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  1. Okay, so here is my Dusk Crows 2nd Company project, an effort to reduce the grey pile of plastic and actually get models painted. I've made a good start during the ETL VI with these guys: I'm happy with the final decisions on colour scheme, chapter markings and how they turned out. The bases will be done, I just need to work out what colour will look best. I have some scouts with camo cloaks, which will be done to match the base. I'm leaning towards black/grey as I'm happy with how the grey crossbelts look on the assault marines. I also intend to make a gaming table in the same colour, time permitting. Which I never seem to have much of. After some thought I'm aiming for 1000 points of marines. Next up are these guys: Yes, some basic tacticals partially put together 20 odd years ago and wallowing in unpainted hell. I've made a start on changing bases to 32mm, dug the bolters out of my bits box and rummaged for an hour looking for the missing shoulder pads. Some reposing was required as when I put them together I appear to have been obsessed with not having them all look the same, so 7 out of 10 appear to be shooting at the air which looks odd. (Especially as no fliers existed in game at the time!) There was something strangely satisfying about clipping the plasma gunner's hands off and filing to fit the plasma gun. This was stolen off a Space Wolf in exchange for flamers, so the purity seal hides the rune on it. The one on the other side will be filled to not show. I know tacticals are not considered great, but I'd feel guilty not running at least one squad. Don't panic brothers, scouts are also on the list.
  2. Hello all! I come to you with a question on the eve of a potential project! I have gotten my grubby hands on some space marine legs that look like they are jumping and leaping in preparation for creating a small Flesh Tearer Vanguard force for my existing Dark Angels army. Command of this detachment will be shared between Seth and a nameless Jump Pack Lieutenant with a Power Sword. I had an idea while getting my materials laid out about having him leaping off a piece of scenery on his base with his sword held high over his head, like he is preparing to execute someone. After experimenting with the bits that I had, I found that every attempt I made ended in failure. I am not very good with greenstuff, but I still gave it a try that night and couldn't come up with anything that looked all that great. So my question is, have any of ya'll done a similar conversion? If so, how did you do it? Are there any third party conversion kits that could help with this process? I apologize if this has already been asked, and thanks in advance for your time!! PS I am also going to attach a picture of some artwork that kind of captures what I am talking about. The Gabriel Seth model is also close to what I'm looking for, but I really want the sword more over the head than anything else.
  3. I am starting a combined Custodes/Ad Mech force modelled after the War in the Webway, but I'm not sure how to do the bases. My first thought was sand with patches of crackle paint, coloured dark blue and grey. But as ai assemble the models I'm less sure about it - has anyone else tried doing a force from the Webway? I presume most will be Aeldari or Necron ;) If it matters, base sizes will range from Skitarii to Knight!
  4. Hey, everyone. With the recent release of the Deathwatch Codex for 8th Edition, I'm getting more into the idea of getting my Deathwatch army all glued up and painted up. Something that I've always wanted to do is model and paint a custom set of counters and markers for my armies, but I've never really committed to doing so in the past. I'm very much invigorated by the Deathwatch and would like to finally do so for them, but I've been having a few problems with coming up with enough ideas to do so, so I'm turning to the PCA to see if anyone is willing to help me brainstorm ideas for these. To begin with, I'm hoping to create a set of the following custom counters and markers: 6 numbered objective markers (to go on the battlefield), 6 Deathwatch-specific Warlord Traits plus 3 Deathwatch-themed Warlord Traits from the core Rulebook (to be placed upon my army list/Warlord's separately printed datasheet as a reminder of which Warlord Trait he has), A number of identical Deathwatch-/Inquisition-themed counters to use for Commander Points (as a physical reminder of just how many I have remaining), (Maybe) 6 markers representing each of the Deathwatch's Relics (that I can place on separately printed datasheets for Characters in the army as a reminder of exactly which models have which Relic/s), (Maybe) Wound markers (perhaps with a slot in them to house dice to denote the exact number of wounds remaining), (Maybe) Mission Tactics Markers (to represent which Mission Tactic I'm currently using), and, General markers and counters for play (things like "Deployment Zone Markers", "Victory Point Counters", general status effects, etc.). Here are some of the ideas I've come up with so far, along with some commentary on them. Objective Markers (6) These will be modelled on 40mm round bases, the rims of which will be painted a mid-blue in colour. I would like to represent a number of different types of objectives on these markers. Generally, I've thought that there are usually three general themes to objective markers: "hold location", "retrieve item/captive/friendly", and "destroy location". I'm interested in having a mix of these themes, rather than them all being the same, and I'm interested in having them each represent different Xenos enemies rather than a single one. That does mean that the objective markers won't be terribly well themed together (such as if I did all six being Eldar-related, or Ork-related) or against any specific army, but it does fit in well with the Deathwatch in general. The ideas for specific objective markers I've come up with so far are as follows: An Eldar Titan torso wedged in a rock face after the titan's destruction, with a dead pilot visible (theme: hold location (for excavation)). Thoughts: A little while ago I purchased an Eldar Revenant Titan torso second-hand, as well as an Eldar War Walker Pilot to go at the top of the neck, and came up with this as an idea for an objective marker. Unfortunately, the torso is significantly bigger than a 40mm base, meaning that I'd likely have to carve it up in order to fit it on the base, which means that I may have to shelve the idea in general. A Dark Eldar Hellion Skyboard is crashed, but intact (theme: retrieve item). Thoughts: I bought a Hellion Skyboard for this. It's an okay idea but it seems a little... I dunno... lacklustre? A crashed Corvus Blackstar pilot, a Deathwatch Techmarine, is injured and in need of extraction (theme: retrieve friendly). Thoughts: I can kitbash an injured "Deathwatch Techmarine" out of bits, and maybe use the "Lucius Pattern Escape Pod" from the Sector Imperialis Objective Markers kit to represent his ejection from his Corvus. Overall, I like this idea as it goes well against any enemy army. A set of strange alien (Necron) glyphs have been uncovered on stones/metallic outcroppings and the site needs securing for further investigation (theme: hold location). Thoughts: I bought a number of bits for this, which are mostly parts from the Necron Tesseract Vault, to create an interesting looking scene. An Eldar Webway Gate stands proud, with a number of melta-bombs attached to it. A dead Deathwatch Marine with a detonator lies nearby (theme: destroy location). Thoughts: With the recently announced Eldar Webway Gate, you'd think that this would be an easy one to do. But the new kit would be way too big to fit on a 40mm base, even a single side of it (looking at the box art, you can see that (by comparing it to the Harlequins) you'd probably need a 150mm round base for a single side). I could buy the kit and chop it up for this, but that seems... inefficient. Not sure what to do about this. I could buy the Webway Gate and mount the two parts on appropriate bases (which would also allow me to use them for their "intended purpose" with my own Eldar/Harlequin army), and count them NOT as objective markers or terrain (essentially, just as "window dressing"), but have them nearby the actual objective marker: the dead Deathwatch Veteran with the detonator. A Xenos Stasis Crypt holding a specimen is in need of retrieval (theme: retrieve item). Thoughts: This is just the Xenos Stasis Crypt from the Sector Imperialis Objective Marker Set, possibly mounted on a tracked unit I can easily scratch build from bits. A dangerous Ork Kontraption is in need of destroying (theme: destroy location). Thoughts: would need to buy bits to make this happen, likely from the Traktor Kannon and/or Big Mek in Mega Armour kits. The following ideas are a little less fleshed out than the above, some being more generic ideas rather than specifics: Kill an injured Xenos leader or psyker Retrieve alien tech (maybe, specifically, Necron Warscythes) Destroy an awakening Necron Monolith (as per stage one of the Necron base in Dawn of War: Dark Crusade) Rescue Ordo Xenos researchers Kill/capture Imperials consorting with Xenos Destroy a Genestealer Cult statue (four-armed Emperor?) Kill Genestealer-infected Imperials (especially Space Marines?) That's what I have so far. I'm a little disappointed I haven't really come up with a Tau idea (the only one I could think of was "capture an Ethereal" and the current range of Ethereal models doesn't led itself well to this idea). Some of the ideas are a little "out there" but still doable, I think. I wonder if there's some way of making them more generic, so that they'd work well against any enemy army rather than against the specific armies I've outlaid above. Warlord Markers (9) Again, these would be modelled on 40mm round bases, painted with a different-coloured rim (to indicate that they're not models) but not blue (like Objectives). Ideally, I'd add a rectangle of plasticard to the rear of the marker with a custom transfer applied to it detailing the specific rules of that Warlord trait as a reminder. As these markers are "off the table" then I don't need to worry too much about these matching the opponent's army. Bane of Monstrosities: A large pile of decapitated Tyranid Monstrous Creature heads, with a sword sticking out of the Hive Tyrant's head at the top of the pile. Thoughts: As this trait gives the Warlord rerolls against Monsters and Vehicles, a pile of dead Monster heads makes sense. Lord of Hidden Knowledge: An open book lies atop a lectern on a pedestal, lit from above in an otherwise dark room. Thoughts: This represents a repository of information located within ancient tomes at the Watch Fortress. I'm not 100% sure that I'd be able to pull off the "lit from above in a darkened room" as a paint scheme but I'd certainly give it a go. The book would be the large one off of the Dark Angels Ravenwing sprue (which I have spares of) and I can scratch build the lectern/pedestal. Castellan of the Black Vault: An ornate relic blade lies atop a cushion within an obsidian display case. Thoughts: This represents one of many ancient relics available to a Watch Master. The relic blade will be made from the Vanguard Veterans box and the case made from Cities of Death bits. The Watch Eternal: This is actually one I haven't yet got a great idea for. I've had a couple of ideas as below: A pair of injured Deathwatch Marines continue to fight on, despite grievous wounds. Thoughts: As this trait gives all models within 6" a chance to avoid losing their last wound, it makes sense to show multiple Marines fighting through their injuries. Unfortunately, the Space Marine Casualties pack is no longer available (and goes for upwards of £60 on eBay) which means I'll have to convert them up myself (the shooting one from that pack would have otherwise been perfect for this). A statue of a Deathwatch Marine stands proudly atop a small column. Thoughts: A 40k equivalent of The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, representing the constant need to watch over the Imperium despite casualties. Vigilance Incarnate: Five pedestals, each with a different alien's head atop it in a stasis field. Thoughts: This one is a little more symbolic. Rather than representing each of the different Mission Tactics, having a different alien's head instead represents the differing tactics required to deal with them. I have the bits to do this, including a Necron Warrior head, an Ork Nob head, a Dark Eldar head, a Tau head, and a Tyranid Warrior head. Not sure I can paint the stasis field effect (which I'm imagining as overbrushing a light blue and then drybrushing white over the top of that) but I'll give it a shot. Nowhere To Hide: This is another one I don't really have great ideas for. Denying cover bonuses to an enemy seem kind of hard to convey. My ideas so far are: A Tau Pathfinder is surrounded by/escaping from burning foliage, with multiple red dots (from laser sights) on his armour that he hasn't noticed yet. Thoughts: Don't own any Pathfinder models, so would have to buy bits for this. Three Gretchen are fleeing from burning foliage. One is on fire, the second is just fleeing in panic, and the third (in the lead) has just had his head exploded by a Bolt from a Boltgun. Thoughts: Similar to the above, but telling a bit more of a story, with some inherent humour therein. Unfortunately, current Grot models don't really lend themselves to being in a running pose. Legendary Fighter (rulebook): A pile of (small) alien skulls. Thoughts: Whereas Bane of Monstrosities grants bonuses against big Monsters, this gives a bonus attack, so is much better to be represented by a load of smaller alien skulls than by Monstrous Creature heads. Inspiring Leader (rulebook): This is one I have absolutely no idea about. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Tenacious Survivor (rulebook): Again, I have no idea how to represent this other than by something along the lines of the first idea for The Watch Eternal above. Suggestions would be gratefully received. Command Point Counters These would likely be on 25mm or 32mm round bases, with a different-coloured base rim as I might have them on the battlefield to remind me to use them (maybe a bright colour to draw my attention to them). Just a simple insignia would be best as they don't need to be anything spectacular. I'm thinking of using doing one of the following for my Deathwatch: Using the "vehicle" icon from the Deathwatch sprue (the top-most ones here) on a 25mm base. I think the icon might be a little too small for this but I'll need to check my bits to confirm it. Using the base from the recently-released Eisenhorn model, and taking a cast of it to mould several copies of it. I'm not the biggest fan of this, as the Inquisition symbol is cracked down the middle (which makes perfect sense for Eisenhorn). Using the Forge World Inquisition Rhino Back Door to take a cast to mould several copies of it. I think I like this one the best, but it would require me to buy one of those doors first. Relics These would likely be on 25mm bases with a different-coloured rim. Nothing other than the Relic itself needs to be on the base as it'll be off the table. Banebolts of Eryxia: A handful of silver-coloured Boltgun magazines. Thoughts: Described as being "platinum-chased", this seems to be the easiest way to represent this. The Beacon Angelis: An ornate reliquary. Thoughts: Using the Necromunda Reliquary without conversion and painted nicely. Dominus Aegis: An ornate tower shield. Thoughts: I can either use one of the plastic Deathwatch Storm Shields or a spare Storm Shield I have from the Forge World Limited Edition Boarding Marine (the majority of which I'm using for my Watch Captain), which isn't technically a "tower shield" but is nicely detailed. Obviously, any model equipped with this would have a Storm Shield anyway. The Osseus Key: Unsure what to do for this. In theory it's a bone-coloured Clavis, but I don't fancy buying a fresh Watch Master kit for the bit. Maybe I could sculpt a custom one. The Thief of Secrets: An ornate Power Sword. Not sure which bit to use for this, as I'd also use the same one on the model itself. I'm thinking maybe the Power Sword off of the Mk IV plastic sprue from Betrayal at Calth, as I like the handguard of that sword and it's pretty unique. The Tome of Ectoclades: A tome bound in xenos-skin. Any book would work, with an exotically-coloured cover. Wound Markers Not really sure what to do for these. Maybe some flat blood-red skulls on 25mm bases (different-coloured rims), some of which have a single skull, some have two, some have three, etc. Blood drops could also work. I could also create little "dice holders" to put dice in so that I have variable numbers for wound markers. Mission Tactics Markers Probably just a number of 25mm round bases, each with the appropriate Force Organisation Chart symbol on them, with different-coloured rims. General Play Markers This is an area I need to put more thought into, and possibly play more games before I decide. What kind of things could do with having a reminder or marker in 8th Edition 40k? In editions past this would have included vehicle damage results, use of smoke launchers, running, etc. Off the top of my head, some things that I might need are: Deployment Zone Markers: This would be a number of old Warhammer Fantasy 20mmx80mm or 25mm x 100mm regiment bases (that I have some spare stock of), painted in the same manner as the bases of the army, with a "dashed" line down the middle (like road markings). These I can place on the table at the start of the game to indicate my deployment zone then remove them after I've deployed my entire army. Victory Point Counters. This would probably be best being some kind of dial that would let me note the quantity of Victory Points I earn throughout the game. "Moved" markers: to indicate that Heavy weapons get -1 to hit. "Advanced" markers: to indicate that Assault weapons get -1 to hit and other weapons can't shoot. "Fall Back" markers: to indicate which units made a Fall Back move and can't shoot or assault this turn. I can't think of any others that I could need, but then I've only played 4 games of 8th Edition so there may well be other things that I may not be aware of that I need. End So that's everything I've been thinking of doing. I'm hoping that there are still some people reading this and I'm also hoping that they'd be willing to chime in and offer advice on some of the ideas I've talked about here.
  5. It's finally time for me to dust off my Dark Eldar... literally. The water on the bases was a different colour before being assaulted by a brush I've only played one game with my DE, where a (proxied) Succubus managed to defeat an Ork Warboss in a challenge - so at least I can say I've a 100% win record However - and this will be no surprise to anyone who has followed my other projects - I find myself dissatisfied somewhat with my original colour scheme. I don't dislike it per se but I feel needs something different. I need to decide how much different, so I'm open to and considering full repaints. I've only got 21 models finished (and many times more unpainted) so it'll be far less work than my previous repaints by orders of magnitude :P Anyway, here's a quick picture to demonstrate the current scheme: I'm fine with the base, intended to be a sort of dead world but I could go for something a bit different (desert?), depending on the army scheme I settle on. Any ideas or suggestions (picture/examples a bonus!) welcome as I need to spread the net far and wide - even if I don't know what fish I'm looking for until I see it (and that's as far as the analogy goes). With my recent escapades in my Chaos force I'm thinking perhaps a bolder and brighter scheme? This will be a slow burn project, time required to decide on a scheme aside, but I'm hoping to get something for the Xeno Files event if possible.
  6. So, I have some dark eldar models sitting around from the 3rd ed days, and they don't appear to have aged well relative to new modes. Therefore, I want to create a list entirely using them for small games. I'd love some advice on what people think would be decent. Here is what I am thinking right now: Patrol Detachment Archon (1) - 4pwr 1 Archon: Huskblade,Splinter pistol Kabalite Warriors (20) - 9pwr 1 Sybarite: Splinter rifle 2 Kabalite Warrior: Dark lance 1 Kabalite Warrior: Shredder 16 Kabalite Warrior: Splinter rifle Kabalite Warriors (10) - 5pwr 1 Sybarite: Splinter rifle,Power sword 1 Kabalite Warrior: Splinter cannon 7 Kabalite Warrior: Splinter rifle 1 Kabalite Warrior: Shredder Raider (1) - 6pwr 1 Raider: Dark lance,Bladevanes Kabalite Warriors (10) - 5pwr 1 Sybarite: Splinter rifle,Power sword 1 Kabalite Warrior: Splinter cannon 7 Kabalite Warrior: Splinter rifle 1 Kabalite Warrior: Shredder Raider (1) - 6pwr 1 Raider: Dark lance,Bladevanes Once I get a list more finalized, I will use this thread for posting the build of this project.
  7. After seeing you liked the WIP pictures in the Hidden Hand of the Emperor thread, here is a proper WIP thread for my RG project. This project already had a thread once. It was on the Sons-of-Corax forum, 5 to 7 years ago. This is how long I didn’t touch my 40k stuff, and am now resuming it hoping that the 8th will be some fun. I didn’t get many models actually finished back then, but started quite a few ideas waiting for completion still. Choice of placement in the background Sure, the company number on a Raven Guard power armour is just a tiny letter on the knee pad. But it is an important letter. It is giving information about who the warrior is serving with and beneath, whether the army is acting as a company or the single unit supporting another force by request of a foreign shadow-captain. When the project was started back then, it was dedicated to the 4th company. 4th company is a battle company not beset by prominent GW characters like Shrike (before he became chapter master) or Solari, there only were a few references in BL literature, namely the Ultramarine novels, and it was not half destroyed like the 5th company was. About everyone is building 4th company. Because… why would anyone like Shrike and the others? But on a second third thought several years later: Why choosing a company for what is not if one should choose one for what it is? If there are going to be several terminator units in addition to the obligatory vanguard veterans and maybe sternguard one day anyway, wouldn’t the 1st company make a much more appropriate thematic core of the army? Wouldn’t a widely unknown shadow captain of the 1st Company (who has a name since Kauyon but nothing more) come much closer to the headquarter tactician, who only puts on his venerable Terminator armour if he must, how I wish to see a RG leader instead of just another ninja, make the perfect main character for the project? Aren’t the reserve companies even less known and make the ideal source for tactical marines and whatnot in support of the 1st company instead of being the other way around? Also, since Kauyon, they have fancy names and the 7th comp captain an even more fancy title. ^^ Well, you see… The main problem is: Orange looks better with black than purple, but 7th has the more fancy Captain title. But for now I’ll stop bothering you with fluff thoughts and start showing some models. Pics! Just a few, there is more unfinished stuff in a more early stage of becoming. 1st Company Squad VIII, equipped with terminator armour: This is how far I got back then with actually painted models: Three terminators without bases. (But if anyone was wondering how to de-angel Space Hulk BA termies… I have unpainted pics from back then where one can see what actually is made from green stuff and where the changes are.) Yet-to-be-chosen reserve company squad II, tactical: (@ People wondering about the DA deco in the DV box.) It is not yet complete since I’m not sure about the armament of the Sergeant and the special weapon choice. And the heavy weapon anyway but I don’t see myself using the latter one soon. I’m considering giving the units both special weapons (making them 11 members each) and choosing depending of the plan. How do you solve this question? And here is my most current dilemma – the bikes. You see, I don’t like the design of the regular SM bikes. I have some Ravenwing bikes from the DV box, which are OK. I don’t have but am OK with scout bikes. But then, there are those I’m building now: The most right one is just an experiment in making a scout bike out of a regular one, it’s just there for comparison (isn’t worth the effort if one can simply by scout bikes). The other two have parts put in place for the photo, they partly aren’t glued. But I don’t know what bikes best to use as what. We have:The converted ones The Ravenwing ones Maybe the Scout ones if I buy some in the future And there are the following units using bikes: Scout Bikes (obviously) Regular Bikes Command Squad/Company Veterans on bikes Single characters on bikes To make things even more complicated, Scout and Ravenwing bikes follow the largely same design while the converted ones from the chaos bikes are clearly different, which makes the choice Scout for Scout / Converted for regular / Ravenwing for Veterans / no chars not that obvious as it might seem. I also could imagine: Converted for Scouts / Ravenwing for regular or vets / no chars And then there certainly are more and better options, that’s where I need your help…
  8. Hello my fellow knightly themed space marine brethren! I'm wondering if anyone with experience of building the Terminator Sergeant model from Dark Vengeance could tell me if it would take a head swap with a Grey Knight Terminator helmet? My Templar Terminators are all converted from Deathwing Knights with Grey Knight helmets, and I'm running out of poses! I have two of each knight sculpt and wanted to try the Barachiel model, (minus the 'wings') as the base for a terminator ancient. But, it's not easy to find one NOS, so thought I'd ask to see if I'm barking up the wrong tree before I spend money.
  9. Hey guys, wasn't sure if this is the right place or not, or if there's already a thread that I couldn't see. I'm looking to start a new project/army and I've trawled a few painting blogs on the site, and instagram for basing ideas. But I'm hoping to get a more confined collection of ideas here. So, I ask a simple favour, post a pic here of a model that shows off the fantastic basing scheme you've come up with. With perhaps a quick description of the items you've used. So far, I've based all my Grey Knights with Armageddon dust. So its a desert looking vibe with dead grass tuffs. I'm wanting something completely different. But feel free to post anything nonetheless.
  10. Finally "finished" some miniatures so I figured it was time to make a progress thread. The Primaris sculpts are so awesome and appealing for someone whose rusty painting skills were never that great to begin with, and I always loved playing Space Marines anyway. In the past I started with Black Templars and then vanilla but this time around the redeployment tactics, general ruleset and concepts of the Raven Guard really drew me in. However I can't stand the whole pale emo vibe or the bird obsession, and power armour is so flat I really didn't want to paint them totally black. I also have a weird obsession with codex-adjacent heraldry so I wanted to go with a DIY chapter and pave my own colour scheme. I started with the beloved Space Marine Painter and ended up with this: As LutherMax's Raptors so beautifully demonstrate, yellow is a great highlight colour and I think a good starting point for figuring out how to incorporate rank into the helmet designs of HQs. I also started out wanting a white lower helm, but decided to make the "inside" colour black to reduce steps required on the inner surfaces of the minis. Of course, no paint plan ever survives contact with the enemy (bare plastic)... I picked up the Vanguard Start Collecting box and got to work. Been working on these guys for about six weeks now. The highlights are very sloppy still despite lots of touch-ups but I am generally happy with the workflow for each area of the mini. Starting with Phobos is a pain, there are so many bits all over them - I think Intercessors will be a relief by comparison. Here's Lieutenant Abraxas and his Infiltrators; not the greatest iPhone photos, some faces out of focus. Anybody know how I can get these to embed as larger images from my B&C Gallery? Next on the docket is the Suppressors and Infiltrators, and then some Intercessors, a Primaris Captain and an Invictor Warsuit. Plan is to paint the Intercessors up as Veterans and use MoA to get them and the Captain onto some prime objective, supported by the Invictor and Infiltrators. My buddies' armies are full of power armour and include Blood Angels, so I think I'll need some Plasmaceptors before too long too.
  11. Hey everyone. This is pretty much a Ronseal post. I'm looking to maybe build a "counts as" Celestine model, but want to make sure it's as close to the current model as I can, in terms of physical dimensions, for purposes of line of sight so no-one can claim I'm modelling for advantage. I'm hoping that one of the many Adepta Sororitas players on this forum can grab their Celestine model and a ruler and do me a huge favour. The important measurements I'm after would be: Vertical height from top surface of base to top of Celestine's head, Vertical height from top surface of base to the tip of top-most feather on either right or left side, Horizontal length of wing span from tip of top-most feather on the left side to the tip of the top-most feather on the right side, Base width (the GW website says the kit comes with three 32mm bases, but the photos give the impression that they're bigger than that). Measurements would be preferred in millimetres but I'll be happy with imperial units if that's all you can provide me with. Thank you in advance
  12. Hey, I just wanted to ask quickly, how big GW ´s Kairic Acolytes- models are (and if someone got a picture for reference maybe)? Specifically, if you want to turn them to Space Marine Scouts. I really like the models and I think the poses (and their muscular statue) could make good scout stand-ins (with some cloth and some kind of armour added and more 40k weapons of course!). Can anyone help me out here? So that anyone know what I´m talking about: https://www.games-workshop.com/de-DE/Kairic-Acolytes Greetings, LordVelype
  13. I realized that most of stuff on this thread is related to space piracy in some way; 30k Blackshields (focus on piracy), now Red Corsairs (which is where the Malevolent Class Dreadnought belongs) and now a Dark Eldar count as army of bloodthirsty steampunkish pirates. So I'm going to change the title and update the op with link when I get stuff done. Focusing on the DE dudes right now, as is only the "easy" way I can do hobby at the moment. Names and behavior would stem from the "Treasure Island" novel. They will ride Raiders and Ravagers because I airships This also gives me free range for conversions, and I plan to have a Tantalus as a centerpiece of my army, and rules wise, they'll be a piratical wych cult (I need to think a name for it yet). PROJECTS x Red Corsairs x Huron Blackheart Sorcerer Zerker squad Zerker squad Malefactor Class Dreadnought (deredeo) WIP Xiphon Interceptor Xiphon Interceptor Xiphon Interceptor = Space Pirates/Dark Eldar Wych Cult= Captain Silver (Succubus) WIP Mr Merry, Quartermaster (Drazhar) Billy Bones, First Mate (Succubus) Cutthroat squad (Blood brides) Brigand squad (Incubi) Thieves & Murderers squad (Wyches) Thieves & Murderers squad (Wyches) Thieves & Murderers squad (Wyches) Raider Raider Raider Reaper/Ravager Reaper/Ravager Reaper/Ravager The Tantalus + Misc. Projects+ Thunder Warrior WIP Old stuff:
  14. Ok, I'm ready. I took a break from the hobby for a few years to focus on being a dad. With their age, I am able to devote some time to my favorite hobby. On my return, I decided to work on, and play with, my favorite Chapter since 2002. My need to be a special snowflake meant I avoided this through my DIY and eventually building a Raptors force. Still, the RG have always called to me, and I've answered. I have several projects that have waited to be completed, so I'm chewing through those before building a playable army. To start: these models have actually been finished for a few weeks. A tragic error while spray varnishing put them on hold to sharing. Chaplain - a classic from 2nd edition using Azrael's backpack and placed on the new sized base. Due to the left arm having studs, the Chapter badge was placed on the legs. Many thanks to Carlson793 work on Testor's decal paper. Hidden Content "Telion" - a Veteran Sergeant holding Nihilus. I decided to keep the small bases for Scouts. Ultramarine symbols were shaved and in my haste I failed to get an aquila put on the weapon. Oh well. To make the model special to me, the grey on the outside of the cloak is from Ral Partha Ghost Bear Grey - this was the color of my DIY Chapter (and yes, I played the hell out of some Battletech). Hidden Content Ninja Scout Squad 6 - Five metal scouts. By the Emperor these are super detailed and a pain in the to paint (or I suck that much). To link my history with the squad, the green on the grenades is Vallejo Model Color Russian Uniform Green which was used for my Raptors. The squad numbers come from GW decal sheet. Interestingly, the Sergeant's face is VGC Dead White, while the mooks' skin is VGC Bonewhite. I figured their transition to Space Marine would make their skin very pale, but not full white (yet). Hidden Content Thank you for reading/looking
  15. I figured it was finally time to start a log thread for my work. I am motivated by our very own _duz to attempt an hour's worth of work each evening with bonus time on weekends to attempt to make some real headway. My previous thread discussing my backstory and return to the game can be found here: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/327513-a-returning-raven-guard-player%E2%80%A6its-been-8-years/ My Raven Guard Background/Liber Guide can be found here: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/330304-strike-from-the-shadows-a-raven-guard-glossary-and-guide/ To start off, I am posting this with my submission for the Talon's Reach event in hopes of getting some good CC. A few details about the job: 1) I haven't picked up a brush and finished a model in over a decade - until this model 2) I don't like edge highlighting on vehicles (but I do on Infantry) so I tried to weather this LSS with edge-chipping that would reflect a vehicle spending its time airborne but low to the ground and likely to run into debris/shrubs/branches frequently, and I tried to simulate damage like that. In some areas I feel I was successful, in others a total failure (see the back/above mono-wing side) 3) This isn't finished to a standard that I fully am happy with, and I withheld finishing the pilot/gunner because I am researching options on how to magnetize in a way that can allow me to switch the weapon (trying to magnetize the weapon to the rail seems...impractical. The gunner being in a standing position with his hold on the weapon means he acts as 2 points of the "tri-pod" if you will). 4) This is my first time using my new airbrush (Badger Patriot 105, Badger TC910 Aspire Pro Compressor, Vallejo Primer). I primed with Vallejo and then based with Abaddon Black (I didn't have GW Air Abba Black, so I watered down regular with a mix of water and Airbrush Flow Improver. I tried doing a zenithal highlight with an Incubi Darkness blend, but as you can see it is not noticeable at all. 5) Also my first time using etched brass. The Raven Guard Chapter symbols turned out amazing, and I look forward to using them many times to come. The "Raptor Caedes" scroll on the hood from the same brass sprue however...was awful. The text is so small primer pooled in it, and what little super glue I backed it with seemed to seep through and further cancel out the text. I heavily washed it with Guillman Blue to try to bring that text back to life but it didn't do much. All and all I was forced to accept it, any further tinkering would only make it worse (I think). 6) In my younger years I exclusively painted from the pot direct, and never thinned my paints. This was my first model actually thinning paints and going in layers. It definitely made a huge difference on all the Leadbelcher surfaces (Leadbelcher > Nuln Oil > Leadbelcher > Ironbreaker > Runefang Steel). Anyway, please be brutal. I will also be posting this in the Works in Progress forum as well.
  16. So in order to keep my Wardens of Light - Thread clean, I decided to open a thread with all my other stuff I am working on ( making only bling bling is a little bit dull) So here I start with Raktra, Lost Primarch of the Berserkers of Uran, XIth Legion ("there is only one true XIth you heretic and they are called Wardens of Light!!!" "Shaddap, they are cool so they can claim the title for the moment , besides this is more for promoting the Botl. They need more love" "Botl??" "Brotherhood of the Lost" "Never heard if them..." *ghasp* " Whaaaaaat?? That is that awesome alternate heresy project on this board" "Ahhh, you mean the Dornian Heresy, yes, really cool stuff" "Gnah!!! Not the Dornian Heresy, albeit their stuff is really cool, no I mean that project on the special projects board, which gathered most of the lost legion projects and created a whole new universe, with 18 new legions!!!" "What? Really!!! That sounds great!!! Must head over to the special projects section then. So you show here exclusively minis from there? "What? Nonono. Here i show you Stuff from all over w40k I am working on. And actual I work on Raktra and Kozja and later in the Ang..." "Wait...did...you say....the..." "Don't spoil the fun!!! Be quiet and wait. When it is done I show it. Or at least if I start working on it." And now shaddap so that I can show the WiP Raktra") So after this is cleared, the first WiP on this hopefully long lasting series. http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2016/7/1/810743-.jpghttp://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2016/7/1/810744-.jpg gave him for testreasons the shoulder pads of kozja to get a feeling for the bulk.) http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2016/7/1/810824-.jpg http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2016/7/1/810823-.jpg http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2016/7/1/810822-.jpg
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