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  1. Just a fast post everyone, the Nook has been without a Rogue Trader game for a while, and I'm considering running the RT Starter Adventure with a few tweaks. Have at it below. I'll update this when I've had sleep and firmed up some ideas. Just an FYI, I'd rather keep it contained to RT, and have fresh, basic Rank 1 characters, no imports from DH/DW/BC/OW games. It will get me used to RT. Be aware, this may be a while in delivery, so it's not around the corner.
  2. + The RPG Nook Presents + + A Rogue Trader RPG Campaign + + THE SILENT ARCHITECT + 'What profiteth a man who, with the world in his coffers, loseth also his soul?' - The Ancient Sages Damocles Hive Primus Noon (Zulu local) Six months after the Damocles Incident ++++++++++++ The scene is set. A private docking bay juts out over the plunging spear of Damocles Hive outer shell. The kilometres plunge away, as the figures on the landing pad, a giant oval disc, encircled with gold and landing lights in red and green receive the trio from within. They stand back, cloaks and expensive silken clothes billowing in the hot, dry wind soaring up the tower. The fug of poisoned clouds tears in the gust, revealing the miles and miles of barren desert below - pocked and dotted with the still-glowing nuclear fire of two destroyed hives and an orbital strike. Blistering radiation makes the air shimmer blue, ionising it into three strange pillars of azure light, which the locals without a bent toward literacy call 'The Pillars of Heaven'. They are not wrong in some respects, the blue cuts a pleasant, remarkably pretty relief against the unrelenting desert. A sliver of silver light descends, the sun glinting off a hull, the ship falling towards the shimmering spire thrust into the tortured skies. It closes with this comparatively tiny sliver of metal perilously clinging to the building. Jet turbines flare, powering the craft closer. It is light, agile. Unlike the bulky Guncutters used as personal craft, this is somewhat avian, and beaked with the head of a golden Imperial Aquila. This sleek bird's advanced-tech wings slope and sweep as it closes, making final approach, and the pilot, whoever they are brings it down with a flourish and flare, landing square and perfect in the centre of the pad. The ship is scored black from re-entry, obviously dropping from off-world, the rich blue, red and purple livery marred unequally. Ten minutes later, the deep chest forming the cargo bay opens, sloping down with a ramp, which gives the impression the metal bird is disgorging something stuck within it's throat. Four figures emerge, at the head a tall man, dressed in a frock coat and striped breeches, a fur pelisse flaps in the breeze as the tails of his coat snaps. Gripping his weapons, his face has the air of a man who brooks little insult, indeed his single human eye sweeps the landing platform and spots the three figures awaiting him, and his baleful, augmetic eye lances an angry pink light into this strange palette of fate. He stops at the foot of the ramp, attended by a powerful man in a masterwork of carapace and voidsuit, another who clings to a tall stave topped with the sign of the Imperial Adeptus Telepatheca, and a woman who seems like she would be at home behind a gunsight. The tall man, wearing the clasp of explorer, is then obviously a Captain of Marque. His first words upon this world, his first words of greeting fall over the landing pad as if there were not one-hundred feet between him, and his target. 'Fabian Von Cassal! You are the son of gutter-whore mother, and a beast-herding father. You the offspring of Grox and Felid-spawn, with the charms of neither! I spit on your honour, your family and piss on your grave!' Silence reigns as the first man, in his Imperial Navy uniform, of a Flag-Lieutenant no less, visibly turns purple. Without a word, he turns to his 'second', another Imperial Navy Officer, and begins doffing hat, cloak and tunic. In shirtsleeves, he marches into a large space between the doors to to hive, and the ship. He stands there, angry but shivering, as the Captain likewise hands his gaudy garments. A case is produced, and duelling pistols drawn. Then men turn and take ten steps before turning and firing the ancient laslocks. Fabian Von Cassal is shot through before he even pulls the trigger, cored right through with a heart-shot. He slowly burns from the heated beam, until his party extinguishes him. Dressing again, the Captain approaches the doors to the hive, checking a pocket-chrono. He is in the perfect spot therefore, when the lift reaches the docking bay deck, and disgorges Kerr Restal, Reynard De Carebas, and the Hospitaller Petrus Kovac. With them, is a tall, handsome woman of dark hair, draped in a simple cloak, but heavy across her shoulders with authority. 'Lady Viceroy,' the Captain bows over her proffered hand. He ignores the Inquisitorial Seal in her palm. 'Your information and assistance were impeccable. What pray, do you wish in return?' 'Lord Iago De Wiart. May I present these Holy Pilgrims, who may serve on your ship.' 'As spies, my lady?' 'As explorers, my Lord. And there is something I want. Something hidden.' 'And what is this?' 'The Silent Architect.' ++++++++++ + Chapter One: The God-breaker's Yard +
  3. From WarCom. Also the Legiones Astartes Battle Group, MKIII Tacticals, Deredeo and SoH Weapons are up for pre-order next week too, but the thread's locked for that.
  4. The recent Deathwatch Recruitment Thread has shown there is an acute interest in taking part in play-by-post games here on the Bolter and Chainsword. That's intensely gratifying - and to me, I think it demonstrates that we can sustain multiple games here. This thread is intended to serve as a resource both for players looking to join a game, as well as GMs looking to recruit. This is not really designed for conversations - if you find enough players looking for a specific game, start a new thread and PM them to join. Name: Interested in Playing: Dark Heresy 1st Edition / Dark Heresy 2nd Edition / Rogue Trader / Deathwatch / Only War / Black Crusade / Wrath & Glory / Other Knowledge/Experience of Rules: Have you played in campaigns before? Do you own the rules? Are you familiar with the rules? Other Pertinent Information: You might consider here notes on your availability; on your 40k interest, armies and hobbies; or anything else you'd like other forum members to know. You might consider thinking about , as this might help you think about the style of game you'd like to participate in.
  5. Greetings Brothers and Sisters, I need your assistance I finally got Rogue Trader (with the Game Master kit and Into the Storm) and I'm starting to create my first character. However I have few questions on character creation. 1. The standard procedure to generate characteristics requires to roll 2d10. However the rulebook suggest an alternative method: giving each player a number of characteristic points and let them to allocate them with the usual limitations. My question is: would be possible to use a different method like rolling 3d10 and choose the 2 highest value without unbalancing the game experience? I'd like to do it in order to make slighty more powerful characters in order to reflect the fact they are very expert individuals (It's mainly for fluff reasons ;) ) 2. How do I determine the number of starting wounds? I read the first pages and I saw no reference on how they are determined. I looked for "wounds" in the index and it sent me to pag 250 where it is described the "taking damage mechanics". Can you provide me the page where I can find the description on how starting wounds are generated? 3. Do you have any suggestion on the best Origin Path choices for making an effective Rogue Trader class character? As I said I have even Into the Storm 4. Do you have sugggestion on Starship creation? 5. About Profit Factor and Ship points: Is it better to have more ships points or a higher profit factor? Which choice will lead to a more fun/interesting game play? Thank you very much for your help.
  6. Due to the amazing level of interest in playing WH40k rpg games online, our very own Qai has started a forum to help us gather, share stories and of course organise games. Here is the link - http://www.w40krpg.com/ its currently under construction but will soon be the home of the w40kRPG online gaming club and community. We also have a twitter account - EmperorsImmortals@w40krpg, and will post using the hashtag #w40kRPG. It will be used to announce games scheduals and special events, so make sure to subscribe!. SAVED for posterity; Ive been chasing a game of Black Crusade on line for a while now, and most games either close shortly after starting or finished about a million years ago. Im going to learn how to GM a game, ill try to host it in about 2 weeks and using VASSAL or Roll20 (since i cant get MapTools to work anymore o0 ) its a steep laerning curve so im posting this now to gauge interest. Im in Australia, so if board postings are easier, ill figure that out. Im basically asking anyone interested, weather seasoned vet or relative newcomer, to just post there interest, basic motivation for there character and what theyd like to see in the game. All I ask is that you are familiar with the core mechanics and your chosen archetype. Im looking for around 3-5 players. Itll be the Broken Chains free mission so its available to download, but ill post links for many resources later on, so check back in this topic. Ill also msg anybody whos posted in OG for a BC game in the last few months. Hoping to get a fair bit of interest, as Id like to do this pretty regularly and expand into Death Watch etc, so give it a think and welcome aboard!!!!
  7. So this week I have been working on something a little bit more clandestine for my Rogue Trader Oldhammer project! I have painted up the 1989 Imperial Assassin ... This guy is the venerabl ancestor of the Officio Assassinorum models/temples that came in 1996 and were later redone in Execution Force a couple of years back. The sculpt is very reminiscent of the time and whilst it is admittedly a little crude I found it a pleasure to paint. I have a few more Imperial Agents from the 1980s in my bitz box that might receive a lick of paint soon! There’s more photos on my blog at: https://classicastartes.blogspot.co.uk/2018/03/so-to-keep-with-last-weeks-oldhammer.html?m=0
  8. +++++++ Gods created their angels not to dispense peace upon the meek, but to bring death to creation's teratisms Gods created their angels not to sit and defend the hearth, but to visit bloody vengeance upon oathbreakers We were created in the image of those very beings by our beloved Emperor Why should we be any different? The Proclamation of the Sanguine Twillight +++++++ >>>>Accessing File 3384772-81<<<< >>>>Please stand by<<<< .... .... .... >>>>Access granted<<<< >>>>Unspooling telemetric datastorage<<<< CHAPTER: The Emperor's Reavers HOMEWORLD: Polybius(Recruitment Planet) & Kula(Main Vessel) STATUS: Operational, nearly at full strength, loyal CODEX ADHERENCE: Divergent in extremis EMBLEM: The Gauntlet Argentum LIVERY: Bisected, aquatic green & dark lilac FOUNDING: 3rd (Officially) PRIMOGENITOR: Ferrus Manus (Allegedly) +++++++ -Lord Inquisitor Colmar, I bring you the geno-screening results. The process has been repeated thrice, as per your request- -Very well, you have my thanks. The results?- -Yes of course. The Emperor's Reaver's geneseed is derived from the line of Ferrus Manus and has deteriorated little. The acceptance of mechanic augmentation is formidable and the displayed zeal and contempt for 'lesser mortals' is comparable to those of the Iron Hands and Brazen Claws. However, divergent strains have been discovered- -Divergent strains, genetrix?- -Yes lord. Not so much impurities, but rather underlying strains of genic material that I was able to discover by manually dissecting and analyzing the material you have provided me with instead of feeding it to the machines. The resulting markers point to the Raiders of Dusk and the Children of the Night, both of Terran stock- -What conclusion do you draw from this?- -There are two distinct possibilities, lord Colmar. Either, I have made a severe mistake in my analysis and accused an ancient and respected chapter of not only muddied blood, but tainted one too- -Or?- -Somebody has manipulated technology and records for millenia in order to hide geno-heresy. I believe later to be the truth, my lord. Who sanctioned and supervised the creation of this chapter?- -Two seals are imprinted upon their chapter history and data-troves. One belongs to a now dissolved coven of genetors that had been put in place by the High Lords- -The other?- -The Sigillite- +++++++ +++++++ Why is it, that the sons bear their fathers' taints? Why is it, that sin is passed down by blood? Why is it, that where once a rotten apple has grown, ne'r a sweet and healthy one will do so again? If corruption can be passed down, then why not virtue too? How can corruption sprout from virtue, but virtue not from corruption? Is it not the son that understands his father's sins the best? Is it not he that has the greatest reason of all to aspire towards greatness: redemption? I say, it is not blood that taints the sons of lesser fathers, it is the minds of zealots and mongrels. I say, let a phoenix arise from ashes, for the deepest darkness is still cast by the greatest fire. I say, let Dracul's heir strive towards light, for at least he may immolate himself in his gambit for redemption. Greatness and, indeed, purity can be wrested from darkness. If a chance is given, that is. Al'Amir, Pre-Imperial Philosopher, early m3 +++++++ +++++++ Polybius, the frozen jewel of the Segmentum Obscuros. Situated close to the galactic north, a scant few lightyears away from the eternal void, lies the home-world of the Emperor's Reavers. Where Fenris is trapped in an eternal cycle of furious ice and roiling summer's heat, Polybius is a sphere of eternal, silent glaciers so clear, that one can, at times, see miles below oneself. Several great hive-cities dot the landscape, all isolated for decades at times, save for the few traders and smugglers that operate in the ever-hungry wastes. Considering the mineral wealth of Polybius, it is not surprising that the Mechanicus had taken great interest in the planet in millenias past. One hive, a decrepit thing destroyed by glacial shifts, had been given to refugee-priests of forgeworld Shyngar, which had been destroyed somewhen in m33 due to massed orkoid attacks. The chapter allows the since then estabilished coven to practice their faith upon Polybius and mine as much material as needed, provided they use their knowledge and mastery of the iron arts to supply the chapter with a rich variety of weapons, tanks and armours. Apart from this hive, aptly named the Cauldron due the seas of boiling water that had formed around it, the chapter recruits exclusively from the various gangs that have formed in the underbellies of the various mega-cities, much like how the Imperial Fists prefer certain hardied stocks when drawing new blood from Necromunda. +++++++ +++++++ The Emperor's Reavers place little emphasize on personal valour and honour while recruiting from the local gangs. Instead, they search for small groups of individuals, preferably between five and ten in number, which are then collectively subjected to trials of skill, strength and knowledge. It is their aim to create a pool of recruits that already shows an affinity for working together and in tight, gang-like unity; such qualities are desired amongst the Adeptus Astartes, especially chapters that focus on Zone Mortalis and boarding actions, such as the Emperor's Reavers. Armed with sword, axes, and simple stub-pistols, the recruits are sent into the lowest underbellies in search of hidden caches of bolt-shells. Each recruit is to bring one to his future lords. Those who fail, who fall to treason or to the eldritch fauna within the cavernous halls of ice, are left there to rot, their arms and clothes scavenged by their fellow men to ensure better survival. Polybius is a hard world and it breeds cutthroats, corsairs and drug-frenzied berzerks alike. The Reavers welcome all with open arms. +++++++ +++++++ The chapter cares little for the structures laid out by the codex astartes and has faced critique time and time again from both the Imperial Fists and the genealogy of Guillaume. It was during m39 that the Genesis chapter and the Emperor's Reavers had come to blows over an insult that had been voiced by Captain Irilius of the Genesis' second company. Since then, contact has been scarce between the two chapters and the Genesis have been declared unwelcome within the domain of the Reaver's and that no fraternity shall exist between the two chapters, unless Ilius would be willing to settle his differences in a duel. The nine companies of the Emperor's Reavers are expected to function as independently as possible, thus recruiting and providing independently of each other. The chapter master, called Imperial Commander, presides over the company he had led before his election; it is Imperial Commander Ivan that leads the chapter at the helm of the fourth company. Each company has an own cadre of veterans and is expected to keep its suits of terminator armour in battle-ready condition. During the efforts of the Indomitus Crusade, lord Guillaume has brought the knowledge of Primaris creation to the Reavers. What conversations had been held between Ivan and the lord commander were not recorded, but both parties had parted in surprisingly amicable mood. +++++++ +++++++ Indeed, the integration of Primaris Astartes has occurred seamlessly and without the creation of new companies or philosophical strife. Much of the armoury that lord Guillaume had provided, however, had been traded with other chapters or heavily modified in order to fit the Emperor's Reavers modus operandi better. The bolt-rifles have been replaced with the RT-B01 subtype Umbra-pattern bolter, a weapon very common amongst chapters that fight within tight confines as its compact size, decreased weight and high fire-rate have proven to be invaluable in such circumstances, even if it requires more maintenance and is more prone to jamming. Each primaris is equipped with slightly modified mark X armour, usually modifications apply to shoulders and helmets, a bolter and a close combat weapon, be that a knife, machete or power-swords in the case of the chapter's Reaver equivalent, the Bukavac. Indeed, primaris Reavers and Intercessors have been blended together in purpose, as the stripped down mark X armour that Reavers usually employ has proven to be too unstable in boarding actions. Inceptors do not feature within the chapter, for all companies have abandoned such equipment in favour of more common assault formations and tactics. Aggressors, and indeed Gravis armour, are still a heavily discussed topic within each company's strategium, as some argue that with modifications, such units could prove much valuable to the chapter's tactics, while other argue that the material invested in the production of gravis suits should rather be invested in tactical dreadnought armour. +++++++
  9. Brother Cambrius

    Rhino 4

    From the album: Legio/Deathwatch

  10. Brother Cambrius

    Rhino 3

    From the album: Legio/Deathwatch

  11. Brother Cambrius

    Rhino 2

    From the album: Legio/Deathwatch

  12. Brother Cambrius

    Rhino 1

    From the album: Legio/Deathwatch

  13. So one of the news and rumor threads has kinda gone off topic and drifted into the origins of Ghaz, how he got the headwound and where his lore first appeared and all that derailing goodness. Instead of getting the thread locked I thought we could continue the history lesson here, so I am starting this thread to pick up where we left off and to start somewhere we can talk about the glorious evolution of the faction from the early days to current time. So to catch up here is the post I shared in the rumor thread... Here we have the earliest bits of lore that Andy Chambers thought up whilst making his Warlord. Ghaz' original lore taken from Andy Chambers' example ork army from Ere We Go, and also printed in WD (around about the 120-130 issue number). Modelwise he was just a converted Ork Warboss mini (bent his gun arm forward and twisted one of his feet so he looks like he is running). Also in the old books we have little bits on Kaptain Badrukk and Nazdreg (and pictures) that I could share if people are interested.
  14. I'm looking at picking up a Leman Russ from Rogue Trader, but the one I'm looking at is missing his power pack. Do replacement power packs from newer kits look okay on older Marines, from Rogue Trader?
  15. I see there are a couple games going (or just getting going, as the case may be), but is anyone interested in a game of something? At this point I could go for any of FFG's games. What about you?
  16. It only just hit me earlier that this year will be my 30th in the hobby, so I thought it would be a good time to start a new project (yes another one), instead of just 'starting another army' I thought I should do something different to mark the occasion. After some head scratching and beard chewing I have decided to go back to my roots and do a first edition army log. My aim is to build two forces using the original army lists with some RT era terrain for them to fight over, eventually leading to some old school batreps to mark the completion of the project. For the forces in question I have decided to do something we dont see much of every day... SQUATS!!! and MOAR SQUATS!!! Well technically Squats and Khornate Chaos Squats with a smidgeon of World Eaters thrown in as allies. Eventually Ill add in some Tzeentch Squats and some Legion of the Damned as well (dont worry, they will all be in Mk6 armour for that nostalgic vibe). Decided for the bulk of the forces I will use the Wargames Atlantic Einherjar, heavy weapons teams will use the Wargames Atlantic Grognard weapons with Einherjar crewmembers. World Eaters I already have ready to be painted and the LotD will be using the FW Mk6 kit. All scenery will be made out of any old gubbins and doodads I find laying about the house, as was the way back in the Dark Age of Technology. For the moment I will build the forces to 2000 points to start off with to get the bare minimum needed for legal armies done, then I will start adding in more juicy things. Currently flipping between multiple books trying to work out the armies in advance, I think I can squeeze 2k of Squats out of a full box and 4 additional sprues of Einherjar, an actual army for under £40 pleases me greatly, Ill be ordering a couple of sprues at the weekend to build my Warlord and Hearthguard squad, the spare mini will be the basis of my Khorne Squat Lord...
  17. Back in 1st edition 40k, when we still called it Rogue Trader, the Chief Librarian of the Ultramarines was a half-Eldar (who also was a Dark Angel at some point...we were still figuring stuff out back then). Don't take it too seriously, this was heresy that has since been retconned out a bit. In that spirit, he just showed up in one of those Warhammer Community strips: Just so people know, he or actually an Aeldari of the same known does show up in the last of the Dark Imperium trilogy, Godblight, but to his credit Guy Haley cleverly made him an Aeldari diplomat in the court of Roboute Guilliman. That explains that lore discrepancy a bit, like he's never really an Ultramarine, but is associated with them. That said...man, when we get those new plastic Mark VI Beakie Armour models, I do kinda want to do some sort of weird Narrative Play Crusade Patrol with him as my HQ. Not everyone plays this Crusade mode, but if you played the experience leveling stuff, you know how it's pretty easy to make a really powerful Psyker in particular? Anyway, just pointing this out because actually a new player in our local Warhammer Store pointed that guy out to me and I was like, "Actually, Brother...this guy was real." I thought it was pretty funny.
  18. CeaselessWatcher

    Essentia Pfp

    From the album: Essentia Genovega

    Art by Ayla Meridian on artstation.

    © me

  19. Version 1.0


    Here is a Little Sisters of Purification decal sheet. I created this chapter symbol based off of the Little Sisters of Purification from Challenge, GDW Magazine 1988. I had a couple requests to make it into a decal sheet that could be printed. The cyan background in the PDF does not print. The top row of decals are 8mm, the middle left hand row is 6mm, the middle right hand row is 12mm and the bottom row is 16mm. If you end up using these decals, I would love to see it! Tag me on the B&C or IG @fabalah !
  20. 550 downloads

    Rogue Trader Era logos for the Space Wolves Chapter. Includes logos for Tactical, Assault and Devastator Squads, and Officers (Captain, Lieutenant Commander, Chaplain, Librarian, Medic and Techmarine). Background layers, one full page, the other leaving the Medic badge on white, for printing to white decal paper (remember to turn on your Layers panel in your PDF program to select the various layers). NOTE: The Officer logos are intended to overlap the shoulder pad edge, allowing the background to be trimmed flush with the pad edge.
  21. 547 downloads

    Rogue Trader Era logos for the Ultramarines Chapter. Includes logos for Tactical, Assault and Devastator Squads, and Officers (Captain, Lieutenant Commander, Chaplain, Librarian, Medic and Techmarine). With layers in the PDF for Officers, Blue "U", and White "U" with blue background (remember to turn on your Layers panel in your PDF program to select the various layers). NOTE: The Officer logos are intended to overlap the shoulder pad edge, allowing the background to be trimmed flush with the pad edge. And for those keeping score, this leaves only the Space Wolves RT Era from the old Space Marines Painting Guide.
  22. 1202 downloads

    By commission of The4thHorseman. Recreating the Rogue Trader Era Blood Angels rank insignia. This is the second of two RT Era BA designs. The first contains the generic RT Era Blood Angels logo. NOTE: The Lieutenant Commander logo is intended to overlap the shoulder pad edge, allowing the red diagonal stripe to be trimmed flush with the pad edge. Captain and Lieutenant Commander badges are intended to have background colors painted before decal application.
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    By commission of The4thHorseman. Recreating the Rogue Trader Era Blood Angels chapter symbol. In black (clear background), red (clear, yellow, and black background), and yellow (clear, red, and black background). This is the first of two RT Era BA designs. The second will recreate the RT Era rank insignia (Chaplain, Medic, etc.).
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