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  1. Hi I’m Casual Heresy, and I’m a hobby butterfly. And that’s okay. Afternoon all. A combination of the forum upgrades and downtime from catching Nurgle’s blessing (covid) for the first time means I’m finally going to start the WiP log I’ve always meant to start. I love space marines of all types so always have multiple projects on the go. Currently, I’m focussing on Black Templar reinforcements for the August Throne of Skulls at Warhammer Workd with heresy era ultramarines in the background. But various other armies and one off projects will pop up over time. Currently I’m about to finish the first of two Redemptors for my Templars, and a Contemptor I finished yesterday is waiting on tufts. After that there is only Grimaldus and his boy band, a Primaris Techmarine and Castellan to go.
  2. Who might be attending the big London GT? I'm actually going, with a new list planned in the Ultramarines section here, link when I get confirmation from the TO about whether a Kratos is allowed. I don't expect to win of course but I expect to have fun and if I can get 40% wins I'd be happy. Oh if anyone sees me wearing my B&C T-shirt with Captain Idaho on it, come say hi! I'm a big fella but don't worry, I'm also pleasant enough in real life!
  3. From the album: True Scale / Tall Scale prototypes

    Space Marine Land Speeder with 31mm crew conversions and design alteration. Detail of the extended legs. Work in Progress
  4. From the album: True Scale / Tall Scale prototypes

    Space Marine Land Speeder with 31mm crew conversions and design alteration. Interior detail of pilots and spare ammunition. Work in Progress.
  5. From the album: True Scale / Tall Scale prototypes

    Space Marine Land Speeder with 31mm crew conversions and design alteration. Work in Progress
  6. From the album: True Scale / Tall Scale prototypes

    Space Marine Land Speeder with 31mm crew conversions and design alteration. Work in Progress
  7. I have a Lord of Skulls sitting among my piles of built models and sprues, half built for about two years at least now. The upcoming Apocalypse, together with ETL, made me think about finally finishing the build and then actually paint it. How are your experiences with it on the battlefield?
  8. What would you do? How would you fix/improve 40k in terms of LORE (not talking tabeltop rules here)? Here's my (incomplete) list: - fix the Tau by removing/toning down their insane luck/plot shields and insane technological progression. They are like that omnidiscippliniary scientists with 50 PhD's from comics. Let them be "tenderly" tended to by the galaxy. But no total annihilation. - remove perpetuals - retcon the Gathering Storm (the entire "Elite GK's, Smurfs and Guilleman captured" thing is terrible and needs to go, incosistent Crawl backstory needs fixing. Having him be directly guided by the Big E would be far superior to what we have now) - nerf Tyranids (no Bio-titans, they don't need them. No rending claws. Tone down their individual bull:cusstery and focus more on NUMBERS) - Bring back OldCrons. The new ones are far too human and far too egyptian. - KEEP the babycarrier (Before you should "HERESY", think about it stated purpose - fighting greater demons. Armor is useless, mobility and reach are important. In that sense, the design fits the role.) - That 40K kids book never happened - Make comedic 40K race game and imperial guard simulator (each soldier in a regiment is a life) - fire whoever designed that eldar chick. Terrible. TERRIBLE.
  9. Hiya folks, A friend and I are in the midst of planning a narrative campaign between my Death Guard and his Dark Angels and it's given me the spurt of enthusiasm I've needed to get back actually doing stuff. As such, I thought I'd start something on here as a way to track my progress/motivate me to keep going. So without further ado let me introduce you to The Reaper's Sons, who hail from the Second Plague Company. Squad Marrus Squad Crugon Squad Purigos (Plague Marines) The Olethoptoi (Blightlord Terminators) Some close ups of what I've done with the FW pads so far Brother Noxis (Helbrute) Deathshroud Durenthal, The twice blighted (Malignant Plaguecaster) Vestus Eshall, (Tallyman) Vuroth, (Plague Surgeon) Kurgath The Executioner, Lord of the Reaper's Sons (and his Original incarnation) Brother Karkinos Plagueburst Crawler Predator Blight Haulers Foetid Bloat Drone Rhinos As you can see everything is in varying degrees of completion as apparently I'm unable to complete something before starting something else! There are also 20-30 poxwalkers and Ive got 40 of the discontinued Renegades torso to make cultists too at some point. Hope you enjoy and I should be posting updates shortly.
  10. +++++++ Incoming Verbal Introduction +++++++ Location Geographical Co-ordinates obtained Location; Warhammer Modbury, South Australia ........ Message Extracted; “Bruised, Battered and Scarred. The King has Returned to retake his Throne” Force Recruitment; Astra Militarum//Tempestus Scions “Your part of the Guard Now son!” +++++++ Stockpiling of Supplies has Begun +++++++ 000.100101000110.110 ++++ Let this Commence ++++
  11. The Manarchean Intervention the Lethian Drift Port Maw Subsector Gothic Sector Imperium Nihilus M.41 Pict-capture; St. Jabolech Terminus, Primary Spaceport, Lethe XII. M.41 Strike Force Spatha It's time for something new, or rather something old, something that was initiated yet never followed through due to lack of time, inspiration and to be honest; other more shiny projects. Yet with the arrival of the 8th, and recent rumblings at Forge World indicating a long time indeed for the Heresy to see 8th ed rules, I stand without a viable force to engage the Alien, the Heretic and the Daemon. An army I need and an army I shall have. Ghost Legion, art-scale.. Primaris. It will do. "Exodus" Harrow-Master, Commander of Strike Force Spatha "Orion" Centurion-Virgilator "Axios" the Laernian - Pantheon pattern Ironform
  12. I never really was a fan of the green scheme currently used by Games Workshop for the new 40K Death Guard, so I set about trying to devise something that looked suitably worn/rotten/decayed and at the same time paid homage to their original legion colours. After a number of trial runs I am pleased to present my chosen colour scheme, which I am very happy with. At the moment these are all I've completed. I do have a large number of plague marines, vehicles and drones ready to go but with the recent launch of the new Custodes models taunting me from the side of my hobby bench, it was all I could do to stay focused and finish this lot! Anyway, here they are in all their fetid glory. First of all is Typhus: 3 of the Deathshroud: The Lord of Contagion from the Dark Imperium box: Felthius and his Tainted Cohort (with an extra one modified from another box): The Blightlords (it seems in my haste to paint these up and get started on the Custodes, I missed out the model with the flail - ho hum..): And finally the Plague Marine Champion: Thanks for taking the time to look. Any comments and criticisms are always welcome.
  13. This is more than just a Diu Ad Belli WIP Thread; this is going to be the home of my Alpha Legion army. More than just a painting thread, each squad, each entry, will be accompanied by the fluff for the unit and together it is my hope that eventually I'll finish the entirety of my warband and have a fully painted and fully fluffed army as a result. At first, of course, I'm going to focus on the painting event units but as soon as they are complete, I'll start filling in the rest of the gaps. So let us begin. +++PLEASE ENTER VERIFICATION CODE+++ ******** . . . . . . ACCESS GRANTED. FILE BEGINS: The Heretic Astartes warband known as "Omicron Company" has operated at large within the Imperium under the same identifying signature since at least the Scouring, and some records indicate its provenance may extend as far back as the Great Crusade. This band's insignia is a simple green band on a blue field. Some variations have appeared, the most common being that of a serpent eating its tail, which has often resulted in the miss-identification of the band as belonging to the XV Legionnes Astartes, whose members quite often display such insignia in gold on blue. However, the rest of the band's iconography -- including variations of snakes and draconic beasts, most prominently the three-headed hydra -- soundly signals the band's loyalty to the XX Legionnes Astartes, commonly known as the Alpha Legion. The spare few Crusade-era records that reference the Alpha Legion usually make no mention of specific companies or commanders, as that particular Legion was well known for the veil of secrecy that they cast over almost every action they took. However, two such documents provide some collaboration as to the provenance of Omicron Company. The first is an after-action report filed by the 112th Atrean Rifles Regiment regarding the compliance action on Yeverin IV stating that the regimental commander met with and was aided during the campaign by an Alpha Legion element dubbed "Force 15" and commanded by one Captain Occam Pytheon. This is collaborated by an astrotelepathic record gleaned from a Mechanicus archive on Mars itself stating that the 15th Company, XX Legion, commanding officer Captain Occam, conducted a re-supply mission at the forge of Lukas Chrom (a recorded heretic) less than six months sidereal before the outbreak of the Horus Heresy in the Isstvan System, and that the vessel that took on the war materiel from Chrom's forge was the Alpha Legion ship Omicron. Omicron being the fifteenth letter of the Old Hellenic alphabet makes the connection clear, if perhaps more subtle than the casual observer would realize. While the strength and disposition of this warband since the Heresy obviously remains unknown, they have been linked to numerous acts of sabotage and espionage within the Imperium during the ensuing millennia, as well as several open assaults on Imperial worlds and other assets. Vigorous research and comparison of vox, tri-vid, and pict captures of various Heretic Astartes attacks has allowed the Inquisition to identify with 90% accuracy that many of this band's personnel also conducts attacks under false colors; the most commonly impersonated force is the VIII Legionnes Astartes, although some elements are known to also disguise themselves as Imperial Space Marines in order to gain access to Imperial (and in particular, Inquisitorial) facilities (ref: Holding Facility TIB322-81). As an element of the Alpha Legion, Omicron Company conforms to the broad range of tactics traditionally associated with that force, to include a combination of covert intelligence gathering, subversion/replacement of Imperial officials, forward infiltration of combat elements, and teleport attack. If Omicron elements are encountered, or suspected to have been encountered, in the field, display extreme caution. Recommended course of action is to withdraw from current operations and summon multiple redundant militant forces in order to ensure that an entire conventional force has not been compromised before committing to action. Known and suspected Omicron Company actions can be further researched in the following files: - ref: Holding Facility TIB322-81 - ref: Fall of Watch Station Urvein - ref: Siege of Ghorstangrad - ref: Tiburon Campaign - ref: Colloredo Titan Wars +++END FILE/NOTHING FOLLOWS+++
  14. So I thought I might as well get on and start a modelling blog, as I've got many, many models on the go and getting them on the forums might speed me up a bit. I should warn you that I am a very, VERY slow painter, so don't expect frequent updates. Anyway, let's get started shall we? First, let's take a look at some dull grey plastic. These are all the models that haven't got any paint on them yet (half-painted ones will be posted later). Sael Ikyther: Unnamed Chaos Lord "Androgyne": Chaos Space Marines/Noise Marines: COntinued in part 2...
  15. Ever since I saw the Stormcast Externals I thought they would making pretty good Space Marine Terminators, so with this half idea in my head for well over a year I decided to give one a try. Here is the massive shopping list of items I used to create a single model, I'm going to show some alternatives so you could leave out the Dreadnought, Terminators and Upgrade Pack, but I wanted to show where every item came from: Stormcast Externals Liberators Space Wolves Terminators Space Wolves Wulfen Space Wolves Upgrade Pack Space Wolves Wolf Guard or Space Wolves Pack Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought Space Wolves Thunder Wolves Cavalry Chaos Marauders Blu-Stuff Green Stuff Furry/Wolves Tabards (Spellcrow.com) Since getting some Blu-Stuff a few months back I've been taking cast from every 'Wolfy' thing I can find on every Space Wolf item I own, this stuff is great as you can even takes casts from painted items without affecting the paint job. If you do this too you can avoid using originals of some critical parts from expensive kits like the Dreadnought. So in a few places I've used my own casts to complete this model. My first cast for this project was from the Wolf Skull found on the Chainsword in the Space Wolves Upgrade Pack. Using two of these skulls made from the cast using Green Stuff I took a Sword from the Stormcast Externals Liberators and trimmed the Quillions down and added the skulls either side. Next I took a Power Sword from the Space Wolves Pack and trimmed the pommel off with the teeth and rune stones. I then removed the pommel from the Stormcast Externals Sword and attached it. To me it looks a little too wide for the sword handle, but I don't think it looks too bad. Now I started on the legs, these are from the Stormcast Externals Liberators, but any Stormcast Externals will do (the ones from the Age of Sigmar box set are a bit more tricky to convert as they have integrated heads and arms, but are still usable). First thing is to remove the chainmail tabard. We still have the leather straps showing, but that will be covered up at a later stage so leave that for now. My first idea for covering up the leather straps and Sigmar Insignia was to use one of the Belt-Buckle/Knife pieces from the Wolf Pack kit and as you can see it looks ok, I'd then just cover any odd bits with green stuff and make it look like fur. But then I remembered I had spare wolf pelt that is from the Venerable Dreadnought's shoulder, so I gave it a go and it looked pretty good, but would need some trimming to sit flush and would also need some filling in on the back of it because it has a diamond imprint in the back of it. Then my better idea was to make a cast of it so I could keep the original for other projects. After a lot of debate I felt the Belt-Buckle/Knife piece looked better, so I hacked the rest of the leather straps from the legs so the fit was better. I attached the buckle using green stuff and then inserted a fur tabard from underneath, this meant I could have the buckle sitting flush and had to cut the tabard a little to get it too fit. I added a bit more green stuff to keep the tabard in place, then set aside to dry overnight. Once this was dry I went back and added more green stuff to create some extra fur to tidy the whole area up. Now for the head, what an endless choice I had here, but it would have to be a bare head. I've included some of the choice I went through here, just be aware if you go for a Wulfen head they have no back of the skull, so you'd need to sculpt your own as unlike Terminator Armour there is no rear cowl to cover the missing bit. Most of the bare head Space Wolves heads really didn't work here, either the high Gorget just got in the way of the beardy ones and those without beards looked like their necks were too long. The best option for me was a head from the Thunder Wolves cavalry set. Shoulder pads, I tried fitting some normal Terminator pads here, but they just didn't work too well, maybe if I had some Cataphractii versions, they might work better. So I'm left with the normal pads from the Liberators. The left shoulder pad is pretty plain, so I've left that as it is, as I will most likely add a decal to it. The right pad has a hammer & lightning bolt symbol, so this needs scraping off, don't worry about the bit that goes over the bottom lip of the pad as this will be covered up by our next cast. For this I took a cast from a Thunder Wolves cavalry Shield. Superglue this to the pad and fill any gaps with green stuff. For the left arm I want to go for a shield just like the Stormcast Externals Liberators, so I had a couple of choices, a Terminator Shield or one from the Wulfen kit. I'm leaning towards the Wulfen shield as it looks more primal and the whole model has that feel. Now I added the fur cloak from the Chaos Marauders kit across his back, again I made a cast for this. Now for a small shield on the knee, I used the same cast I did for the sword and added it to shield you get from a Terminator set. I also added a wolf skull to the centre of the chest. Terminators have built-in power-plants in their armour and I wanted to keep that idea here as the armour is bulky enough to suggest it could contain a power source. The only downside is there are no visible exhaust ports on the back of the armour and it would need ventilation. So I went for the Wulfen backpacks, these are bigger than a normal backpack and the scale feels right, the only downside is you'll be looking at paying £30+ for a Wulfen set with only 5 backpacks, so this would work out to be a costly conversion. Anyway, hope you like the conversions and I’ll post some details of the rest of the squad soon.
  16. Greetings Bolter & Chainsword! It's been quite a while since I've started collecting my Chaos Space Marines and I'm finally going to be starting the long journey of painting up these midnight clad warriors of the VIIIth legion. I'm still not entirely happy with the paint scheme, but this is about as close as I'm likely to get for the foreseeable future. Without further ado, I present to you the little test model that could: Spooky McDerpSkull. I didn't bother to finish up the entire model seeing as this is just a test figure, however there are some parts which I think could use improvement. Specifically the lenses aren't quite as vibrant and glowing as I'd like so I'll have to try to fix that for the upcoming models. I might end up finishing this model in it's entirety, but it's likely I'll be starting the chaos side of the Shadowspear boxset instead. They're currently based in a ruined urban environment, but I'm open to other suggestions that might be more interesting visually. Feel free to comment & critique.
  17. LIBER XENOS =][=][=][=][=][= The Fra’al are an ancient race of void dwelling pirates, smugglers, black-market traders, and occasional conquerors, which have plagued the Galactic Northwest of the Milky Way for eons. Though their origin worlds are lost to all, including the Fra’al themselves who have forgotten much of their pre-void nomadic wandering, they may fact never had such terrestrial beginnings. What is known is that they are remembered by most other races of antiquity including records kept by the ancient ancestors of the Eldar from before the Fall and the birth of Slaanesh, as well as Human empires rising to prominence before their annihilation during the Age of Strife. Today the Fra’al Conclaves still reap a bitter harvest from the various void-ways and warp-translation lanes, taking what can be acquired by force or otherwise through guile and negotiation. When conflict is preferred or forced upon them, the Fra’al use their innate monstrous Psykana and Aetherically-saturated technology to destroy their enemies. =][=][=][=][=][= The Version 1.1 Fandex contains the following homebrew lore and rules to play as the Fra'al in 9th Edition WH40K: Lore on the Fra'al based on Black Library & Forgeworld resources, as well as originally created lore and content. Detachment Rules and <Conclave> Customisation abilities. Fra'al Weapons and Wargear rules. Fra'al Stratagems, Warlord Traits, Aetheric Artefacts, and the new Malevolency Psychic Discipline. 12 Unique Datasheets for Fra'al HQ, Troops, Elites, Fast Attack, Heavy Support, Flyers, and Lords of War. Initial Concept Artwork for the Fra'al Troops and Aether-Golems. =][=][=][=][=][= Version 1 [WIP] Available for Download Link 1 Bolter&Chainsword (coming soon) Link 2 MEGA Download =][=][=][=][=][= Feel free to make comments and send me a message. I'm hoping to reproduce the whole text below in comments like I have for other Fandexes. Many thanks ! MechFace
  18. From the album: 40k Death Guard

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