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  1. Hello, so I know that you can't reroll a reroll * and I've also taken a peek at the rules for making attacks**, but RAW can I reroll a dice replacement? The Thousand Son's Cult of Prophecy spell Divine the Future *** allows you to "... replace a single dice rolled for a hit roll, wound roll..." So, for example: I roll a 1 on my "prophecy dice," could I then replace a 2 on a BS3+ ranged attack with a 1 to trigger the reroll from Lord of the Thousand Sons aura? Thought I'd ask before I try it with a few multi-meltas on Helbrutes. Big Core Rulebook: *200 **203 Codex Thousand Sons 9th: ***46
  2. Version 0.8


    In this fan-made supplement you will find rules for Battle-forged armies that include Black Templars Detachments. These rules include Abilities, Stratagems, Litanies, Warlord Traits, Relics and Datasheets designed to be used alongside Codex: Space Marines. Together, these rules capture the character and fighting style of the Black Templars Crusades so that they can be played in your games of Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition. The aim of this supplement is to not only capture the spirit of the Black Templars Chapter as they are portrayed in other Games Workshop publications but also maintain the streamlined game design of 9th Edition.
  3. Seeing how this is more of a Grey Knight question, I'll pose the question here, rather on the rules forum. Straight to business, according to the wording of the Nemesis Lord WL trait, the wording is this: "Nemesis Lord: You can add 1 to the Damage characteristic of your Warlord's melee weapon. If you Warlord wields a Relic of Titan that is a melee weapon, chose another Warlord Trait or re-roll this result." Ok, so directing your attention to the the first part of the sentence (underlined), You can add 1 to the Damage characteristic of your Walord's melee weapon. However, here's the interesting bit - what if he wields two? I.e. a pair of Nemesis Falchions. As he wields two weapons, does that mean the Falchions become D3+2 damage (i,e. 1 falchion would become D3+1, and a pair would become D3 + 2, on the account they are two weapons)? Or would only the one weapon get the +1D? The third possibility is that the falchions do the D3 damage and then you add +2 afterward to the result as both weapons benefit from that trait. This would be incredibly spicy if that combination had a potential of 5 flat damage. Thoughts?
  4. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?app=downloads&module=display&section=screenshot&id=677 File Name: Open Play Black Templars for 9th Edition File Submitter: Brother Sidonius File Submitted: 03 Feb 2021 File Category: Warhammer 40,000 In this fan-made supplement you will find rules for Battle-forged armies that include Black Templars Detachments. These rules include Abilities, Stratagems, Litanies, Warlord Traits, Relics and Datasheets designed to be used alongside Codex: Space Marines. Together, these rules capture the character and fighting style of the Black Templars Crusades so that they can be played in your games of Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition. The aim of this supplement is to not only capture the spirit of the Black Templars Chapter as they are portrayed in other Games Workshop publications but also maintain the streamlined game design of 9th Edition. Click here to download this file
  5. Apologies for what is most likely a stupid question, but I don`t have the rule book on me at the moment :) What is the ruling on Instant Death in 30K? I know that some weapons have the rule but i can`t remember whether the double the toughness part of it is still in place?
  6. Some questions on valks: 1) Can Units move after grav chute disembark? I understand yes 2) If I move the valk let’s say 35” can I drop one command squad(maybe snipers) on a building halfway through its move and another squad(maybe melta) at the end of its move? I understand yes 3) do you roll the dice for a grav chute disembarking unit all at once and remove a model for each fail(like emergency disembark) or do you roll dice individually for each model.( meaning you might lose your specials weapons/seargrant rather than being able to chose a basic guardsman? I understand the latter(roll indiv.) but would prefer the former(roll together) lol What do you guys think? I use 2 valks so really wanna be using them correctly and to full potential. Thanks!
  7. Hey Gang, Wanted and excuse to convert up and have a play around with some kroot models, and 40k is a big leap to go that way, so I figured I'd make a kill team for them (as its a blood travesty they don't have one). Now this is just really a reskin of the Tyranid Kill Team as I thought they had the best stats and equipment to represent the hodge podge of stuff the Kroot have access to. So looking for some feedback on the fluffyness of weapon names and adaptations etc.. also feel free to point out any mistakes or what not. And if anyone wanted to jot the cheeky blurb.. or help with all the d10 generating info that'd be a massive help thanks!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/x9mpbsrcqmyjp1q/Kroot%20Killteam%20V0.1.pdf?dl=0
  8. It was recently pointed out to me the wording of the Vostroyan Stratagem "Firstborn Pride" says select a "Unit" and give it +1 to hit. A squadron of Leman Russes is a Unit, so therefore if i use my once per turn stratagem i will be getting the most bang for my buck by suddenly having 3 More BS3 tanks! Does anyone think that this an incorrect reading of this rule? Squadrons suffer from moral do they not? I would like to capitalize on my army's abilities, so things like 42 inch plasma cannons and Hvy Bolters, 30" multimeltas and Demolisher Cannons. What are the best loadouts for a squadron to utilize this? This thinking also has me re-analyzing my lists, i need to take multiple squadrons (russes + basilisks or hydras) so as i have multiple highly effective targets for the best stratagem across all of the Astra Militarum. In a pinch i can also combine this stratagem with consolidate squads and create a 20 man squad (60 man if i had 2 conscript blobs next to each other) to further maximize. After double Checking the codex, Squadrons operate as separate units once placed, so disregard
  9. Hey gang, I'm looking at starting a 30k army, and after an oddly recent fascination with thunder warriors I'd love to have a loosely based army built around maybe some thunder warriors on ice (as opposed to disney on ice) that have been arc'd up, or something similar to the limping along outcast dead sort of set up. But to have them looking, big, scary and rare, I feel they need to be surround by a rabble of human/xenos/scum. So obviously a good starting point for the S5/T5 is our good Blackshiedl Chimerae friends, which can't have an allied detachment (but from what I can see, can BE an allied detachment) but thats not why I'm here, I'm trying to use Legiones Astartes (Black Shields) in a Dark Compliance List. So my main questions are, in regards to the rules..well in a nut shell can it be done, if not, then why? As far as I can see, as long as a Legion Astartes (x) can be a traitor, which Blackshields nominally can be, Can be lead by a Praetor/Centuiron/Consul (which blackshields can be for the last two) then you are set from that angle. No from the Black Shield Perspective, the main thing I'm trying to rock is the S5/T5 Chimerae Wrought by War.. now to get the Wrought by War, you need to be in a 'Black Shields Detachment'... what does that mean exactly or what is required for that to work, as if it doens't, the whole thing will sadly be for nought :'(. Bonus round.. if all of the above works, obviously I can't use Marauder squads, but the Reaver Lord does say "...which in the case of the Reaver Lord replaces the Legion Praetor normally available to the Space Marine Crusade army.". Now does this allow :A. The Reaver Lord to be used in the Dark Compliance army as it 'replaces' the Legion Praetor in the Crusade list B. Allow the Reaver Lord to be used as the Praetor as the warlord in a DC list? None of this is meant to rules lawyer-e or trying to game the situation or what not.. i just want big, strong, tough slow bois with lots of little scrubs running around to show how big and tough they are :P. Thanks in advance, Nick
  10. Ok, so I really hope that this thread is short, but I noticed that my assault sergeants can no longer dual wield pistols. I thought I was getting the hand of the index, but apparently not. This thread is to compile all the stuff we could do in 7th, but cannot do in 8th, so save us model making headaches from the edition hangover. Please present the issues in the form: +What's changed+ +The wording that prevents it (if applicable)+ +Alternative (if any)+ I'll Start. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +Change+ Text +Wording+ Text +Alternative+ Text ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +Change+ Assault marine sergeants can no longer dual wield pistols, or take combi meltas (bye bye meltacide) +Wording+ Most sergeants can pick from the sergeant equipment list, but ASM sergeants can swap their pistol for another pistol or melee weapon, and their chainsword for another melee weapon. They cannot swap their chainsword for a second pistol. +Alternative+ None ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +Change+ Assault marines cannot take melta or plasma guns anymore, +Wording+ Normal Codex ASM entry, the BA section has no permissions to allow meltaguns +Alternative+ Company veterans with special weapons, although these are more expensive, and have different coloured helms. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +Change+ Terminator and Sanguinary guard can no longer include a banner holder +Wording+ Banner Bearers are now individual units +Alternative+ Sanguinary guard can be taken at 4 men strong. If you had modelled a terminator standard bearer, you need to add a new terminator to the unit to make them 5 men strong. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +Change+ Death Company thunder hammers now replace both weapons, so no hammer and bolter +Wording+ Death co entry +Alternative+ None. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +Change+ Death Company Chaplains no longer exist +Wording+ Unit entry removed +Alternative+ Use normal chaplain, Lemartes or Astorath to buff DC. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +Change+ Standard drop pods can no longer carry dreadnoughts, the pods you left the harnesses from to transport dreads arent too useful now. +Wording+ drop pod entry +Alternative+ Use Forge world dread drop pod entry. May be issues with drop pod size. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +Change+ Blood Angels named characters and units: Karlaen, Raphen's Death company, Squad Aphael, Cassor the Damned +Wording+ Deleted +Alternative+ Generic unit entries for Termiator captain, Termonator squad, death company, cassor. At least Raphen's loadout isnt so terrible this edtion.
  11. So my question is this. How does the Vindicare Assassin interact with Tau and specifically when targeting a warlord/character that has the shield drones or any other drone that can be allocated wounds. These are some of the rules for the Vinidicare if you weren't aware. I think they are the relevant ones that would interact in this scenario. Please help me understand how this works? My aim is to obviously snipe the commander without him allocating wounds to any drones.
  12. Hi all, So quick question to the community about a Crusade rule. As crusade uses Power Level rather than points, and as say a squad of 6 CSM is the same PL as a squad of 10. If I have a squad of 10 on my roster, is it possible to only take 9 of them for a Crusade game and leave the single model out. my thinking for this is a Rhino has a capacity of 10, if I want to run my Chosen on foot from the start I will run all 10, but if I want them in the Rhino with say a Character can I drop 1 Chosen model from the list so there is space in the Vehicle?
  13. Greetings I was wanting others opinion on the Warlord trait of the Psian Jakals Tempestus Regiment. I don't have the book in front of me but i took this language from another thread on the forum: WLT - Skilled Tracker: Redeploy three 54th PSIAN JAKAL units at the start of the first battle round before the first turn. Question: Can I Re-Deploy my unit into Deepstrike if it has the ability (Scion Unit for example)?
  14. Hi, wonder if the community can help me. I was playing against iron hands the other day and have an issue with Feirros’s student of history warlord trait. My opponent charged a group of my eldar with feirros, killed one in combat which left 3 models in the charged unit. At the end of the fight phase my opponent hen stated he was “consolidating” with Feirros...... so he moved out of combat in the same turn he had charged in. My opponent stated that you consolidate at the end of the fight phase and since feirros’s ability says he can go 6” in any direction my opponent took that as being able to leave combat. Was this being played properly? It seems very powerful
  15. https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/lBLlqvrttJVgyfhC.pdf This is just sooo good! Can’t believe the exploding 6’s rule. Infantry builds will be loving it. Also our indirect fire has remained unscathed! I’m a very happy Kriegsman!
  16. ...I just had a game using a successor chapter build, but I wasn't really sure about the "Hunter's Unleashed" rule. Do I lose that when using a successor chapter or not? I was sure about losing savage fury, but confused about Hu... My opponent generously granted me to use it - he's very fair -, but I now think I was wrong there... Idk, I find the successor chapter rules a bit confusing in general, and it was my first time using them...
  17. Nobody expects the Inquisition after all It doesn't look like much and almost certainly won't be - but it's better than nothing. Here's hoping it adds some much needed options and improvements!
  18. Having not had the pleasure of using the chaplain yet in armies I play. Can someone explain how I use the litanies? I couldn't find anything in the 8th edition codex, or ritual of the damned on how exactly they work. Do I roll a dice to activate it? When do I chose them? Do I have to change each turn? What If I am in deep strike and arrive at the end of the movement phase? How do I activate it? If its at the start of the turn, does that mean I don't have one active for the turn I arrive via deep strike?
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