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Found 19 results

  1. From the album: [ŁM] Thousand Sons

    Warband Leader of Prodigal Sons
  2. From the album: Lostraels Dark Angels

    Ahriman and Brother Robert (called Bob) watching over him
  3. From the album: Thousand Sons

    I don't care for the supporting flame on the bottom of the Disc of Tzeentch with the Ahriman Model. So I opted to not use it and instead installed support for a flight stand. I did this by building a platform of sprues, cutting that platform to fit and then gluing it into place.
  4. ++Thousand Sons Unit of the Week++ ++Ahriman++ New codex, new discussions about units! As we already have in other faction sections, this is the Thousand Sons Unit of the Week series, where each week we select and dissect a datasheet found in the book, and discuss how we use the unit in-game, favoured loadouts and combos, essentially how to use these units best. What have you found that works, and what doesnt? Please try to stick to the idea of making the unit in question work, as opposed to pointing out other units that might do a better job - we'll get to those in time! This week, we will be discussing Ahriman, Chief Librarian of the Thousand Sons and Sorcerer Supreme! What are you thoughts, and how best would you use the unit? To compliment a list, or to build a list around? To Disc, or not to Disc? What <GREAT CULT>, loadouts, spell relic and Stratagem support do you prefer and how much does it depend on the above choices? Are you buffing this unit, and if so, how? Are you building as a damage dealer or buff-provider? Uses in Matched, Narrative and Open Play How have they fared for you in-game? Over to you. ++Thousand Sons Unit of the Week Index Link++
  5. I thought it would be a good idea if we, collectively, have a look at the new cults as seen in Ritual of the damned. Let's start with Cult of Prophecy: Psychic Power: Divine the Future. Warp Charge: 6 Warlord Trait: Guided by the Whispers (Do you hear the voices too?) Sorcerous Arcana: Pythic Brazier +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Psychic power is a wildcard. The good news is this is an ability that can be leveraged by ANY part of your army. It says nothing about being cult specific. So this could be a save on Magnus, a number of shots roll on a vindicator, or a Morale test on your Cultists. It is similar to the existing Gaze of Fate power which simply awards a re-roll but in this case you don't have knowledge of what the roll will be. This is a fun, completely useful in any game type of power. The problem is with the 'per detachment' restriction, this is very hard to have as a replacement for one of the standard powers/cults. But perhaps this shouldn't be over looked. Stacked with Gaze of Fate, you are essentially guaranteeing an action: A Psychic test? A charge? Combining both powers, you'd have to assume you would be saving at least 1, if not 2 Cp per turn. That's not bad and makes an argument for not needing Helm of the Third Eye or Perfidious Tome. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Warlord trait is useful, but seems too far down the list. If your Warlord is getting charged, you might be in deep trouble already. However, combined with a Disk, or Wings, this essentially cancels a charge. I do imagine that a savvy opponent will pick up on this ability and apply 'false' charges to you to try to trigger the event. Since charges are committed one at a time, this could open up some bad results for you if you're not careful. Sidenote: A combo I've thought of is to 'react' away from a fight, but position your Warlord into a Heroic Intervention position. OR use "Yoke" to get your Warlord much closer to a reacting Scarab Occult unit. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Relic might be one of my least favourite. I feel like this is best placed around a firebase unit like a Contemptor or Leviathan. Since the restriction is ONE roll. I'm assuming that's what it means. Maybe I'm missing something but this seems like it could have been a bit better. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ What are your thoughts? Could this Cult crack your top 3?
  6. So as some of you may or may not know I paint a lot of armies. I pride myself on completing armies, not just models. And this has lead to a lot of 'painting fatigue' but fun moments in tournaments or otherwise where it can be great to have a lot of choices. (I'm working on Eldar right now) Most of this stuff is from the past year til the present. It might be in 'wip' form at my blog, but I'll put a fair amount of completed pictures here. I'd like to start off with one of the funnest projects I had this year from Chaos which was the Chaos Knights codex and kits. Love this "Tyrant" in game. He's not the most competitive option but can't be ignored. He's basically a giant Wal-mart from hell with a Harpoon! I got to move away from doing very clean models and getting back to a lot of old weathering techniques which seems to really suit this army. .... These boots were made for stompin'.... And Next up I did a pair of "Helverins" or Wardogs with Autocannons. Simple design, but they fit in with the big guy. The family together for their first game. Here is my Loyalist version of the Helverins and a Preceptor wailing away on fish people! As I post this I am working on a Chaos version of the Preceptor model pictured above. Interestingly enough their main weapons are quite different. The Chaos variant is only D3 shots which makes him a terrible competitive choice, but I'm looking forward to painting him anyway, just the complete the set. Thanks for looking. More to come.
  7. Hello! "The minds of gods are not for mortals to know, or to judge. Accept that Tzeentch has a place for all of us in his grand scheme, and be happy in the part you have to play." FULL GALLERY ►► https://bit.ly/2vyOyVC Raffael
  8. Wanted to show off my 2k list. I've played this to excellent results vs Space Wolves, Necrons, and Custodes. ++ Battalion Detachment 0CP (Chaos - Thousand Sons) [112 PL, 11CP, 2,000pts] ++ + Configuration + Battle Size [12CP]: 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points) Cults of the Legion: Cult of Duplicity Detachment Command Cost Gametype: Matched + HQ + Ahriman on Disc of Tzeentch [9 PL, 170pts]: Prescience, Temporal Manipulation, Warptime Exalted Sorcerer on Disc of Tzeentch [7 PL, 120pts]: 6. High Magister, Helm of the Third Eye, Inferno Bolt Pistol, Prescience, Temporal Manipulation, Warlord + Troops + Rubric Marines [12 PL, 198pts] . Aspiring Sorcerer: Force stave, Inferno Bolt Pistol, Weaver of Fates . 7x Rubric Marine w/ Inferno Boltgun: 7x Inferno boltgun . Rubric Marine w/ Soulreaper cannon: Soulreaper cannon . Rubric Marine w/ Warpflamer: Warpflamer Rubric Marines [12 PL, 198pts] . Aspiring Sorcerer: Force stave, Inferno Bolt Pistol, Weaver of Fates . 7x Rubric Marine w/ Inferno Boltgun: 7x Inferno boltgun . Rubric Marine w/ Soulreaper cannon: Soulreaper cannon . Rubric Marine w/ Warpflamer: Warpflamer Rubric Marines [6 PL, 90pts] . Aspiring Sorcerer: Force stave, Inferno Bolt Pistol, Weaver of Fates . 4x Rubric Marine w/ Inferno Boltgun: 4x Inferno boltgun Rubric Marines [6 PL, 90pts] . Aspiring Sorcerer: Force stave, Inferno Bolt Pistol, Weaver of Fates . 4x Rubric Marine w/ Inferno Boltgun: 4x Inferno boltgun + Elites + Scarab Occult Terminators [10 PL, 207pts]: Hellfyre Missile Rack . Scarab Occult Sorcerer: Inferno Combi-bolter, Weaver of Fates . 3x Terminator: 3x Inferno Combi-bolter, 3x Power sword . Terminator w/ Heavy Weapon: Power sword, Soulreaper cannon Scarab Occult Terminators [10 PL, 207pts]: Hellfyre Missile Rack . Scarab Occult Sorcerer: Inferno Combi-bolter, Weaver of Fates . 3x Terminator: 3x Inferno Combi-bolter, 3x Power sword . Terminator w/ Heavy Weapon: Power sword, Soulreaper cannon + Heavy Support + Chaos Predator [9 PL, 160pts]: Predator autocannon . Two heavy bolters: 2x Heavy bolter Chaos Predator [9 PL, 160pts]: Predator autocannon . Two heavy bolters: 2x Heavy bolter + Flyer + Chaos Fire Raptor Gunship [22 PL, -1CP, 400pts] . Two quad heavy bolters: 2x Quad heavy bolter . Two twin hellstrike launchers ++ Total: [112 PL, 11CP, 2,000pts] ++
  9. Hello Dusties! After the NuMarines Codex was released, I saw the power imbalance and started experimenting with non-traditional Chaos lists as a way to bridge the gap. I'm currently exploring what you can do with Thousand Sons and could use some advice. One of the ones I've been running is a Daemon Primarch list featuring Mortarion and Magnus, which has enjoyed moderate success. At the same time, not everyone likes playing against 2 Lords of War and games can get repetitive. So I decided to put together armies for the Primarch's respective legions. I posted a written battle report in the NuMarines thread in the main CSM forum. In this game, I took Magnus, Ahriman, 6 Sorcerers on Disks, a couple Terminator Sorcerers and a bunch of Tzaangor. My opponent was playing Imperial Fists with Intercessors, Infiltrators, Dreadnoughts and Repulsors, he gave up after the second turn. While I am under no illusions about how this list would perform against other factions, there were 3 things that really stood out. - Magnus had buffs for a -1 to hit and a 3+ invul save. He shrugged off a lot of wounds and that meant more against a NuMarine army. They have weapons with a lot of shots, when they don't wound, they waste offensive potential at a higher rate than, say, Dark Eldar or Tau, who have similar firepower spread out over more units. - The Sorcerers were Characters. I was careful about placement and my opponent couldn't target them very efficiently. This also caused him to waste shots, his Repulsors were firing 40 shots to kill a single Sorcerer. That's egregious. - My opponent deployed to counter Magnus and it backfired spectacularly. He massed his Dreadnoughts and Infiltrators in the path of Magnus, who (along with the Sorcerers) laid down a ton of mortal wounds with Smite / Infernal Gateway / Doombolt. Magnus was hitting at S 18 in cc, which let me confidently divide attacks across multiple foes. What I took away from this game is a better appreciation for the vulnerabilities of NuMarines. When I say vulnerabilities, another way to think about it is "what tactics put an opponent at the least disadvantage fighting this overpowered army." First off, they fight best at range, guns are their best offense. In general, high mobility opponents who can close the gap quickly are better off than those trying to fight from range. Second, they are vulnerable to psychic spam. Psykers are not the most points-efficient HQ option in a PEQ army, there won't be a lot of denial in top NuMarines lists. This gives armies like TS an avenue to go after low model count units with smite and reduce their effectiveness early in the game (if not destroy them - I killed 2 5x Intercessor sqauds first turn with smite.) Third, they are vulnerable to character spam. Their shooting effectiveness drops when they can only target the closest unit, they are wasting shots every time they go after single models. Through careful placement, I was able to ensure they were just shooting one unit at a time. Fourth, they have big, clumsy bases limit their movement. I was able to pin a Contemptor in place to prevent it from falling back, this kept Magnus in a fight instead of getting shot up. Wondering what other people's experiences have been with Thousand Sons versus NuMarines. Is there anything specifically that stands out to you? Can you give me examples?
  10. Here's something that I think will allay some fears (I know it helped me a bit.): This will help us for sure being a very HQ heavy Faction: Plus the new Article on Thousand Sons going into 9th: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/07/01/faction-focus-thousand-sons/ ^Pretty straightforward so far.... What do you folks think?
  11. Did some updates on the blog, and here's the short version: Thanks for checking it out!
  12. Welcome to what I hope will be a long running thread. The WIP's and batreps for this army will be in a Chaos Forum Thread linked in my signature: Here comes the first batch.... please be patient but these date back to December. Please realize my main goal is to have good table top quality. The more time that passes, I prefer to get armies playable rather than spend gobs of time on a model and never have anything playable! So let's see how far I can get! Wish me luck as I head to 1850 and beyond... + I really don't like painting vehicles... So close to complete... let's just go with 'completed'. + An in game shot but what the heck, it's a cool mat right? + Another in game shot. Ahirman gets busy while an Exalted tries the old 'Look! a dead bird over there'; an ancient Prospero distraction technique. + Scarab Occult Terminators! Now with 33% less Dust!+ + Dust Bunnies in the flesh... err, whatever. Still terrible rules, but fantastic models!+ More to come.....! Thanks for checking this out, -Prot (Proteus of the Thousand Sons - free of dust, but slave to the paint brush, and exalted sorcerer of dust bunnies with bad attitudes.) +Place Holder + +Place Holder + +Place Holder +
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