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Greetings, brothers. I intend two threads to cover the 3rd edition campaign I am doing with my two sons -- this thread, to cover the hobby/WIP/painting aspect, and then I will do a separate thread for battle reports and related "fluff" (i.e. storyline for the batreps). Battle reports most likely won't begin until at least the summer as we have to build up our forces. I expect my oldest son to create an account here at B&C soon so that he can contribute as well. The forces that will be involved in the campaign are:


Inquisition (Codex: Witch Hunters, 2003) - run my myself

Dark Blades - DA successor chapter (Codex: Dark Angels, 1999 and Codex: Spacemarines 1998) - oldest son, "Primus" (16 yrs old)

Deathskulls Orks (Codex: Orks, 1999) - youngest son, "Secundus" (12 yrs old)

"The Fallen" (Chaos marine rules from the main rule book) - NPC faction to be used according to special mission house rule, communally painted 

Chaos cultists ("Adversaries of the Witch Hunter" list from Codex: Witch Hunters) - NPC faction, communally painted

Phœladar PDF (Codex: Imperial Guard, 1999) - run by Secundus, but using my DKoK models


When we're ready to start posting battle reports, I will share with you the storyline that we have come up with for this campaign. Today, I will begin sharing some of the initial WIP and completions.


The Witch Hunter force is led by none other than Lord Inquisitor Soulis, well-known from my blog about his force. I've started the base colours for his Throne of Redemption:




While I'm working on this centrepiece for my army, Secundus is preparing a looted Leman Russ Battle Tank using the bottom half of a Russ I found in my bitz box (don's ask why we only had the lower half because I don't know) and various bitz and plasticard:






Primus is starting off with a squad of sniper scouts, and a squad of bolter/shotgun/BP&CCW scouts for the Dark Blades:




And finally, some cultists/traitors that were recently completed (Secundus did the base coat and wash, I did quick highlights to finish them up):




There won't be a full Fallen force, just a few cultists and marines running around in certain missions/maps.






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A couple completions for the Ordo Hereticus strike force today:




First up we’ve got Inquisitor Ambro of the Ordo Xenos who Lord Inquisitor Soulis is bringing in to assist with his investigation of the Orks. He is accompanied by his Imperial Navy liaison (counts as a sage). 



Then we have another three arco-flagellants bringing the total up to six. I can’t wait to use these guys their rules were awesome in 3rd edition. So deadly (T5 with D6 attacks of STR4 power weapons) and fluffy (burning out from too much combat stimms if you roll 6 for their fleet move or attacks). 

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A few WIP shots today …


Lord Inquisitor Soulis’ Throne of Redemption is coming along nicely, if slowly:




The Dark Blades scouts are also coming along nicely. Camo cloaks and some details on weaponry are needed but these two give you the basic colour scheme:




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