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  1. A bunch of FAQs have just been announced on Warcom - you can download them on the FAQ section. Included are; Deathwatch Adeptus Custodes Adeptus Mechanicus Drukhari Genestealer Cults Grey Knights Orks T'au Empire Imperial Armour Compendium Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good War Zone Octarius Book 1: Rising Tode Warhammer 40,000 Core Book
  2. Hi, I'm RikuEru, I have mostly been a lurker and like-thrower in this subforum, mostly just posting in the Space Wolves Sub-forum. But... I want to do more than "just" Space Wolves, with the collection of 'other' (sub-)factions' minis "slowly" growing. So this'll be my little WIP thread, so I can keep track of my own work for once and get some magnificent feedback from the best people on B&C (that's you!) without being confined to a single sub-forum. I dare keep this first post as a "one day maybe" Register for various project posts I can link to within this thread, if the Mods allow me to do so!? (Someone smite me with his favourite Power-weapon if I ever forget to update this...)
  3. You may have expected Valdor to be wearing his usual golden armor. But not this time! We were asked to get him painted for use both as a showcase piece, and as a member of a Shadowkeepers force in Warhammer 40k. That's one of the reasons why his display base is removable, so he can be used in tabletop battles. See the additional photos to see the base removed and the model without the base, as well as additional angles and views on the model. And if you wonder about the blue and red lighting effects on the model, here's the explanation: After researching a bit about Shadowkeepers, Ańa decided to use two kinds and sources of light on the model. Red light coming from below, represented the demonic enemies. Valdor being in charge of troops keeping them in check would counter them with purity of Adeptus Custodes. This is the blue light coming from inside the collar of his armor and shining onto his face. This would also match some details of his armor and the force halberd. Hope it makes sense now And oh, somebody during the Warhammer Community Hobby Roundup mentioned how he reminds of Abaddon. Totally unexpected, but it turned out to be true! You can check it by yourselves. If you want to see more photos, they can bee seen here.
  4. 1) Is it possible to take this requisition multiple times? 2) Is it possible to take one Stratagem multiple times? This may be stupid questions. I want to be sure though. Specifically I want to know if I can set up a Custodes crusade force with two Shield-Captains that each have "Victor of the blood games"/"Captain Commander" stratagem.
  5. Just a disclaimer before I pose the question: I am a Dark Angel player with little experience how they play in 9th. The fact that the faction is so broken at the moment is the fact I don't play them. This could probably be a question posted in the Dark Angel forum, but this is more from the perspective of the Custodes. See above question. How would you go about designing a list to counter them? I got two lists where I'm running hurricane bolters on the bikes, lastrum storm bolters on the aquillon, a 5m allarus squad, etc etc. So quantity over quality. The other list is a full on high AP, high Damage list (so meltas, dreadspears, adrathic destructors). Which list would have the best chance of success? The other side of the equation is this: How would you play the mission if you were playing against a Dark Angel in a tournament? Would you charge them? Play the objective sorely? What secondaries would you choose. I'm legitimately stumped on what to do. Context: In my meta (which is competitive), there is a Dark Angel friend who plays a full Deathwing army. Custodes from my experience/understanding counter marines pretty well - I had nothing but success countering Blood Angels, Ultramarines, and the Chaos Space Marines with something close to a 80% winrate. But I seem to run into problems with Dark Angels and their bonkers transhuman rule. Most of my lists (provided below), run Aquillon with adrathic destructors, Achillus Dreadnoughts, Vertus Praetors. So things that have a lot of AP and D attached to them as a general rule. However when I tried that list against the Dark Angel player and in the tournament, I barely killed two models per turn, with something close to 40 attacks from the allarus, Achillus, and the shield captain. Which leaves me with the other 20 or so Deathwing Terminators to deal with, not that I can do anything about that, because after I attack, I'm dead. List ideas: Quantity > Quality list: Quality > Quantity list: Balanced list
  6. I just want to take this opportunity to say welcome and thank you for taking the time to look into my painting log. I'm sure you can appreciate that this introduction is going to be very short. The reality of the situation is that other than making a few purchases on models and background material I've actually done very little in the way of modelling or painting, yet. I am hoping that by creating my own painting log, I can use it as both a tool for bettering myself as a hobbyist and more importantly as a method of driving the project to completion. My goal is essentially to get a 40K army (in this case Adeptus Custodes) to my tabletop standard and play some 40K. It's that simple. I'm currently working towards a 1,000 point list of Adeptus Custodes.
  7. Hello All, Considering the fact im jumping from 4 armies ( Deathwatch, Blood Angels, Astra Militarum and Custodes) along with random building of models. I have decided to start a WIP thread. Started with Deathwatch in March since a long hiatus ( I think i was 14 in 3rd of 4th edition ) I have accumulated nothing but grey models since i love building more than anything. Recently acquired an airbrush that has sparked my desire to paint. So from now on I will pretty much be updating from here then maybe in the other forums. Either way enough jibber jabbing. Here is some of my works in progress.... these in line to be painted however I am currently working on DW troops as of now. Hopefully you enjoy. You can check out my kitbashed work on other threads or Instagram @mad.hattenstein. Appreciate your time of reading this introduction of a thread that i hope to build up. My Pride and Joy // Primaris Scaled Yaujta Watchmaster (Trophy Hunter Predator Concept) Captain Smash ( His Hammer Handle Has Since Been Adjusted ) Most Intimidate Model Shield Captain Counts As On Dawn Eagle Jet Bike ( I Still Have Work To Do On Him, And Will Save Him For Last To Paint ) Shield Captain In Allarus Terminator Armor aka Lord Chunky ( The Misses Nicknamed Him, Blu Tac's Was Cut Away Once Noticed Lol) Other Models Once Had But I Sold Them Captain With Relic Blade and Stormbolter Captain Smash Feel like that is enough of one post, just wanted an introduction and somewhere to start. Either way hope you like, stay tune, and please feel free to comment, suggest things, I will be asking from you guys and appreciate it all. Thanks, dx_ob
  8. https://www.battle-report.com/2018/04/17/thousand-sons-adeptus-custodes-vs-space-wolves-orks/ Cheers, Thoth
  9. I am thinking of starting a small Custodes army, but rather than doing gold-and-red I want to paint them in a cold bronze and black-blue colour scheme reminiscent of the LotR High Elves and the royal guards from Forbidden Kingdom. To do that of course, I need cloth on all the minis - and I plain prefer the Wardens! Would people be confused by Warden bodies being used as Custodian Guard, potentially with sword-and-board? I wouldn't have any actual Warden units with spears if I did this.
  10. https://www.battle-report.com/2018/03/05/thousand-sons-vs-death-korps-of-krieg-adeptus-custodes/ How not to run the Sons... Cheers, Thoth
  11. Hail, all. This is the begining of what may be some ongoing fiction. Originally intended to be a short, dry introduction for the army im currently building-an Ordo Xenos taskforce- i find myself enjoying writing this more than i expected, it having been a number of years since my last piece of fiction. Possibly a little simplistic in places as i intend for it to be read by my non-hobby friends as well as those as deeply in love with the setting myself. Anyway, have a read, let me know what you think! Dramatis Personae (In Progress) Inquisition Mikael Korin Inquisitor, Ordo Xenos Samniel Vult Inquisitor Korin’s Master of Guard Joran Corr Inquisitor Korin’s Seneschal Adeptus Mechanicus-Stygies VIII Theta Phi Upsilon Magos Reductor Zero-Zero-Zero-Nine-Five-Three ‘Nine’ Skitarii Tribune Deathwatch-Keep Extremis Castillo Sergeant, Crimson Fists Barakiel Hellblaster, Dark Angels Zazriel Hellblaster, Flesh Tearers Orronar Hellblaster, Iron Hands Einarr Hellblaster, Space Wolves Hofniel Inceptor, Blood Angels Themistokles Intercessor, Minotaurs Focalor Intercessor, Exorcists Cadeyrn Intercessor, Wardens Tempestus Raam Intercessor, Brazen Claws Hecular Primaris Watchmaster, Wardens Tempestus Adelmaer Primaris Watch Captain, Blades Vigilant Hakkon Primaris Epistolary, Executioners Anathema Psykana Seriah Illith Witchseeker Adeptus Custodes Shield-Captain Hektor Aquilan Shield Host Aeldari ------------ Autarch, Representative of Ultansir ------------ Warlock, -----------‘s Advisor ------------ Exarch, Dire Avenger Mikael It had been far too long since he had entered the armoury, decided Mikael Korin, too much keeping him from taking up the blunter tools of his trade. Now, after almost seventy years stationed on Terra, he had finally found an excuse to get back out in the field. Not that his time on Holy Terra had been ill spent, of course. Twice he had sat upon the Senatorum Imperialis as the Inquisitorial Representative, once having been crucial in deciding upon the High Lord’s response to the encroachment of Hive Fleet Leviathan, but the latest incursion of the foul xenos the Imperium knew as ‘Tyranids’. The rest of the time he had acted as the most senior member of the Ordo Xenos on Terra, that branch of the Inquisition founded to act against the alien menace, the length and breadth of the Imperium. He had established a good working relationship with his counterpart in the Ordo Malleus, Kleopatra Arx for whom he had a great deal of respect. The same could not be said for his colleague from the Ordo Hereticus. Nathaniel Vortan was an entirely frustrating man, one whom his captain of guards frequently referred to as ‘that arrogant whoreson.’ The thought of Samniel’s reaction to Mikael’s latest excursion brought a smile to his face. His guardsman had been none too subtle with exactly what he thought of Mikael’s ‘flight of fancy’. Chuckling to himself, Mikael moved past the racks of arms and armour belonging to his guardsmen, reaching the rows where his own gear was stored. He stroked his left hand lovingly over the plates of his old armour, a battered but serviceable suit of Adeptus Arbites design. The icons and rank pins had been removed of course, as they had been over three centuries ago when he first left the Arbites behind to join the ranks of the Inquisition. Detecting their master, a trio of armoury servitors awoke, the half machine, half men moving forwards to assist him in cladding himself for war. He waved them away. After so long, he felt it only right to gear himself up with his own two hands. Piece by piece, he assembled his armour. Over his grey bodyglove went a further layer of reinforced leather, thicker at the knees and elbows. Then boots, chest and back plates of black armaplas, followed by thick shoulder pads of the same. To his belt he attached his helmet, a stern half-helm of black adamantium which left only his mouth and jaw exposed. Standing straight, almost to attention, he reviewed himself in the full length mirror next to his armour rack. An imposing, uncompromising visage looked back at him. Thick auburn hair, cropped short in military style, topped his chiselled features, an aquiline nose and eyes of a deep blue that spoke of intelligence as much they did of an ingrained lack of sleep. A thick scar began above his right eye and slid diagonally through his brow, ending beneath his left eye, the legacy of a glancing blow from an Ork Warboss’s Choppa from his youth. ‘You don’t look a day above three hundred, Mikael.’ He thought to himself. In truth, he had seen almost four centuries, most of them spent working his way up through the ranks of the Inquisition. He’d always reacted well to rejuvenant treatments. He knew colleagues less than half his age who were less fortunate, taking on an artificial, bleached appearance after even their first treatment. Instead, he looked like a man in his prime, his late thirties, or a well preserved mid-forties. With an exhalation of pleasure, he reached for his favoured weapons. To the rear of his belt he fitted a small holster, containing a hot-shot laspistol, his back-up piece. On his left hip went a larger, but still compact holster with his bolt carbine, one he had modified himself to provide a surprising turn of firepower for close engagements. And across his back plate he fitted Justice, his power maul. Once the very same shock maul he had carried as an Arbitrator, the former crowd control weapon had been improved upon by the Tech-Priest attached to his former master- the late, great Inquisitor Miriah Helmschrot- and presented to him the day he had been given his own rosette and graduated from his rank of Interrogator to become a full-fledged inquisitor in his own right. He still remembered the look of pride on the old woman’s face, and the surprising embrace she had given him, before she spoke the words that summoned him from his knees to stand before her, the ancient ritual words granting him all the rank, privileges and responsibilities of a member of the Ordos. He turned, fully clad, to find Samniel leaning casually against a rack, cleaning his finger nails with the deactivated blade of his power knife. “Mind you don’t slip and turn that on, Sam, I’d hate to have to pick up your fingers from wherever they roll to. And to hate to hold your hand when you cry as Doc Maran reattaches them, of course.” He grinned at his captain of guards to hide his unease at, once again, finding him feet away without noting his approach. He told himself it was down to the man’s superlative stealth, rather than any failing on his part. He was an Inquisitor. He didn’t fail. Samniel threw him a wink, replacing the weapon back in its sheath. “Don’t worry, boss. I wouldn’t put you through that. Anyway, Corr wanted you, up at the gate. Said something about visitors. He was…gibbering. Said it was nothing bad, but he’d been ordered not to say anything until you got there. Tried asking him who’s got the stones to order MY men about, but he was having none of it. Now you finished admiring that ever so pretty mug of yours, think we could go see what’s happening?” Mikael chuckled. “One of these days, Samniel, you’re going to speak to me with a modicum of respect. That same day, I expect to hear word of Blessed Vulkan’s return. Lead on.” The two men had walked almost two miles by the time they reached the gatehouse of Inquisitor Korin’s residence. Conversing with the familiarity of old comrades, they passed trophy rooms where the taxidermies of various alien species took pride of place, Orks vying for space with Aeldari, a fully functional suit of T’au XV88 armour next to the corpse of a Hrud warrior, standing upright in a time sealed void lock. They entered the gatehouse, where a squad of Inquisition Storm Troopers stood at attention all day round, replaced every three hours. Five of them stood either side of the main doors, facing inwards across a luxurious carpet of such fine weave that it would have taken the output of an entire Hive City a full months labour to afford it’s equal, the walls covered in equally priceless artwork, the largest being Von Hyber’s seminal work The Primarchs, depicting the Holy Nine sons of the Emperor himself gathered around the table of the High Lords of Terra. Mikael took great amusement in the fact that, behind the very area he himself had sat at when he had been a member of that august body, was the Primarch of the Ninth, Blessed Sanguinius himself. Angelic in his beauty, Sanguinius was perhaps the most revered of all the Emperor’s sons. Unusually, the doors themselves were open, Corr stood in the doorway conversing with someone out of sight. In contrast to the utilitarian appearance of the troopers either side of him, seneschal Corr was clad in voluminous robes of sky blue, chased through with thread of purest gold and a talisman in the shape of the Inquisitorial icon around his neck on a chain of platinum. Corr bowed to the person on the other side of the door and stepped back into the house, clearing the entryway. As he did so, a god entered the room. Mikael swallowed and corrected himself. Not a god, but a guardian of the one true God-Emperor of Mankind. A member of the Adeptus Custodes stood before him. He had been on Terra for almost a century, much of that time spent in the Imperial Palace. He had, of course, seen Custodians before, but always from a distance. This one, however, was close enough to touch. Or, more likely, close enough for him to collapse on when his knees gave way, as they seemed likely to do any moment. The Custodian was clad in Allarus pattern terminator armour, of golden Auramite. Across every surface of his wargear were embossed icons of the Imperial Cult. Aquilas, Crux Terminatii, thunderbolts and more. Over a dozen jewels were embedded in his armour and just from a glance, Mikael knew that his entire residence, and the property within, were at most equal in value to perhaps one of those jewels. His left shoulder pad matched the robes and cloak that covered a small portion of his vast form, a deep purple that drew the eye. And then the Custodian removed his helm. Mikael was the possessor of a certain rugged handsomeness. Equally, Samniel had never struggled with issues of attractiveness. But the Custodian…he could have been the basis for any number of sculptures depicting the ancient Grekan Gods. His features were flawless. A strong jawline swept up to a face that could reduce the weak willed to tears of admiration. His age was indeterminate. He could have been anywhere between twenty and a thousand, such was the strength and beauty of his visage. The only clue to his age was subtle, so much so that most men would have missed it entirely. Across his armour plates, between the iconography, were miniscule etchings of individual words. They began at his left wrist, atop which was mounted an in-built Ballistarius grenade launcher and flowed the length of his arm and down the left side of his torso, circled his waist before rising on the other side and continuing down his right arm, stopping two thirds of the way down his forearm. Deed-names. Each awarded for the performance of some feat of heroism. Mikael counted roughly three hundred and fifty. That likely corresponded to a warrior in his middling years, perhaps some eight centuries in age. One final feature, the most striking of all, completed the Custodian. So clad, he stood just shy of nine feet in height. The green eyes of the Custodian had not stopped moving. He took in the details of the gatehouse, from its sweeping columns and the cover thus provided, to the position and weaponry carried by the troopers, Corr, Samniel and Inquisitor Korin himself, clearly analysing any threat they amounted to, and dismissing them as irrelevant. There were barely a dozen of them. Trained and equipped to the highest standards the Inquisition had to offer, they offered him no threat. He did this in less than a second before his gaze settled once more on Mikael. “Lord Inquisitor Mikael Korin. I stand before you as a representative of the Aquilan Shield Host. We shall be joining you on your mission, to act as the Eyes of the Emperor, and your own Shield.” His voice was unimaginably deep, at a far lower pitch than possible for a mortal man. Mikael gulped before responding. He had faced down Hive Tyrants of the Tyranids, duelled warrior-priests of the Craftworld Aeldari and once even partaken in a drink contest with a member of the Deathwatch, formerly of the Space Wolves. Not once had he ever felt so helpless, so…mortal. “..I would be honoured by your presence, Lord Custodes. Might I enquire as to your numbers?” The Custodian nodded once, a head almost half again the size of Mikael’s own giving the impression of some golem bowing its head. “My warrior chamber all accompany me, as do some few more. In total, I pledge some twenty seven of my brothers, and myself, to your cause.” Twenty eight Custodians. Mikael’s mind reeled. Worlds had been conquered with less, these transhuman warriors stood as far above the warriors of the Space Marine Chapters as they stood above mortal men. “That is…truly generous, Lord Custodes. You have my thanks. If I might know your name?” Again, the Custodian inclined his head. “I am Shield-Captain Hyd Malaachi Caem Fith Torres Papatis Volkur…” ‘He’s going to recite his ENTIRE name,’ thought Mikael, ‘I need to stop him.’ “Lord Custodes, with the greatest of respect…I was hoping for a more…succinct…name. In the interest of precision, might I address you by the deed-name of which you are most proud?” A flash of disapproval, the first emotion he had displayed since removing his helm, crossed the Custodian’s features. “Pride…is a sin. A weakness before the Emperor. We do not know pride, Lord Inquisitor.” ‘Frak, I’ve insulted him. Need to fix this,’ Mikael determined. “My apologies, Lord. In that case, and to ensure the correct and succinct use of nomenclature, might I enquire as to which of your deed-names you feel was the most…hard earned?” The Custodian stared back for a moment, stretched until Mikael began to think he would be expecting to recite hundreds of names each time he addressed his new bodyguard, then he nodded once more. “Hektor. You may refer to me as Shield-Captain Hektor.” Mikael extended a hand. “Then, Shield-Captain Hektor, I welcome you and your brethren to the Ultansir Endeavour.” Hektor gripped Mikael’s hand, swamping it in his own voluminous gauntlet. Thanks in advance.
  12. I'm really proud of this guy! He was mostly drybrushing and was an absolute blast to paint! I magnetized the weapon arms so I could play around with his weapon load outs. I can't wait to give him a try! http://i.imgur.com/f1bjuwa.jpg http://i.imgur.com/PTVonr4.jpg http://i.imgur.com/odRm6Vc.jpg http://i.imgur.com/GN79miG.jpg http://i.imgur.com/x8GJXTX.jpg http://i.imgur.com/REp9jcK.jpg http://i.imgur.com/PNGLgzS.jpg http://i.imgur.com/338d3tw.jpg
  13. Hey everyone! Since Adeptus Custodes do not have an HQ choice in 8th ed. I'm thinking about using my Ixion Hale model as the HQ choice. I'm running the force as "Imperium" faction but I'm having difficulties finding an HQ that will work. Looking for something with a similar stat-line to to the Adeptus Custodes or better. Anyone have any ideas on what I can use for a "Counts As" for Ixion Hale?
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