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  1. Hey everyone, welcome to my hobby thread! If you're looking for one of the colour scheme tutorials from my 'March of the Legions' project or one of the basing tutorials, please check the bottom of this post for all of the relevant links. If you can't find what you're looking for or if you have a question that's not answered in the relevant post, please feel free to send me a private message. Regards, Kizzdougs. For more regular updates check out my Instagram account @raptorimperialis I've recently been feeling the urge to start a new 40K project. After much musing and many false starts, i've decided on the Thousand Sons, Pre-heresy. They aren't my favourite legion or chapter but the TS have always be a legion full of character, imagery and conversion opportunities. A perfect combination in my opinion. This project has been at least two years in the planning process. It all started when i converted a PH TS sorcerer for a conversion competition at my local GW (which i was lucky enough to win). After building the Sorcerer i knew i had to make some more TS, they are just so fun and different. Unfortunately it has taken me over two years to finally get here. The Sorcerer who started it all. He is a relatively simple kit bash with minimal GS work. I took inspiration from the Thousand Sons art in 'Collected Vissions', especially that of Ahriman and Uthizarr. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/photo-3.jpg The test mini. I used bits from several kits to build this terminator, the majority are from the GK terminator kit and the Tomb Guard kit (WHFB). http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0290.jpg?t=1313302289 With crest added. I can't decide whether to give all the terminators these crests or just keep them for the squad leaders. Any opinions and suggestions are welcome. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0291.jpg?t=1313302233 http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0292.jpg?t=1313302169 A close up of the force weapon. Such a simple conversion but i'm fairly happy with how it turned out. Sorry about the bad lighting. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0289.jpg?t=1313302359 Hopefully this project will develop and progress at a not too slow pace (fingers crossed). I plan on adding some Sisters of Silence and maybe even some Custodes at a later stage. I'm certainly feeling the necessary inspiration at the moment. Any and all suggestions and advice are more than welcome, as are questions and queries. Thanks for looking EDIT: March of the Legions Painting Tutorials: Space Marine eye lenses Legions without tutorials: World Eaters Iron Warriors Sons of Horus The Rout Imperial Fists Night Lords Thousand Sons White Scars Legions with tutorials: Blood Angels Death Guard Emperor's Children - Palatine Breachers tutorial Emperor's Children Metallic (airbrush) Salamanders Ultramarines Raven Guard Word Bearers Alpha Legion (no airbrush) - Alpha Legion (airbrush) Effrit Stealth Scheme Dark Angels Iron Hands Thousand Sons World Eaters Hobby tutorials: Basing - ZM/industrial Greenstuff tutorial Desert/rocky base building Desert/rocky base painting Eye Lens Tutorial
  2. Hey all! Really should have posted this a while back when we first got around to releasing the last major updates to the Liber Panoptica and more, but oh well - we're here now! As you're probably already aware if you're reading this - the Liber Panoptica was a project made by the community and released on HH2.0's launch day to ensure all models which didn't have official representation in the rules were usable, as well as providing a full FAQ / Errata / Balance update to the game. This original release is now many moons behind us, and we've moved to another platform (itch.io), added a whole heap more content, and have some big plans to share with you all! We've made some pretty big quality of life improvements for this release, first among which is the splitting of the FAQ, Errata, and Balance Changes into their own book, apart from the unit additions. Our second one is to add colour coding to all FAQs, Erratas, and Balance Changes, to make them easily distinguishable at a glance. The two new supplements will carry different names for ease of distinction; Liber Panoptica will continue to be the FAQs and so on, whilst Liber Centura will be all the new units for the Legiones Astartes. That's not all though - as we've been busy reaching out across the community to other groups, and we're excited to reveal that these supplements are not just from the Panoptica Team; we've taken the drastic step of unifying our work with that of prominent community ruleswriters from other teams to ensure all future content from us bears their ideas, concepts, testing, and approval. This, married with our rigourous playtesting and proofreading, will help to ensure all community rules are of the highest possible standard. It's the Panoptica Team's aim to make it so that instead of the normal question asked, "Are we using X or Y's changes?", instead, you will only have to ask, "Are we using the Community FAQ and Rules?" instead. Our collaborators are as follows - and I personally, as well as the rest of the team, want to stress how grateful we are they agreed to come on board to start this journey with us! - The Mournival Events Team - The Veterans of Terra Team - AUS30K Events - King Fluff Events Now we've got the Liber Panoptica & Centura in general release, our aim will be for the Liber Ingenium to see the light of day in the near future. Hot on its heels will be two Xenos races many have wanted to see brought to HH2.0 - and so, the Eldar and the Orks will take to the field soon enough... The supplements are linked below - I hope you all enjoy these, and have a lot of fun trying them out across the battlefields of the 31st millenium! https://hh-ageofdarkness.itch.io/liberpanoptica https://hh-ageofdarkness.itch.io/libercentura
  3. "Milites! cur pugnamus?" "nam Imperator populusque humanity!" "filii Imperatore! mors inimicos eius!" - Coms excerpt from 95th company during compliance of 1929-27. High Gothic was the standard battle tongue of the 9th Millennial. "I am my father's son. His shadow weighs a ton" - unknown Terran philosopher, 3rd millennium. Chapter Master Karonghyontye stared out from the balcony, drinking in the views from the fortress monastery. His captains had left, the cheers and their acclaim still ringing in his ears, following his confirmation as the new master of the Red Eagles. His reverie was broken by the polite cough of the Chief Librarian, standing in the shadows. He approached Karonghyontye and produced a stasis tube containing a battered, old book. “Again, congratulations my lord. I’m afraid to puncture the moment of your ascension but I must divulge to you the true history of the chapter that you are to lead…” +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ In the closing decades of the Great Crusade the 1929th expedition was sent on a long term mission to achieve the compliance of Wagar's Reach. The reach was home to numerous advanced xeno species and lost human worlds. Such an undertaking required significant fleet, army and legion power including: - 3rd Legion, 9th Millennial - 8th Legion, 5th Chapter - 13th Legion, 22nd Chapter - and 15th Legion, 60th Company. Warp unrest in Wagner’s Reach meant that the tumultuous Post-Ullanor events of the late crusade passed the 1929th by. Only upon it’s triumphant return to imperial space, did we become aware of the storm brewing in the galaxy. - “The Betrayed Phoenix.” By Sergeant Ali Pasha 95th Company, 9th Millennial, 3rd Legion Lord Commander Joseph Brant “The Red Eagle” was elected leader of the expedition. He was a Terran veteran of the Unification Wars, well regarded by our cousins of the other legions but less so by the Primarch. Brant’s assignment to the 1929th was a welcome exile from political foes like Lord Commander Primus Eidolon. On the eve of our return to imperial space, 9th Millenial stood approximately 3000 strong in 4 battalions of 5 companies. 91st-100th and the 391-400th companies. We of the 95th were a veteran line company, unbroken by the horrors of the crusade; but the news of our legion’s betrayal shook us to the core. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thus begins the third incarnation of this army. I've been playing since 2nd edition and got into heresy when the card game came out and we had no forgeworld models. The first version of this army was a cobbled together affair using the chaos codex. The second with actual rules, models and to completion. And then came truescale. I'd been aware of the different methods for years and idly had a go one day. This may have been a mistake as now I'm retrofitting the whole 95th company. My test model and new scheme after the KizzDoggs method. It's so shiny!
  4. Good Morning all! As the Thunder Warrior journey draws to a close (for the time being, I love that army so every chace it will get more stuff added!) I've started looking at an army that has always been near and dear to my heart, but never fully acted upon. The first 40k boxed set I got 21 odd years ago was the awesome old 3rd ed Grey Hunters box of wolves from back in the day, I remeber watching the wulfen come out with the Eye of Terror campaign and all the cool armour mixing and what not the 13th great company entailed. So 30k, 13th Great Company, here we go! So only baby steps now as due to the move I haven't set up my 3d printer and am getting a mate to do the 3d prints for me. The army will be based heavily around the Fummelfinger (if you don't know him, look him up, amazing stuff) MK2 sculpts, which are already quite large to begin with, but I'm intending my wolves to have a small allied detachment of Solar Auxilia with them. Alas that Solar Auxili are based on Palatine Subjugators which are obnoxiously large, and if you didn't know, now you know, I must have my post-human warriors scaled well to their human underlings. So below I give you the first start on both a Solar Aux and a Space Wolf. For this army I'm really only going to rely on the 3d prints for the basic armour body, legs, packs arms and pads. Everything else will be 'standard' stuff as 3d printing resin is a prick to work with and I love converting stuff haha. Even though there will no doubt be some wulfen mixed into the army, maybe even just a command squad, I want these wolfs to be quite serious and dark, foreboding may be a better word, I think with the wolves it can be a very fine line between 'menacing space vikings with wolf symbology' and 'frost-ice wizard axe while riding a thunder-storm-hurricane wolf-wolf' and by god does the latter not belong in 30k (or to be honest, anywhere). The above image is just to give you an idea of the scale. While the marine is exessively larger than the old MK2 sculpt, I blame the Palantine Subjugator for the distinct increase in size! As to colouration and general vibe I found this picture on the net that perfect encapsulates 30k wolves to me: So thats where I'm leaving you today, my jobs over the course of this week is to get the hobby room set up so I can get painting and hobbying proper! I have a large wad of MK2 marines on their way from my friend as well as a heap of wolf based bits and kits to start slowly massaging into an army. I'm actually getting a bit excited to get into this project and try and put a bit of a gritty, grimdark, blanchian spin on the old space pups!
  5. https://youtu.be/iI9G1-h8QV8 Skimask Mohawk's Talons of the Emperor vs Stricken1's Night Lords. http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/2017%20playerunkowns%20battlegrounds%20pubg%20screenshots/d-1_zpsrohiqs9j.jpg http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/2017%20playerunkowns%20battlegrounds%20pubg%20screenshots/d-2_zpselfn8dek.jpg
  6. "Legends of the Legions" It is an age of lost hope and vengeance. A time when the Legions clash and split worlds asunder with their bitter wars of dead brotherhood. Among the swirling ashes and gun smoke rise champions of legend. Figures of awe stride the battlefields and those who were once humble line officers become leaders of desperate bands of warriors... The idea for this thread is for everyone to share their heroes and/or villains of the Age of Darkness. Think of it as a rogues gallery of both the known and named (Sigismund, Sevatar etc) and also for your own homemade veterans of the Heresy! We want to see everything from work in progress to your stunning finished leaders! If you have any background or extra fluff to add to this it would be especially welcome as it would be wonderful to hear some tales of bloodshed and fratricide! Who was their latest kill? Is there a personal rivalry simmering away? Potentially we could even explore linking up some of the grand company leaders and have shared exploits, vendettas and the like. So....who leads your warband and grand companies? Is it one of the Demi gods or a humble line captain?
  7. Hi all, incoming wall of text. The IX have been an omnipresent since I was a small child. I started collecting them in 1996 and have had several iterations of them since. However, there was always had an itch of sorts I’d never managed to scratch in collecting: that of depicting the sons of Sanguinius in their legion form. 20 years on it’s high time to start rectifying that. Much of this fascination stems from the background in the 2nd Ed Codex Imperialis, especially the account of the siege by Bill King and the angel’s noble, if doomed defiance of Horus. At that age, practically all the stories I’d been read (and had stuck) were Greek Myths, Homer and CS Lewis stories; so the sheer scale of the battles, the tragedy, pathos and courage displayed in the heresy hooked me. The IXth haven’t had the full forgeworld treatment (or black library for that matter) yet, so sources in planning this force have been scarce. Consequently, I’ve had to plot how I intend to paint/model the force conservatively, with what details I can get out of the existing books, and rely heavily on the community for inspiration. As ever, they’ve delivered. Myles’s (Lillegend/lilloser) plog has been invaluable – http://loserstudio.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/in-shadow-of-mighty-wings-umbra-alarum.html with a database of images, a similar background/philosophy in how he views the legion and how he wants to collect/paint/model (though I’m not sure if mine will be siege of terra or instead a company separated, fighting a rearguard towards Terra). Along with some top-notch painting. Monolith’s plog http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/323320-on-the-walls-of-terra-30k-blood-angels-update-081216/page-2 has provided me with my paint scheme and been an otherwise great bank of images to draw from. Along with visual sources, I like having a written primer on things I want to adhere to, which this post constitutes. It'll be updated as the plog progresses I do have some of my own thoughts on how I want to approach painting and modelling my legion. In Fear to Tread, the blood angels are shown as being less divided than many of the other legions, without lodges or schisms between Baalites or marines from terra. There was, however, some hints at a class division, reflected visually, between the Sanguinary Guard and other ‘golden boys’ (non-line officers) within the legion, and the ‘regulars’. Even Raldoron, the Chapter Master, wore relatively unadorned red (at least in fear to tread). Consequently, I don’t believe I will be painting any gold at this point, even for my command and elites. Instead, I will be using black, white and limited bronzes, which, though more associated with traitor forces, have looked somewhat striking in my tests and carry a sense of antiquity across. This is quite a change from my very gilded 40k angels (one of my strengths is painting gold – my tip is mixing it with boltgun metal for a light but aged gold, with a good consistency, and washing down) but a welcome one. While typically the legion have been shown as a shock and awe force of angelic exemplars, I figure this is a force low on resupply, a company constantly fighting a rearguard toward terra; and so (relatively) necessarily functional, as opposed to my 40k angels who’ve had millennia to work on their armour and weapons. Consequently, I want a relatively 'vanilla' looking force, compared to most others I've seen - saving murals or ornamentation for vehicles or other objects more likely to have endured. For similar reasons, there will be almost no purity seals (an oath of the moment or two on my praetor, a terran, is the sole one so far) and few cloths, icons or other devotionals – the emperor is not (yet) worshipped as a god and these are still ‘just’ trans-human soldiers fighting for a secular truth, not warrior-monks/templars. The saltire will not appear anywhere, on any miniature, if I can help it, to further visually distinguish them from their 40k descendants and the two flaws; and I'm hoping to avoid the 40K Blood Angels badge in favour of the flatter one forge world have been using on their pads. My own background is for the force (in short) is that they represent a company (currently the 112th, unless an official sources takes it from me!). During the crusade they were a dour lot, largely unremarkable besides having a relatively high contingent of terrans, and were used more as a reserve force during the crusade - acting as part of the 'anvil' in campaigns while other companies got on with the typical BAngels MO of shock and awe, especially in instances where the legion's fleets fought independently. It fit with the humours of their company, while they didn't have a remarkable service record, they performed a useful role well when called upon. Leaving Signus, they become separated from the bulk of Legion forces and fight a dogged (doomed?) rearguard to Terra (a BEF parallel?) where despite not having a great impact on the war, they come into their own. Though I’m following Monolith’s scheme (sons of sanguinius paint guide) I haven’t learnt how to use an airbrush. Consequently, I’ll be undercoating my miniatures white rather than black to try and get as smooth a hand painted red as I can manage – I’m confident in being able to shade well enough to offset that. Weathering will appear once FW finally produce transfers - would be odd to have battered armour but untouched symbols. To start with, I have a Praetor, tactical veteran squad (mkIV), contemptor and the contents of prospero burns. I’ll try and stay focused and paint/assemble in batches. This plog will be intermittent, and slow though pic-heavy. I'm hoping for (painting wise) a good gaming standard, my modelling is not very strong however. Here is a very WIP shot of my Praetor. (Skin near done, everything else at first basecoat - basing not even started) http://i.imgur.com/sz7Nzb2.jpg?1 -(REDACTED)- Master of the 112th, Sources regarding the master of the 112th company of the IX legion remain scant at best. Whilst his eventual fate is uncertain, his armour (held as a relic of the Angels Encarmine) bears the aquilla bearing breastplate typical of loyalists who fought on the walls of the imperial palace, implying that at least the suit joined the imperial forces at the Siege of Terra.
  8. Find any remnants of the new betrayers that remain in the system. Use whatever and whoever you need. Take them or destroy them as you must. Do it now, my son.” -Rogal Dorn, upon learning of the Massacre at Isstvan V +++ Though Yartsev wore armor that bore markings of the 317th Grand Battalion of Iron Warriors, he only ever referred to his battalion as "The Gravel Eaters." They bore the name as both compliment and insult in equal measure. It had come from a particularly grueling campaign on some forgotten world at the edge of the Ghoul Stars, where they had dug their emplacements in the rough earth so fast that their allies remarked that they must have consumed the gravel beneath them rather than shoveling it. Yartsev had responded with a remark about excreting bricks, which earned him the favor of everyone in the 317th who heard it. But the siege ended and so did whatever good humor the Gravel Eaters possessed about their lot in the universe. They certainly hadn’t expected reassignment to the Sol Sector. Fortifying what few cities existed beneath Pluto's artificial atmosphere seemed like a thankless task and the Gravel Eaters hadn’t exactly relished rearguard duty. He remembered brawl after brawl between squads (the luster of Olympian discipline on full display). Better fighting lay well beyond the bounds of the Sol Sector. Proximity to the throne world meant nothing, either. What had the Emperor ever cared for them? When they received new orders from Perturabo himself though, then things had gotten interesting. Suddenly the Gravel Eaters became the vanguard, tasked with establishing a foothold in the domain of the Emperor Himself. Treachery had proved kind to them. No more nagging from useless Engiseers who didn’t understand the importance of a sound bunker versus yet another edifice in praise of the Machine God. Even better, they had killed the few Imperial Fists who Rogal Dorn had insisted oversee their work on Pluto. The arrogance of him. The swill-swallowing coward. They had dug themselves in for months, arrayed themselves for war in a way that might even make their temperamental primarch proud, and drilled until their post-human bodies sang in exhaustion. So the fact that Sigismund had broken their lines within the first minutes of engagement came as something of a surprise. They had assurances from Perturabo this would not happen. Their primarch said that any retribution coming for them would stay soundly on Terra after he crushed the Imperial Fists force bound for the Isstvan system. All that had fallen to shambles. Sigismund had come and brought the wrath of his father with him. Worse, he had brought a group of Imperial Fists that seemed as zealous as himself. Not just the idiots who stood in front of their damnable Temple of Oaths (Temple of Arse, more like), but every single legionnaire seemed a cut apart from the famous stoniness of the Imperial Fists. They roared their hate at the Iron Warriors for the oaths they had broken to the Emperor and then they bellowed their own dedication to the Iron Warriors’ eradication. Before Yartsev could even reload his bolter for the first time in the fight, he took a kick to the head that sent his empty weapon flying and his form sprawling against the opposite side of the tench he had occupied. He felt a massive blade crash his ribcage and pin him to the wall of the trench. The Black Sword gleamed with light from nearby fires, its ebony surface as dark as the sky above. “You will tell me where your Warsmith is, Iron Warrior.” Yartsev tried to spit at the First Captain of the Imperial Fists, but the saliva didn’t leave his MK II helm. He simply shook his head in protest, the pain of his impalement driving the words from his mouth. Sigismund tore his sword free and with a single swift stroke, split the Iron Warrior’s helm vertically. “Damn traitors. Can’t even follow the orders of a superior officer now.” +++ And thus it begins. With the all-but-confirmed plastic Heresy set coming at us in the fall, I took the plunge. More accurately I put my foot in the water to gage the the temperature, but yeah. I'm in there. So the idea for the force is to represent Sigismund and his brethren in the Age of Darkness, before the siege of Terra. These Fists are striking out across the Sol Sector on Dorn's orders and eliminating the remaining traitor legionnaires, like the Iron Warriors on Pluto (deployment I made up, happily accepting feedback on my Iron Warriors portrayal). I have some strong ideas about where Sigismund's character is at this point and how he starts thinking about the legions during this time. He isn't the first High Marshal yet. He isn't even the Emperor's Champion yet. But and that changes how he thinks. Anyway, expect some construction in the future and maybe some paint in late August/early September (when I'm back in school).
  9. Version 2.3


    This supplement allows for the use of all 40k admech units - and some custom ones - in 30k. This is a complete book, containing a full army list designed to be integrated with Taghmata Mechanicum or used standalone, lore, and much, much more. This has even been endorsed by the mournival team! It's regularly patched in response to feedback so before you use it please ensure you grab the latest version. If you do have any feedback, please join the HH Age of Darkness discord (via the link below!) and let me know in the dedicated channels there. https://discord.gg/HH-Age-of-Darkness I really hope you all enjoy it.
  10. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?app=downloads&module=display&section=screenshot&id=697 File Name: The Marching Forge File Submitter: codewalrus File Submitted: 01 Apr 2022 File Category: Age of Darkness This supplement allows for the use of all 40k admech units - and some custom ones - in 30k. This is a complete book, containing a full army list designed to be integrated with Taghmata Mechanicum or used standalone, lore, and much, much more. This has even been endorsed by the mournival team! It's regularly patched in response to feedback so before you use it please ensure you grab the latest version. If you do have any feedback, please join the HH Age of Darkness discord (via the link below!) and let me know in the dedicated channels there. https://discord.gg/HH-Age-of-Darkness I really hope you all enjoy it. Click here to download this file
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