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About this blog

Welcome to my blog! In this space I'll be collecting my various painting projects, battle reports and general musings on the hobby as we know it.


B&C Long Fangs may already know of my Blood Angels, Tyranids, Xenos and Heresy painting logs, and this will not replace them, however this will collect the products of all of these, and be the home to my battle reports!


Army Specific Discussions

The Blood Angels 4th Company and Red Scar Crusade
Hive Fleet Jabberwocky

Xenith's Xenos

Advanced Infiltration: Alpha Legion




Entries in this blog

Warhammer Fest Horus Heresy Event - Terrain Discussion

Not gonna lie, my heart fell when I got to WHFest and I seen the tables that the HH event would be played on. There were some ok tables, but others had a clear lack of terrain, and large, wide pen fire lanes. Playing a FA heavy Alpha Legion Leviathal, I braced myself for the worst and to get shot off the table by pretty much everything!    Thankfully (luckily?) the armies I played against were Emperor's Children and Custodes, which had less shooting than me so I blatted them off the bo


Xenith in Warhammer Fest 2023

BatRep: WHFest Alpha Legion v Emperor's Children - Edited with more info.

Mission Onslaught, Dawn of War Deployment   Forces Alpha legion Army List   Emperor's Children - 3k points Maru Skara Praetor - paragon, volkite pistol* Legion Champion - paragon   5 tartaros - mixed loadout in Spartan* Contemptor Talon - 2x with autocannon and fist*   3x10 man tac squads 2x5 man scout squads with rifles   2x quad las preds Fire raptor Leviathan, storm cannon, grav bombard   Mission On


Xenith in Battle Report

The Tyranids of 10th Edition: Leviathan

I thought I'd share a few of the photos I took of the models from the new 10th edition 40k boxed set, these are amazingly painted, and I look forward to getting my hands on them:   Neurogaunts   Neurotyrant   head detail on the Neurotyrant   Screamer Killer - look at the paint work on the dome!    Psychowhatsit   The Von Ryan's Leaper - lovely models, the GW photos don't do them justice, and a nice homage to the

Alpha Legion Status Update

Quick update after I based essentially a 3000pt army last week to take to WHFest:     The full list of completed units is longer than that, but I'm happy to say that I've managed to make, paint and base over 4000pts of Alpha legion since the release of HH2.0 last June, which is, I think, insane. My younger self would never have thought this possible. This is also with minimal unit upgrades, so cataphractii are costed at 175pts for 5, etc. If I add in wargear this could easil

Battle Report: HH Alpha Legion vs Custodes

In the run up to WHFest I managed to get another game in, this time against Adeptus Custodes. They're a really tough fight in 40k, and I had no idea what they would be like in HH.    War of Lies, triangles deployment pointing at one another. This game I ditched the preds, despite how much I love them, to run a Leviathan in a HH Leviathal. I also swapped the Deredeo and something else for a Delgatus with nemesis and 3 sky hunters with MM's and a fist.    Custodian Army Cu

BatRep: Alpha Legion v Death Guard 30k

Not so much a batrep as showing off my friend Dom's gorgeous DG army. I'm trying to get in some practice games for WHFest, and Dom has been working hard on these awesome DG so we got a game lined up!   Alpha Legion - No RoW Vigilator - nemesis, dagger Librarian - telepathy, force axe, power maul, pinning wlt.    Contemptor talon - 1x melta, grav fist, 1x las, fist 2x rapier grav cannon 5 fulmentarus, 3 fists, 2 axes 10 Effrit - daggers   10

Battle Report: Blood Angels vs Chaos Knights Round 2!

After the absolute kicking I received from Ted's Chaos Knights, I was eager to temper myself against them once more and see if I can beat them - he's the only person in my club to beat my Blood Angels so far, and they won't stand for it! The last game was an absolute whitewash, something like 40 - 95, and so I wanted to approach this one a little better, and using basically the same army I used before. We tried to set up the terrain more like GW's tourney maps, with the 4 large obscuring pieces

Hobby Goals for 2023

So in my various painting logs, I tallied all the painted points and models I managed to complete in 2022 and then set some optimistic objectives for models I'd like to get painted to round out some armies in 2023 - turns out that several small goals across nids, eldar necrons and Titanicus add up fast... Thankfully the warlord is maybe 10% of the year total, and that's all done bar the basing. This is also before I get to the Alpha Legion I want to paint. If I add in gift-warhammer I've receive


Xenith in 2023

Battle Report: Blood Angels vs Chaos Knights

So another quick battle report write up, this time I had a game against the Chaos Knights of a fellow local club goer. This guy kicked my ass last time against my Eldar, so I thought I'd bring out the Blood Angels to see if they could fare any better. Spoiler: They didn't.   1500 Blood Angels Arks of Omen (Elites): Primaris Chaplain on Bike - Warlord (gift of foresight), relic (Armour indomitus - 2+, 3++, +1W), angel exemplar (artificer - mantle) mantra of strength Sanguinary

The Warlord Walks!

So after the renewed enthusiasm for AT that came from getting a game in at WHW, I've decided I need to get the rest of my titans built - so far in the pile of shame were the 2020 christmas box maniple - a warlord, reaver and 2 hounds. Lacking any larger titans, I decided to tackle the warlord first, assembling, breaking the toes a lot to try and make him stride forwards, then spraying with a lot of leadbelcher.    Paint job at 80%, missing transfers. I didn't like how I did the checks

Battle Report: Adeptus Titanicus - Tempestus v Xestobiax

In the trip to WHW, we also all brought our tiny titans, being one of the funnest games GW makes (probably). I managed to get a quick 1250pt game in against @Olis's Legio Xestobiax and their Black Iron cores.    I was using (and forgot to use the rules for) a Ferrox light maniple with additional reaver (+1 to armour rolls within your scale in inches) against Olis's nimble Corsair maniple:   Tempestus Indefatigable (Indy): Reaver (princeps) - melta, gatling, turbo laser,

Battle Report: Craftworlds vs Alpha Legion

I had a trip to WHW with a few other B&C folk a couple of weeks ago and managed to get some games in, mostly with @Excessus, either playing with or against him!   It's been a while since he'd played, so we just did primaries on a random mission, which turned out to have 5 objectives, we did 5pts per command phase for each objective held, and used nachmund rules.    My list 1250pts Craftworlds Patrol - Swift strikes and mobile fighters Autarch, Warlord, 2+" move,


Xenith in Battle Report


Welcome to the blog! This is the first step in my testing out one of the new shiny functions of the Bolter and Chainsword since it crossed the Rubicon Primaris in 2022. I'm still a slave to the old ways, so will be claiming this first post for usage as a directory of sorts, of needed. This isn't intended to replace my other painting logs, the Blood Angels, Tyranids, Chaos, Xenos and Heresy Blogs you might have already seen, but to compliment them. I see this is more a repository for completed wo


Xenith in Introduction

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