ran behind their wrecked rhino and towards the enemy home objective. Little else occurs.


Vindicator rushes 18 inches to the left flank in an attempt to get a shot next turn on the objective holding tac marines.

I forget what exactly occurred turn 2/3, but the Raven arrives from basically behind me. Comes on at a narrow angle from the corner to the left of my deployment corner, lining up behind my vindicator. Shoots at it and immobilises it, with a frustratingly poor angle for subsequent shooting. Scouts move up a floor after discovering the 'mystery objective' is sabotaged. Snap-shots unsurprisingly achieve little.

Speeders fire again, frag missiles from the immobile one take some scouts out, and the heavy flamer on the other gets some more.

Redeemer moves up further, cannons take out a tac marine. Crusader rolls up towards the remaining rhino and deploys chapter master and termies. Shooting with vindi tears the rhino open, prepping the squad for charge.


Last 3 scouts and tacs shoot down the speeders. Redeemer retaliates by torching the scouts, only one survives and runs to hide.

Termies and Marshal roflstomp the tacs from the rhino. Consolidate towards their transport again.

(NB- I thought the disembarking deathstar from the raven had to stand and shoot a turn before charging, forgetting it was an assault vehicle, meaning I would only have to take a couple of pistol rounds and could re-embark in the Raider to enact my own charge. Oops).


At this point, my dominance on the table just melted away. I had crippled the enemy troops mobility, meaning they were never going to be able to contest either of the two objectives, but the warlord trait for Calgar had made him a scoring unit...

Calgar ran over and punched the immobilised Vindicator to death.

The Raven blew up the landraider crusader with a single penetrating shot. Tigurius and the honour guard charged my unit. They had invulnerable saves and re-rolls to hit from Tigurius's powers, and he had some stat-boost of his own, plus a banner. His champion faced off against my lightning claw sergeant, who despite re-rolls to hit and wound, didn't rend. Champion saved all on 2+, then killed challenger with a thunder hammer. Grr.

Rest of the unit score a horrific number of hits with axes. Termies score painfully few wounds with thunder hammers. I start rolling invulnerable saves and fail four almost immediately. Marshal ends up taking 3 wounds also. Honour guard somehow only lose 2 in return. I am not best pleased.


Redeemer moves towards central objective in support of Marshal, shooting doesn't hurt anything.

Snipers put a wound on Calgar, mainly just because they don't like him. Champion in combat is forced to face marshal, but although the marshal splats him, he then fails 1 of his saves and is out of the game...

Calgar moves to support Tigurius and last 2 honour guard as they move towards the only currently unclaimed objective.

Redeemer blocks honour guard and crusaders jump out other side to land on objective to hopefully steal it given we have reached turn 5. Honour guard fail charge, plan is looking good! Calgar attempts to charge the redeemer, only managed a hull point.

At this stage, despite some set-backs, I still have the win. But, like last time, the game refuses to end.

The last scout was making a run for line breaker, but the snipers cut him down.

Calgar reforms the megazord with tiggy and make their charge, with support from all the Raven's guns.

I fail something like 7 armour saves in a row so that there is barely anything left standing, just a sword brother and a neophyte. The sword brother steps up against Calgar and bravely puts a wound on him before death, but the neo is cut down by the rest of the unit of course. Thanks to Calgar's scoring status, the objective is now his. My first blood is offset by his warlord kill, and he holds two objectives to my one. My only hope is to put 2 wounds on Calgar somehow with only the snipers and redeemer, but the game ends without reaching a seventh turn.


Ouch, disappointing result! Not least because like in our last match, my initial assault was devastating, but his deathstar unit was just invincible. Of course, if I had successfully garnered the termie charge instead of gifting it to him, I may have fared better. Also, my rolling in that combat was unexpectedly poor. I decided that sniper scouts can't kill anything, but they were useful for securing that objective and not much else. The problem is thatTiggy makes that unit ridiculous, but he can be hidden behind the champion and Calgar so it is very hard to eliminate him. A successful intercept would probably have been my only hope here, stranding and avoiding his unit like the plague. Also I'm unconvinced his movement of the raven on arrival was strictly legal. The dual raiders did well, delivering their units successfully and surviving numerous missiles etc. I think the list did what it was supposed to, but my error in turn three and a spell of bad luck from there onwards sealed my fate :(

Next time, I suppose!


Also, I squeezed in a small 800 point match versus some Chaos marines which was pretty cool, I'll pop that up shortly.














(Couple of these might have gone on in the wrong order, sorry)

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Nice little report, sad to hear about the loss, but live and learn, right? :thumbsup:


What do you mean about his Raven movement not being legal? How exactly did he use/move the Raven and the embarked unit when it arrived from reserves?

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