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Found 16 results

  1. Hey all - Starting a new thread (my first time doing so!) for a community project that launched over on the HH: Age of Darkness Discord Partner Server whilst B&C was down... Liber Panoptica was born of a desire by a team from the HH: Age of Darkness Discord Partner Server to ensure that nothing and nobody was left behind with the release of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy (also known as HH2.0). Whilst in development, we referred to it as Operation: Retrograde - and this name stuck even on release. Within this document you will find the rules and lore to add all units to HH2.0 that were omitted from the official publications, as well as a full community FAQ and more, including a few new things you won't have seen before... The first version of this is just the beginning of our plans, though - so check back regularly as we'll update it in response to feedback, as well as adding new units and more as we go. The Liber Panoptica can be obtained here: https://codewalrus.gumroad.com/l/LiberPanoptica Any feedback you do have can be provided to us directly via the HH: Age of Darkness Discord: https://discord.gg/HH-Age-of-Darkness I hope you all enjoy this work! Please feel free to provide any thoughts you have to me directly :)
  2. This maybe a PSA for people running Storm Eagles dropping in (I love them!) but something has come up, more than once, but I don't see much acknowledgement, so I'm throwing it here to raise awareness Premise: due to some questionable proof reading the Storm Eagle seem to have had a MultiMelta removed from its upgrade in V2 Background: in HH v1, and 40k a Storm Eagle (SE) can upgrade it's nose twin-linked heavy bolters, for twin-linked MultiMeltas Present: in HH v2, a MM (MultiMelta) is twin-linked by default (cf: infantry carrying only one of them, are still TL), that in effect means it's a twin-linked melta The SE can currently upgrade it's twin-linked Heavy Bolters for A SINGLE MultiMelta (!) The model has two Problem: This means RAW the SE has 1 shot of a weapon it has TWO of, which have twin-linked by default, when it should have 2 shots Solution: the SE should have 2 shots of a MultiMelta, considering it literally is modelled with 2 MM keeping with the HH v2 format, this should mean it's a Gravis MM (2 shots, and twin-linked), thus duplicating the rules found in both HH v1 and 40k cheers for hashing it out with me
  3. Death Guard Errata & Frequently Asked Question is up here. It might be the most extensive errata so far! Being less snarky, Daemon Princes are no longer Lord of the Death Guard, which makes the second clause in Infernal Jealousy (one Daemon Prince per detachment) finally make sense and opens up the HQ slots a bit more.
  4. So there was an update today for the DW FAQ...nothing mind blowing, just a fix most of us already expected to all movement abilities to bring them in line with the big FAQ change to FLY. Specifically... Page 72 – Veterans, Vanguard Strike Change the first sentence of this ability to read: ‘In the Movement phase, Vanguard Veterans can move across models and terrain as if they were not there.’ Pages 72, 77 and 91 – Intercessors, Reivers and Armoury of the Deathwatch, Grapnel Launchers Change the first sentence to read: ‘When models with grapnel launchers move in the Movement phase, do not count any vertical distance they move against the total they can move (i.e. moving vertically is free for these models in the Movement phase).’ Page 73 – Intercessors, Inceptor Strike Change the first sentence of this ability to read: ‘In the Movement phase, Inceptors can move across models and terrain as if they were not there.’
  5. Thread to disclose potential candidates for a FAQ. Post and discuss here. Things I've found in the enhanced codex 1. Reivers have a powersword option listed but no process to add the wargear item (non SW Reivers do not have a power weapon option) 2. Intercessor sergeant cannot take power sword. Says may replace chainsword with chainsword
  6. Let me know what you guys think. So far I admit without super heavies I often play a Brigade, and that means +12 CP's. As a mars player trying to juggle 2-3 a turn, how about having 15 to start? I think AdMech is one of the armies that a playable Brigade is really plausible. Does this make a big enough difference to you?
  7. Noble Scions! Throne Mechanicum giving you flashbacks? Binary Cant starting to induce headaches? Still wondering what that giant red button in the middle of your Crusaders console does? We're here to help! This thread is designed to serve as an in-house, FAQ following the release of the Imperial Knights codex. It is intended to be a 'living document' for all of the B&C community to pose, and answer, questions relating to Knights. As a question is asked and answered, I will edit the initial post to include it, and the agreed upon answer. This way (hopefully) the mighty hive-mind present on the board is able to effectively use it's collective intellect to assist the rest of the community. Q: How do Knight Lances work? A: In a Battle-forged Army, any Super Heavy Detachment where all units have the keyword IMPERIAL KNIGHTS, becomes a Knight Lance. Vehicles with this keyword currently consist of all QUESTORUS, ARMIGER, CERASTUS, ACASTUS or DOMINUS class Knights. When a Detachment becomes a Lance, you may pick a single vehicle of any type within the lance to become a Character and gain the CHARACTER Keyword. In addition, all Knights within the detachment gain access to your choice of Household Traditions. It should be noted that every Knight within the Lance must have the same Tradition. As long as a Knight Lance contains at least one unit with the TITANIC keyword, the Lance detachment generates 3 CP. If the Lance contains at least 3 units with the TITANIC keyword, it instead generates 6CP. There exist some caveats and limitations to the above however, and they are as follows: FREEBLADES may be included in a Lance, but never themselves benefit from Household Traditions. In addition, FREEBLADES may not carry a HOUSEHOLD keyword, so cannot, for example, be the target of household specific Stratagems. Super-heavy Auxiliary Detachments may NOT become Lances, and the Knight(s) in them may not therefore benefit from Household Traditions. In addition, they do NOT generate CP. Q: What about Forge World Knights? Cerastus and Acastus Class? A: As of 22/06/2018, the Forge World Knights are fully compatible with Lance, Stratagem and other keyword requirements from Codex: Imperial Knights. See the offical FAQ for specific wording. Q: What is the best Knight Weapon for X, Y, Z? A: ​'Best' is a really relative term that can't typically account for any of the millions of variables that can happen within a game. However, below is a very basic list of 'average' weapon performance (not counting any buffs from traits etc) against a variety of targets: http://i563.photobucket.com/albums/ss78/tcgfade0ut/wep%201_zpsejhwgd88.png http://i563.photobucket.com/albums/ss78/tcgfade0ut/wep%202_zpsk5vtqhuk.png http://i563.photobucket.com/albums/ss78/tcgfade0ut/wep%203_zpskl07eqt9.png Q: If I take a Knight in a Super-heavy Auxiliary Detachment, can I pay the CP to use the stratagems that allows me to make a Knight a CHARACTER and take a relic or warlord trait? A: Yes. Knights in Super-heavy Auxiliary Detachments can be the target of both the EXALTED COURT and HEIRLOOMS OF THE HOUSEHOLD stratagems as normal. Note that Knights in a Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment may still never benefit from a Household Tradition. RAW, they should though be able to take household specific Warlord Traits and Relics, as nothing appears to prevent the Knight(s) from being given a Household KEYWORD. Q: If a model using heroic intervention comes into contact with a Knight with a Gauntlet, can the Knight target the model with the DEATH GRIP Stratagem even if he has not declared a charge against it? A: Yes. RAW, there are two elements which constitute requirements to use Death Grip: The Knight must have fought. The Knight must choose an enemy unit within 1", that consists of a single model, to be the target of Death Grip. There's nothing to say that the Knight must have charged, only that he must have fought. It also states nowhere that the Knight must use Death Grip on the unit he had been fighting. So a character that has HI'd into combat, would be at risk if in range. It should be noted that there is some debate about the targeting requirements for Death Grip. As such, it is advisable to always declare a charge against all targets you wish to potentially involve in combat, including any that you intend to target with Death Grip after your standard attacks are complete. Q: Firestorm Protocols - If I declare all my shots into two targets and after destroying the closest target, I still having my declared shots available for the second target, do I get the benefit of the Firestorm Protocols Tradition against the second target? A: No. Unfortunately Firestorm Protocols only triggers against the initial 'closest target' which the firing unit has shot at. You cannot sequentially destroy multiple units and preserve the bonus throughout the firing units shooting action. Q: House Raven's 'Relentless Advance' - The tradition causes all Heavy weapons to be treated as Assault weapons when a unit Advances, and for Assault weapons to not suffer penalties to hit for Advancing. Do Heavy weapons acting as Assault weapons due to the tradition, still suffer the penalty to hit? A: No. The Tradition causes both Heavy weapons and Assault weapons to completely ignore the penalty to hit rolls for Advancing.
  8. Sorry if I'm missing the obvious or misunderstand the ruling but does the Mischeif Makers rule still allow you to deploy Nurglings 9" from the enemy deployment? The FAQ states that the tactical reserve rule doesn't effect units "set up after the first battle round has begun, but before the first turn begins", I'm hoping I've read this correctly and it would mean that Nurglings remain unaffected. Any help with clarification would be much appreciated.
  9. Good news comrades, GW's new Balance Dataslate has arrived! Aside from the obvious in some extra tweaks to the game to help with balance it is all the more welcome for a notable boost to His Hammer: Leman Russ tanks have a 2+ Save Tank Orders can be issued to any Vehicle within 6", no longer only Russes (but not Titanic units) Infantry Orders given to a unit can also be applied to another one or more unit within 6" of that unit (only standard/universal Orders) Russes with a 2+ save is going to help a lot, Guard now have true heavy armour so they should be much better off against standard AT (melta is another matter). Being able to order non-Russ tanks is nice but I'm not sure how much practical use it'd get outside of artillery? For infantry this can double orders which is again nice, but feels somewhat situational as you don't always want to "group" orders. It is useful for giving your officer an range boost to reach squads the order wouldn't normally too (does anyone take Voxes?). Hopefully the start of things to come as next year we can look to receiving a new Guard codex at some point, what does everyone think of these changes? edit: correction on infantry orders
  10. In case anyone missed it, GW's Balance Dataslate has a nice treat for Chaos Marines: Of course, the first thing on everyone's mind is no doubt "this is exactly what WarriorFish has said for ages, it's about time GW started listening" but after that - this is great! As someone who faces more non-Imperial factions this will help me out a lot, but mostly it feels like a wrong righted While it would have been nice to get more this is a nice boost, all the more so as we know updates are coming next year.
  11. I noticed a couple of days ago that the FAQs section on WarCom had a killteam section: https://www.warhammer-community.com/faqs/#kill-team I didn't remember seeing a topic about it on here, or a dedicated article on WarCom, so I feel like it may have slipped under the radar, hence creating this topic. Mods, feel free to move this if it's better suited to the announcements subforum. A couple of things that I noticed were missing have been fixed or clarified, any thoughts?
  12. There are quite a lot of changes in our latest FAQ: https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Pg7SNcXHy0BwUCW4.pdf The one that stood out most for me was this: So now a whole ton of weapons lose the bonus. I'm not sure which of these is most significant, though intercessors' stalker bolt rifles are probably high up the list. Then probably heavy bolters. Stuff like onslaught gatling cannons, that became decent AT weapons for Fists (especially with the tank hunters strat) are now a huge amount weaker. Autocannons are still ok though, and gained a shot. I wasn't sure if my suppressors would see a lot of table time in 9th but they might. And, like everyone else, I guess I'll be buying Eradicators. Can't say I'm at all happy with this change. I don't know why they had to nerf Fists even more, after the doctrine changes.
  13. Our FAQ is up, https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/b3e1e77d.pdf Out of 14 questios in the other thread... answered 3...
  14. The Ork FAQ, if you want a link Here's all the changes: Shock Attack Gun changed to rolling for strength when the unit is chosen to shoot with Megatrakk Scrapjet only gets 1 of its two big shootas with +1 to hit from Grot Gunner Lootas changed to rolling for number of shots when the unit is chosen to fire, and no longer persists through the phase. Flash Gitz Kaptin is leadership 7. Mob Up only applies to Boyz units. Warphead can only be used on each weirdboy once. And some stuff from the general FAQ that applies to us: Wholly Within (IE, for KFF) finally clarified to require every model to be wholly within Flyers can't block movement entirely Overwatch is now "as if the shooting phase", and you can't use stratagems when it isn't the phase So, there's an obvious nerf to Mob Up, but I think that was both expected, and not too bad. It sucks for non-loota units to be affected, but considering the other directions they could have gone to nerf stuff, I'll take it. Other than that, not much is a direct nerf. One thing to note is that we can now determine the SAG's strength, and the Loota's shots, before choosing a target. That seems like a pretty good quality-of-life change to me. No more shooting infantry at S10 and Knights at S3.
  15. I'll link the artile and quote the relevant points, but there's a pretty good buff in here, as well as a minor buff as well. Everything else I'll leave for you to decide if it works. Decent, this fixes the old FAQ issue with charging over models. Wraiths are better now! HUGE: If your night scythe gets shot down first turn you can still deploy things out of it. MASSIVE: I'll ignore boltguns and non-overcharged plasma now, thankyouverymuch. Clarifying, but I don't think this affects anyone overly much. Clarifying, but as I don't own either of these models I have no ability to judge the effect. What are your thoughts, fellow Phaerons and Crypteks?
  16. After weeks of dealing with the outcome of the Gamesworkshop official FAQ for Deathwatch, I feel the answer to the community (mainly the Deathwatch player base) is to create this thread. I have received several PM's over the past weeks from several frater with different concerns, complaints, questions, and suggestions on the matter. Many of you are upset, or angry, or confused. Some of you are just starting or considering starting Deathwatch and I certainly don't have answers (but like most of you I definitely would like some answers.) So here's what I've come up with for this thread based on all your messages and concerns illustrated in the forum: +++ The goal of this thread is to:+++ 1. Clear up, or try to make sense of areas of the FAQ that you find confusing, or too open to interpretation. 2. Voice your concern where you feel Games Workshop could have/should have handled something differently. 3. Add a valid concern that involves an issue that you feel was not covered by the current FAQ. +++ The FAQ in question is located here: (Please read it thoroughly before posting)+++ +LINK TO FAQ+ +++ Links to strongly debated FAQ rulings with their own specific thread (continue those conversations there) +++ 1. The Dedicated Transport Ruling: +LINK TO THREAD+ 2. The Beacon Angelis Ruling: +LINK TO THREAD+ More to come if necessary. +++ What to do next +++ This thread will remain pinned as a resource for those who are coming into the army or need clarity or want to voice a concern with the FAQ. 1. If you are posting to bring up a specific FAQ item, start your post with a quote directly from the FAQ in question or else I will have to delete the post for lack of clarity (we don't want to debate something based on heresay.) 2. If you think the FAQ missed something, try to word it like an FAQ entry. State why you think it needed to be included, and try to include your (logical) resolution. 3. If you want to contest or otherwise disagree with a ruling, please do so in a logical, and respectful manner. I'll be watching the thread and any personal attacks, etc, won't be tolerated. Just play by the BnC rules and we should be fine. +++ Making this a meaningful community effort. +++ I'm as disappointed as anyone else here. We all have invested something in the Codex/army/hobby but let's try to remember this is a hobby, and a game. Let's be respectful with our comments towards each other AND to Games Workshop. We'll probably get a lot further if our concerns/issues are raised in a mature, logical manner. Once you feel strongly about an issue, or you feel we have explored it to an unsatisfactory resolution than I urge you to bring this to Games Workshop's attention by voicing your concern at their Facebook page. This is the only way I know of that we can: 1. Get GW's attention on the issues. 2. Hope for change, give feedback, or even see some changes. Once again this is their 40K facebook page. Feel free to direct other people (including GW) to this thread. Games Workshop 40K Facebook Page +LINK+ Thank you. Please be respectful if you comment on GW's Facebook page, and let's hope this makes a positive difference. Email Amendment: Please note that beyond the facebook page, GW does have an FAQ email address: - Prot.
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