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  1. Hello all. This is just a thread I picked up from some comments in another PBP game, where someone thought it would be fun to take Deathwatch ruleset, and go down tight corridors to certain doom. In my mind, this amps up the gameplay of Space Hulk to another level, because you have an actual, not AI director and have far more options available to you as a player in terms of abilities and skills to help PC's survive the onslaught. This is an exploratory thread, mainly to discuss if such a thing is viable, or worth the time in doing. It would be very action heavy, but with the GM being involved, could also spark moments of genuine intrigue. My premise would be that all players would start from Rank 4, with certain GM improvements, and access to Terminator wargear, and sufficient Requisition to arm with preferred or slightly off-piste equipment (such as the Dark Angels Plasma Cannon). Of course, the team could be composed from any of the Deathwatch classes/Chapters allowed across the books, but it could easily be a single Chapter using the same rule/advance tables for that Chapter. (Deathwatch table is removed). Thoughts? EDIT: I will keep this post edited with changes or proposed characters so we have a repository of sorts as we go along, for when we come up with ideas. So far we have: 1 x Librarian - Necronaut 1 x Apothecary - Lysimachus 1 x Techmarine - Machine God 1 x Chaplain - Trokair Special rules/exceptions: Only Devs can take Heavy TDA weapons Only Assaulters can take TDA CCWs 1 Blackshield only, strict GM generation. Cataphractii and Tartaros are available in limited quantities. Players will begin at Renown Rank: Famed Players will have 50 Requisition to buy weapons (Subject to change) Players will not need to Req their TDA PC's will receive Our Hands Bring Death and Hypnogogic Induction. Enemies: Various - the current leaning is a Space Crusade/Space Hulk feel, with almost anything being on the menu: Genestealers (MoX) Orks (MoX, TGT) Necrons (TOR) Maybe Eldar (There was a Space Crusade expansion with them)
  2. AKA: How I learned to stop worrying and love the drybrush AKA: Ambitious but rubbish AKA: Lore is more what you call guidelines than actual rules AKA: Paint it any colour as long as it's black AKA: An idea isn't a project log Disclaimer: This is a General 40k log. I can't see myself sticking with one project for too long at the moment. This will be strange. I'll try and stay visually friendly to the 40k universe, but I will bend the lore as required for my projects. After 15-16 years in the hobby I think I'm entitled to! Think surreal stuff and mixed IP, mostly using GW models. I favour tabletop standard models with a weathered style, no pro painted eye candy here, sorry! I'm currently working on a Space Hulk Genestealer Kill Team and (non Space Hulk!) Kill Team Board/Terrain. I've been busy over the last couple of months. I wanted to start Kill Team with a friend in time for the UK COVID re-opening this week. Dithering with colour schemes and hay-fever fatigue has made me miss the deadline. I'm nearly there though! Test model and test base: I have to find every way not to paint something before I can decide on a colour scheme. After trying a few things with the unused half of the Genestealers I circled back to my original idea of Xenomorph style Genestealers in a very under highlighted style. It's just Chaos Black liberally sprayed on with an all over dry brush of Scavenblight Dinge followed by an all over wash of Seraphim Sepia, which is my new favourite magic wash (Move over Agrax!) I've never been a big nids fan, but I was worried I would never finish my kill team if I went for my usual default of elaborately kitbashed guard regiments or Inqusition warbands. It also seemed fun to play non Imperial with my 40k newbie friend picking Wolves... I've had the 2014 Space Hulk box for a while (Since 2014) and the Hive Mind Started calling to me. Even I could manage to paint 9 monopose Genstealers right? Being monopose models the main challenge during the build was the basing. A good number of the Space Hulk Genies have amazing bits of er, space hulk moulded onto them. I wanted to retain that, but also make the starship parts seem like a plausible part of the base rather than just stuck on. I have some necromunda/industrial bases but It was hard to make the Space Hulk bits blend in. The largest ones didn't quite fit on 40mm bases so I've obtained some 50mm bases, probably the only innovation from Centurions I approve of . In my day you had 25mm slot bases for troops, 40mm for terminators and 60mm for dreadnoughts (and your kid brother with his WFB had square bases). Now days every man and his dog has a custom base size... In the end I used a mix of sand and chopped up sprue to make fine rubble. After becoming more environmentally concious this year I've decided to stop throwing away used sprues (with no option for recycling them in the UK), and use them for basing or scratch builds. I'm planning to top it with an Ice and Snow wash from precision Ice and Snow. So why haven't I finished 9 models in 2 months? The truth? I spent over a month doing a little bit of de mould lining each evening and not much else. I then decided to start the Kill Team terrain as a parallel project, which is a terrible idea! A great secret I learned from a WHC podcast was that the Kill Team battlefield is a similar size to a standard noticeboard size available in the UK. I already had a cork notice board with only 1cm larger dimensions so I used it to create: Crossroads! I chose to make the road a central feature because thought it would be versatile. Add buildings by the road and you have a small city of death. Add some low rise terrain and the same board becomes a rural battlefield. I got the cork sheet from a cork map of the world I no longer needed and used DIY sharp sand. The areas outside the road are deliberately under detailed so the board is more modular with removable terrain and easier to store. WIP and rather good value laser cut buildings from TC combat: I wanted some more ancient ruins rather than the usual bombed out wasteland, so it was always going to be grass or desert on the board rather than the usual grey or scrapyard vibes you see for 40k. In a bit of a marmite decision I chose a 'Summer Flowers' static grass blend from a model railway provider. My first thought was to use dead grass blends, but to do that realistically would have increased the complexity and time budget. In the end I wanted something that wouldn't depress me to look at in these challenging times and something that's certainly different. The road was painted with art shop greys to save money (which I then wasted by using about
  3. It only just hit me earlier that this year will be my 30th in the hobby, so I thought it would be a good time to start a new project (yes another one), instead of just 'starting another army' I thought I should do something different to mark the occasion. After some head scratching and beard chewing I have decided to go back to my roots and do a first edition army log. My aim is to build two forces using the original army lists with some RT era terrain for them to fight over, eventually leading to some old school batreps to mark the completion of the project. For the forces in question I have decided to do something we dont see much of every day... SQUATS!!! and MOAR SQUATS!!! Well technically Squats and Khornate Chaos Squats with a smidgeon of World Eaters thrown in as allies. Eventually Ill add in some Tzeentch Squats and some Legion of the Damned as well (dont worry, they will all be in Mk6 armour for that nostalgic vibe). Decided for the bulk of the forces I will use the Wargames Atlantic Einherjar, heavy weapons teams will use the Wargames Atlantic Grognard weapons with Einherjar crewmembers. World Eaters I already have ready to be painted and the LotD will be using the FW Mk6 kit. All scenery will be made out of any old gubbins and doodads I find laying about the house, as was the way back in the Dark Age of Technology. For the moment I will build the forces to 2000 points to start off with to get the bare minimum needed for legal armies done, then I will start adding in more juicy things. Currently flipping between multiple books trying to work out the armies in advance, I think I can squeeze 2k of Squats out of a full box and 4 additional sprues of Einherjar, an actual army for under £40 pleases me greatly, Ill be ordering a couple of sprues at the weekend to build my Warlord and Hearthguard squad, the spare mini will be the basis of my Khorne Squat Lord...
  4. Origins When the time of Ascension came, Hakkon burned. The Hakkon system contains a single inhabited world, formally designated Hakkon III but more commonly known merely as Hakkon. The planet's crust is rich with heavy metals, and as a result networks of mining operations covered much of the planet's surface. Of the vast harvest reaped from the planet, much was sent off-world to nearby forges and hives, and much was kept for Hakkon's own arms factories. In particular, the manufactories of Hakkon were known for their atomic weaponry - whether Deathstrike missiles for the Astra Militarum, or any of several kinds of nuclear munitions for the Imperial Navy, Hakkon was a reliable source of these classic tools of total destruction. The cities that sprawled around the manufactories housed not only the workers who toiled within, but also the nobility whose lifestyles they labored to sustain. Rival aristocratic houses hoarded their own personal arsenals of nuclear weapons, constantly brandishing their world-destroying power to intimidate rivals, motivate workers and stroke their mountainous egos. In this fertile ground, a Genestealer planted his seeds, and they grew quickly. The Cult of the Radiant Dawn spread quickly throughout the planet's underclasses, infiltrating every level of mining, manufacture and eventually even the lower nobility. When the time of ascension came, they seized the nuclear stockpiles of the nobility and finally made good on their long-promised annihilation - unleashing the terrible weapons against those military elements that the cult did not already control. Hakkon burned. Thanks to the efforts of the cult's Clamavus sects, Imperial authorities outside the system believed that an internal conflict between nobles had led to the planet's ruin. As a result they were slow to put forward any serious military effort to pacify the planet's survivors, whom they assumed would simply die in the radioactive wasteland their masters had left them. Plans were made to turn the planet over wholesale to the Adeptus Mechanicus, who promised that they could continue mining operations in spite of the radiation, resuming productivity within a mere century. Meanwhile, the hybrids of the Radiant Dawn were little-bothered by the elevated radiation, so long as they avoided the most devastated blast sites. They toiled in secret to rebuild the world themselves and to fortify their position. Vast underground complexes were established, designed to hide from Imperial eyes and resist bombardment if necessary. All of the planet's arms production was moved into the vast tunnel networks carved into the world's crust, and began producing new tools for the cult's crusade. Organization The structure of the Radiant Dawn is broadly ordinary for a Genestealer cult - the Patriarch, commonly known as the "Fallen Star," is the absolute master of the cult's business. A handful of primuses and magi control various sub-sects of the cult, occasionally bickering with eachother but always united in the Patriarch's presence. While much of Hakkon's military equipment was destroyed during the Ascension, enough remained to outfit a substantial standing force of soldiers in addition to the typical cult elements. The cult maintains relationships with various piratical and black-market organizations, bartering their obscene weaponry in exchange for the services of smugglers and freight captains. As a result, while the cult only actually operates a handful of ramshackle ships of their own, they are remarkably adept at showing up where they wish to be. Tactics The Radiant Dawn worms its way into a planet's underclass, promising a glorious and fiery dawn that will wipe away the impurities of the decadent oppressors and set free the downtrodden. Everything built by corrupt hands must be torn down before truth and beauty can rise in its place, they insist - the old world must be burned away. When the The Radiant Dawn chooses to reveal itself, the bulk of its enemies die within minutes. Weapons of terrible power, smuggled into key locations weeks beforehand, detonate in a grand show of power and authority. Atomic weapons are of course their specialty, but they are not limited in this regard - they will happily rig a city's own power generators to explode or send a freighter screaming through the atmosphere into the city center. When resources are tight, a well-planned pattern of ordinary arson will suffice. These obsessions extend to the cultists themselves, who display an almost psychotic love of explosives and flamethrowers. When the smoke clears, the cult's enemies are left in a shattered world, deprived of reinforcements, communication or infrastructure. With all of these advantages removed, the cult strikes in earnest, storming out into the rubble-strewn wastes to tear down their weakened enemies. Outriders circle the blast zones to pick off survivors while abberants seek out those who had the foresight to hide from the cult's retribution. Notes The Radiant Dawn is an idea I've been tossing around in my head for a while. Heavily influenced by the Fallout series, of course - part of that series' premise is often the notion that the bombs falling was probably for the best, that the world had grown so awful that the apocalypse was as much cathartic as tragic. The idea of a cult that promises the same thing, promises to destroy everything so that new beauty can arise in its place, is neat! Also, I have a fondness for nukes in the far future Sci-fi. It's easy to look at a plasma gun and think "Wow, that's a really powerful weapon!" but the reality is that it's absolutely nothing compared to something we invented in the 1940s. Weapons do not advance along a linear scale.
  5. Hi you all! I'm very happy of B&C opening a Xenos section. Genestealers where my first love, so I started 40k as a Tyranid player... Then a happy day arrived an finally I could have a Cult army! So, even if i really like the "miners colony" theme of the new models, I am aiming for an infested Scientific colony Unfortunately, scientific research is something a bit out of place in the Imperium, but I guess now and then in the galaxy a bunch of learned people, maybe related to Mechanicum but not so orthodox, starts to think to made actual research to "understand the universe". Curiosity is a veeery deep human push after all, and a good explanation of the start of the cult infestation itself! The project already started, and I already have some conversions I'm found of (Pics soon!), but I'm in search of more inspiration; so can you help me find something (Mini, images, movies, ideas, etc) related to long and troubled relation between scientist ad aliens? The color scheme should be white/yellow as main color (Every reference to the King in Yellow is NOT a coincidence^^) I plan to use some white coats, self made or from other minis, and a lot of Drukari (love the word) "crazy medical" bits So, I ask for your opinion/ideas (I also expect not to be the only one with this idea)
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