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  1. So, I just want somewhere to keep track of my TS army that I intend to have span 30k and 40k. These are still WIP (and the Fire Raptor base is just one I had lying around, not what I'm going with). The Circle of the Severed (layer the warband The Severed Sons) were those legionaries excluded when Magnus reorganized. Whether they had offended the Primarch or simply couldn't be balanced into the equation was unknown, but they were sent off from the rest of the legion. To reflect this I added some black to the scheme.
  2. Work's getting super crazy for me but I want to quickly get this out there, because I haven't reported any of my recent Thousand Sons games, and this was the result of a conversation I had on the forum with some of you about using Magnus because I had been getting kicked around pretty good with my Thousand Sons. If you recall, I wasn't sure if going full Magnus was something I'd regret or not. Well some of you may know I like to start my batrep's with a critical moment.... and that would be right about here.... + " Hold my spear... I got this...." + So here we go: It's Orks vs. Thousand Sons. His list is experimental, he's been having good success with a Morkanaught. He uses a few trucks, and puts 10 boyz in each one. He has a repair dude on a bike to help fix the Morkanaught, and a few Choppas in reserves. Here's my list: Setup and Game: - It's my basic list, but with Magnus this time. I'm sure it was illegal now that I think of it because I put 9 blue horrors and one 1 pink horror as a squad. I haven't really used them in 8th and thought I'd throw them into the list for something to try. They are my 4th troop choice. I guess I could have made it legal by simply making the Rubrics an elite choice. Oh well... no biggy. - We play Spoils of War, and I go first because I'm awesome. Spoils of War dictates you can never throw away "secure Objective X" cards. (not to be confused with "Defend Objective X" which I see some people still accidentally putting in the same category). - The deployment looks like this: + There be green men on Mars, but they ain't martians. Ahriman surveys the battle ground. The Tzaangors spread out. Magnus is off camera to the left, and some Orks aren't quite in the picture. + Early Game: + I figure I should hold Magnus back. I explain him to my opponent. I decide in turn 1 NOT to use Magnus. I move him with his beautiful acid trip looking wings, but no psychics, no Weaver of Fate, no Warp Time. This would be a severe under estimation on my part, and I should know by now. + My lascannon Preds open up on the Dorkbot, and I do nothing. T8 isn't that bad, but out of 4 lascanons, and 3 Autocannon shots I do 3 damage total. This doesn't look good. + I score one point for grabbing an objective, but I don't even get first blood. I have to advance a bit with Tzaangors or as usual Orks will dominate the table space. + In his turn he picks up first blood, and a point.for something else, but he puts out horrendous firepower while advancing his trucks. He smokes a squad of Tzaangors... a squad that Ahriman cast Fate on and even with rerolling 1's, I lose all but 2, and Ahriman is assaulted T1. I thought I was deep enough to protect him, I know that Orks can, advance + assault, but I didn't think it would end up on Ahriman in T1. He dies quickly to a pile of attacks. Slay the Warlord goes to Orks. I'm losing 2-1. + After the Orks kill off Tzaangors and Ahriman, I get the Rubrics out and with 4 flamers, and bolters and I kill only about 10 orks in total. They get around the moral test ,and the orks are fine. I realize the trucks are advancing on my endges, trying to leverage the Predators. I fire on them.... get this... I finally get a Pen- 6 DAMAGE, and he Ramshackles it down to 1 DAMAGE! He does it again on another lascannon shot from 5 DAMAGE down to 1! Ugh. Man is that ramshackle annoying when it kicks in. + I realize after the Morkanaught finished firing, and his army finished assaulting, I was out gunned, and probably out assaulted, but I had the psychics. On the right flank my disk sorc went to town on some dreadnoughts, but I really had trouble killing them. I had to rely on SMITE a LOT this game for vehicle damage. Too many walkers, and trucks. + Magnus is angry, and I can't blame him, I still do not cast Fate on him because I just want to see what happens.... He swoops in and joins a pile of Tzaangors in the middle. I've been here before and if you don't contain Orks early they will own the real estate and you can't get them off of stuff with Warbosses and large mobs around. + I decide to drop in the Scarab Occult (7 termies) in behind the scene to set up some reinforcement for Magnus.... + Magnus, Goats, and Scarab Occult! Now we have a game going.... or do we? + Well Magnus does what he can but the trucks are all full, and the Orks on the ground are wasted pretty good. I thoguht I'd try to put some dents into the Morkanaut but the Orks keep repairing him about as much as I can damage him. Magnus spanks down a large mob, and surprisingly the bladed Tzaangors blow up a trukk... but 10 dudes come out without losing a guy. + + The Scarab Occult fire up Smite, Hellfyre Missiles, bolters, and Soulreaper cannon.... on the Morkanaut and do one damage. Ouch. This is looking uglier and uglier. Late Game: + The Orks counter with everything they can. What this does is buy my back lines some time. I knew he'd do this... he has to, but this way I have some breathing room. I get some valuable points. He has very doable cards though, but he can't do them without killing some stuff first.... + The Ork Morkanaut opens up it's belly button and a squad of Boyz with Big Choppa's comes out. I hate these things.... sure enough he piles them into my Scarab Occult termies..... + And here we are.... the Morkanaught pours everything into Mangus..... + + The Morkanaught hits a ton. There's an Ork banner I cannot get to that has him re=rolling 1's in a radius. He hits Magnus pretty hard, and he's quickly down to half wounds even with my Invulns, re-rolling 1's. + + Magnus interrupts and splits his attacks against the two most damaging units I can see.... two Warbosses with fists. He kills both of them... barely. But the Orks continue with boyz galore, and a dreadnaught. Even without fists, Magnus goes down. + The Scarab Occult get owned pretty hard. This is why I don't like Terminators in 8th. Everything affects them... heavy bolters, fire, assault cannons, etc. In this case a cheap squad of boyz... with Big Choppa's hits a ton, and they are S7 I believe, wounding easily, reducing my save to a 3+. Each Big Choppa does 2 Damage. The Scarab Occult are easily diced up here. + So things are going pretty bad for the Thousand Sons as usual.... but it's okay, I still have... .Tzaangors! And predators (which have done nothing even with prescience running). They plink some more wounds off of the Morkanaut. The Disk Sorc I have gets me "scour the Skies" by killing a chopper, and he directs Tzaangors to take down some cheap troops for another victory point. + I'm playing for points here, it's all I have.... the Rubrics use good ol' fashioned Rhino wall to stay alive... I'm still shocked people don't play more Rhino's. This Rhino literally keeps the Rubrics alive for 2 additional turns. + The demise of Magnus has acted as distraction keeping my Rubrics alive.... The Rhino blocks the Morkanaught buying me 2 turns+ + I snag a few more points here. The Morkanaught cannot get through to the Rubrics who are roasting the Orks trying to get close... I can't kill them all, but he can't get within 8" of me for the assault without melting..... + so here we are at the end. I've been down a Primarch since T2, and I have the points to win.... I'm purely playing the objectives, and somehow my Rhino lasts through all shooting... down to 1 wound, this forces the Morkanaught to assault the Rhino instead of the Rubrics which he desperately wants to kill to so he can move around mid table easily, but it won't happen... the game ends and Thousand Sons literally win by one point.... wow, what a close one. I never thought I had a chance. Thanks for checking out the batrep!
  3. I thought it was time to put a batrep up. I have been playing a lot... with lots of armies too, and trying to get a feel for where I really like in 8th. I've resisted using Magnus only because I wanted to get a feel for a lot of the Thousand Sons units. That said... Magnus is in this game. Let's get right into it... The Game: 2000 pts, Maelstrom Astra Army: HQ: a couple of LT's from Astra and Tempestus Scions- Cadian HQ dude with all the orders + Commissar with Conscripts Tons of tanks Punisher, Demolisher, 2 x Basilisks 2 x Hellhound (can't remember but they were both flame tanks) Chimera 2 x Valkyrie flyers 15-20 Conscripts. Lots of dudes... Sniper Assassin - Vindicare Tempestus Scions - 3 x special weapon squads (deep striking) and their HQ. Thousand Sons: Magnus 2 x Exalted Sorcs 10 Rubrics, Soulreaper, 1 flamer in a Landraider Baledrake Helbrute Las/Missile 20 Tzaangors 5 Scarabs Baledrake Thousand Sons Deployment: + Magnus knows how the small minded mortals of the Imperium think, and he boldly deploys front and center (plus as a massive peacock from hell let's be honest, he can't hide. + I have far less items to deploy than the heinous loyalist.... so I get to go first. The Astra/Tempestus do not seize. EARLY GAME: - Thousand sons pull an objective card that forces my Warlord to actually accomplish the objective... it turns out to be a an objective deep in the Astra zone, high on the east side of the board. Magnus sends a psychic pulse to the Baledrake, they will rendezvous deep in the enemy zone to take the point. - Tzanngors advance, the Landraider fires off las shots and pulverizes a Hellhound granting first blood. The Tzaangors run/advance, and the Exalted Sorcs stay hidden amongst their ranks. The Helbrute fails to hit on any shots. - The Scarab Occult drop in front of the Leman russ Demolisher - their psychic attempt does one Mortal wound to the the tank. They would charge, successfully, but fail to do any damage to the tank, but prevent it from shooting. - Magnus fires off some Psychic mortal wounds, but does extremely little to the squad of Astra with autocannon.... Magnus does very little here, but with the Baledrake they now threaten the Vendetta. Magnus must stay back, but the Baldrake smells the fear of the Valkyrie pilot and surges forward for a T1 assault... + High in the Eastern board flank, a view from the Astra Militarum pilot's cockpit. #84 probably needed an air sick bag after seeing the terror unfolding in front of him. + - The Baledrake 'flames' the Astra in front of Magnus but again, only 1 wound. But the Drake does clash with the Valk and causes a few wounds. + Astra draw a card they can't accomplish. We houserule cards that are impossible to accomplish from T1 on. He re-draws but needs to grab an objective on my side. + The Astra unload all their Scions..... Did Magnus see this coming? Perhaps, but the Goatmen will have to fend for themselves on yet another hostile world with no edible grass. + Tempestus Scions unload... the Helbrute is caught unaware and is easily destroyed. The Tzaangor are vaped between the Scions and the Valkyries zooming overhead.+ - The Exalted Sorcs somehow evade the carnage and watch their Tzaangor disappear. More Tzaangor take casualties in the Ruins however several saves are made. - The Astra largely ignore Magnus and the Landraider. + The Exalted Sorcs direct the Rubrics to disembark, while they advance on the Tempestus Scions. The Tzaangor lives will be paid for in blood!!!+ - The Exalted sorcs do suprisingly little for Mortal wounds. A large volume of fire power from the Rubrics hit the Scions, but they do not break. It would take a full out assault to break the corspe god slaves. They fought bravely and while the Exalted sorcs finished their squad, the Rubrics would be stuck in for 2 turns of close combat!!! - Scarab Occult fires of baby Smite and does 1 wound to the tank which keeps retreating, his squad is largely diminished as an Astra squad keeps picking them off. - The front lines threaten to collapse... masses of tanks are taking their toll on the last of the Tzaangors. The Baledrake continues to flame the Conscripts but their loses are not notable. The Baledrake continues to terrorize the Valkyrie but with very few wounds. - This puts a lot of pressure on Magnus. He soars across the lines of Astra and smashes into a Basilsk, punching a hole through it. - The Landraider failed utterly to hit anything. - Astra valkyries continue to fire, now the Vindicare takes aim on Magnus but fails to hit. The Conscripts destroy most of the Tzaangors, and finally my Rubrics kill the last of the Scions. + Magnus collides with the second Basilisk. He is destroying the ordnance one vehicle at a time while the Tzaangor fight ferociously to keep the blob of Conscripts engaged. + - The Punisher kils what it can. Line of sight is hurting the Astra a bit, but everytime the Thousand Sons break mid-table the Astra punish them with a hail of bullets. - Magnus finishes the Basilisk off, and the Landraider tries unsuccessfully to take down one of the Valkyries. The Scarab Occult fail to do much to the Demolisher tank but the surrounding Astra are picking away at the Terminators, until they are destroyed. - Thousand Sons get a few points in this turn and it becomes obvious the Astra need to get a few objectives this turn if they hope to succeed... - Astra pulls a double point Defend objective card. They fly a Valkyrie over, and a Hellhound to secure the objective.... but the Thousand Sons still have options. +Magnus soars over the backlines of the Astra. The Conscripts look on in horror, as they watch the Primarch slam into a Valkyrie in mid flight. + - Magnus rips the flyer out of the sky preventing the point score. Meanwhile below the Exalted Sorcs have lined up with the Hellhound and jointly Smite it to death. It becomes obvious that the Astra cannot hope to win at this point. But for the heck of it we continue with the bottom of the Astra turn, and just for interests' sake he fires everything at Magnus, and he dies... just dies... and I remember to use a command point, and save the last D2 wound to prevent Magnus' death!
  4. There are lots of useful topics about the Thousand Sons scattered across the Bolter & Chainsword website. While most will occur in this forum and in the Thousand Sons army lists sub-forum, other related topics are bound to spring up elsewhere, especially in the Forge forums. In addition, plenty of external websites will include content that is useful for fans of the Thousand Sons and other Heretic Astartes warbands devoted to Tzeentch, including blog posts, videos, etc. Since we can't pin every useful topic, this topic is intended to provide a handy resource for players of the Thousand Sons and other Tzeentchian Heretic Astartes. If you know of a topic, external site, or video that you would like to see added to this resource listing, please reply with a link to that topic, external site, or video. If the moderators agree that the submission is both relevant and useful, it will be added to the listing. If you see a link that you think is no longer relevant or which is broken, please post a reply notifying the moderators of the issue. We'll do our best to keep this resource listing updated, fixing broken links and removing those that are no longer relevant.
  5. Hey they! This is mostly a repost i've done on another forum but with infero landing, hopefully you can find some use for it! You could probably do a few base and just cast them but i'm way too lazy for that http://heresy30k.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/sleep.png you'll need: some milliput a cutter clipper ruler pencile rolling pin cork sheet vallejo dark earth (or something similar) super glue and white glue Optionnal: some juweela bricks (i'm using size 1/35 and 1/48) some sands, differents size some bits and pieces from your favorite enemy (*ies) Some leftover from milliput tiles tamiya scrapper 1. you need to mix the milliput and flatten it quickly with your hand. Now put it between to sheets of baking paper to avoid having it stick to your workplace and flatten it to the thickness you like with a rolling pine, to have smoother finish (i use two plastic guide on each side to have the thickness i want). http://i.imgur.com/rIEdyzQ.jpg 2. Then it's time to mark your tiles with a ruler and a pencil, i'm doing 1cm tiles. Then with the backside of your cutter (mind your finger!), mark the line, if you use the normal side you'll just cut through. Don't push to hard, it's better to go a few time lightly than marking it to much or cutting through. http://i.imgur.com/OyXDPyh.jpg 3. Now take a piece of cork, and rip it to the size of your mini (or the size you like), in this case, a tartaros termite. When your satisfied with the placing, just glue it down with superglue (or white glue but it will take longer). http://i.imgur.com/LNvGJWW.jpg 4. Take your milliput tiles and with your clipper cut it roughly to the size of your cork, don't forget to choose the orientation of your tile to go with your mini!. (if you break with your finger, there's a strong chance the crack will follow your tiles markings). When your happy with it glue it down with milliput. http://i.imgur.com/BNR1p3O.jpg 5. Now it's time for wear and tear the tiles to properly fit the cork. With a clipper, a pince and cutter clip some piece, or just tear them away until you have something your satisfied with, you can use the cutter to cut properly some piece of just cut away the first layer of the milliput. You can also draw some cracks in the middle with a cutter or a metal pointer. http://i.imgur.com/ztvTMnR.jpg 6. Use the vallejo dark earth to fill the all base, you can create some volume with this paste to make it more interesting, otherwise you can just use sand but you'll have finish a bit flat. http://i.imgur.com/dxI0tiO.jpg 7. When you dark earth is still wet, push in some broken bricks, broken tiles, somes bits and pieces from your favorite enemy to break the monoty of the sand and make it more interesting. You don't have to do this step but i add quite a lot of depth to your mini and represent well the idea of a battlefield. http://i.imgur.com/NJXvK4Y.jpg 8. Optionnal: To finish it, i put some white glue on a few spot around the dark earth on the base and sprinkle some differents sized sands (the dark earth is to uniform for my taste). Second part on how to paint it http://i.imgur.com/bp9Mlwj.jpg 1. Primer black, light white primer on top, to go faster since i had a few bases layings around, i've done the tiles with an airbrush with an off white, in this case Scalecolor Nacar http://i.imgur.com/Ep8Nim4.jpg 2. I then black the line between the tiles with Armypainter strong tone, and i make a heavy wash with gw Rhinox hide on the soil http://i.imgur.com/H9TYhlz.jpg 3. I blackened some more the lines between tiles with rhinox hide mixed with black (still quite diluted), then drybrush the soil with a lighter brown (Sc Dubai brown) http://i.imgur.com/gLi36L4.jpg 4. I've made three more drybrush on the soil with Sc Walnut first then Sc Thar brown to finish with Sc White sand, going lighter and lighter (you could probably have less color i'm not sure the first on is really needed..) http://i.imgur.com/DweWVY0.jpg 5. Then i start defining the tiles, to do this i shade the back of the tiles with AP strong tone diluted (agrax earthshade), you don't need to blend everything we'll come back on that latter, i've also blackened the rime in a few diluted coat. http://i.imgur.com/6DsDVUf.jpg 6. I do the same with my previous mix of rhinox hide and black but very lightly http://i.imgur.com/QMy0GXj.jpg 7. I drawning the marbles effect with Vallejo dark sea blue (amazeball color!) heavily diluted, since i have some dark sea blue, i also add a few "patch" of this mix on random spot on the soil to make it more interesting and tie it with my mini (same colour i use for the black). http://i.imgur.com/X9PJUvN.jpg 8.It's time to tie everything together! I glaze my base color which is Nacar on the tile to blend the shade and the marble effect and make it lighter and more subtle. I've also continued making some "spot" on the soil with the red is use on the eye, Sc mayhem red and some with violet ink. http://i.imgur.com/8E2e407.jpg 9. I lighten the tiles with nacar and primacryl titanium white as glaze just on the front part of the tiles, and still make some spot on the soil with Sc kalamari orange which is my rust colour. I also redefine the cracks and separation on the tiles with my black and rhinox hide mix. http://i.imgur.com/JZbf5nd.jpg 10. I finish the finish the tiles by edge highlightint the front part with pure white and the bottom part of the cracks. Sometimes i also really lightly drybrush some white sand on the sand to retrieve the top highlight if i've been to heavy on the glaze Enjoy!
  6. Welcome to what I hope will be a long running thread. The WIP's and batreps for this army will be in a Chaos Forum Thread linked in my signature: Here comes the first batch.... please be patient but these date back to December. Please realize my main goal is to have good table top quality. The more time that passes, I prefer to get armies playable rather than spend gobs of time on a model and never have anything playable! So let's see how far I can get! Wish me luck as I head to 1850 and beyond... + I really don't like painting vehicles... So close to complete... let's just go with 'completed'. + An in game shot but what the heck, it's a cool mat right? + Another in game shot. Ahirman gets busy while an Exalted tries the old 'Look! a dead bird over there'; an ancient Prospero distraction technique. + Scarab Occult Terminators! Now with 33% less Dust!+ + Dust Bunnies in the flesh... err, whatever. Still terrible rules, but fantastic models!+ More to come.....! Thanks for checking this out, -Prot (Proteus of the Thousand Sons - free of dust, but slave to the paint brush, and exalted sorcerer of dust bunnies with bad attitudes.) +Place Holder + +Place Holder + +Place Holder +
  7. Hello denizens of BnC, this is the start of a thread to chronicle my 30k journey building an army of Thousand Sons, as well as a few allied detachments from different factions. I've been meaning to start 30k for a long time and the Thousand Sons always appealed to me, and with the release of the limited Praetor Tribune last year I bit the bullet and began collecting, starting off by converting the tribune into a librarian. Since the release of Burning of Prospero, my collection of 30k era warriors has grown and I've decided to start this thread to document my process. So today I have my Varagyr terminators, which is what everybody expected when they opened a thread titled 'Thousand Sons': http://i1347.photobucket.com/albums/p713/k0nahrik/BAFE46A9-6359-4E09-89F4-779B99E996CF_zpsk8ycy418.jpg http://i1347.photobucket.com/albums/p713/k0nahrik/E6E8FE6B-D970-4385-9049-8A6FCF8440B6_zpsvnjbbxzn.jpg And number 2, who's fur tabard is still WIP. http://i1347.photobucket.com/albums/p713/k0nahrik/CB4CF1AE-8C77-421A-A0E5-1CDB313C8135_zpsrxi245xv.jpg http://i1347.photobucket.com/albums/p713/k0nahrik/74161F3C-00D6-4474-A58F-D063166AA450_zpslrcj9id2.jpg The Varagyr here are set to run as an allied attachment to my thousand sons (the irony is not lost on me) along with a Space Wolves centurion, because of storyline reasons based around my homebrew character for the Thousand Sons. Hopefully the squad of five will be finished in the next two weeks or so, and in between then I'll actually photograph my Thousand Sons and this thread will start looking like you'd expect from the title, haha. C+C encouraged and appreciated! I hope to see some of you taking an interest, cheerio for now
  8. So, I've been doing a lot of work on my Death Guard this year, and in really happy with them. But I always like to have a couple of projects on the go and I do like the idea of an opposed force for my army. I'm a huge fan of Chris Wraight, possibly my favourite BL author at present, and I've been enjoying the White Scars story. Always been drawn to them, but I feel like they havnt had as much love over the years. Anyways, following the fighting between those two Legions on the battle ravaged Prospero, I thought they were a perfect choice. Havnt come up with any fluff or such for them as of yet, and it's dry much going to be a project I do a good job on, so I'm not going to rush painting 3k of models in 2 months again! It is a bit of a daunting prospect, mind; there aren't many White Scars armies on here, and One-Eye's are particularly excellent (to the point I was a little out off starting my guys!). Anyways, here's my tester model, a sergeant for one of my Veteran Tactical squads. I love the changes made to the WS symbol, and that masking has been begging to be put on a White Scar ever since I saw the Autilon Skorr mini. I know some have mentioned before when I started a small Imperial Fists project I tend to over weather, but I like the idea of a mid-battle/campaign army. That and it detracts from the stark white. I'm really pleased with him (though I need to tidy up a few bits like the Legion symbol etc) so I decided after I would use my actual Autilon Skorr model to make a Delegatus/Legion Champion. I'm going to give all my guys Tulwars instead of chainswords, which is just a case of heating the charnabal sabres and bending then around till done. Next step is painting him and building the next 4 guys for the Veteran Tactical squad. Also need to figure out how I'm going to base my Scars. Hope you like! (Apologies for the duff pictures, my camera will be updated one of these days) http://i1372.photobucket.com/albums/ag332/liam_harrison2/Mobile%20Uploads/559CDC84-C4DB-491F-ADCA-666EE105B547_zpsgwplo1yz.jpg http://i1372.photobucket.com/albums/ag332/liam_harrison2/Mobile%20Uploads/1FAA5854-BB42-4771-8162-1A04D095F5E6_zps1ag3osjq.jpg http://i1372.photobucket.com/albums/ag332/liam_harrison2/Mobile%20Uploads/5932B766-E1E3-42C1-99A1-B51A1A2D6D74_zpsjdvvm07l.jpg http://i1372.photobucket.com/albums/ag332/liam_harrison2/Mobile%20Uploads/D1BEFEED-E549-4CA2-B7D8-7E3BECF2BDF2_zpsttqkuqqi.jpg http://i1372.photobucket.com/albums/ag332/liam_harrison2/Mobile%20Uploads/5471535E-8160-4AD0-A321-2FD3CEDE558D_zps12c1jzhj.jpg http://i1372.photobucket.com/albums/ag332/liam_harrison2/Mobile%20Uploads/749A8B37-14E3-4445-94A3-F39CB2FAF9A8_zpserxd97nl.jpg http://i1372.photobucket.com/albums/ag332/liam_harrison2/Mobile%20Uploads/2D1C9059-B720-4D9B-A036-5816E81D6BE1_zpsnoczcskk.jpg http://i1372.photobucket.com/albums/ag332/liam_harrison2/Mobile%20Uploads/43FDFD8B-A354-414E-9B76-488FB9A09D9D_zpses9agg2l.jpg
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