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  1. 977 downloads

    Dark Mechanicus emblem by commission from Saa. Full color and full white versions, with red background layer in the white file for white paper printing. Sizes: 5mm, 8mm, 12mm, and 16mm. NOTE: The PDFs in this download are samples. Due to the size of the files, they are stored off the B&C site. Full size A5 files can be found here.
  2. 924 downloads

    By commission from Grand Master Laertes, depthcharge12, and Atia. The Legio Fureans of the Dark Mechanicus Traitor Titan Legion, scaled for use on Imperial Knight models. Note: will require the use of Mechanicum decals provided with the Imperial Knight model for best appearance. This sheet allowed me to do two new things. First, it is one of the first public sheets I've posted with multiple images, and the first not scaled for Space Marines or their vehicles. Second, it is the first sheet I've produced that takes advantage of the layer options in Adobe Acrobat/Reader. The logos appear on the top layer, with additional layers to print the sheet with a Legio Fureans yellow background, Fureans flames behind the logos, or a light blue background (though the last may only be of use on screen to show what white/light logos are present).
  3. +++ALL HAIL THE NEW FLESH+++ +++ERROR+++ +++ERROR+++ +++ERROR+++ +++CORRUPTION+++ I'm back again and kicking off another project; a BIG one. I've recebtly picked up a large commission project to build a Dark Mechanicus army. I've been given pretty free reign for the main part but am restricted to an army list that the client has going... about 6500pts worth of army list...! Yeah, this is going to be nuts. The basic premis is to use the Nighthaunt range for the bulk of the base models. This is nothing new I know but I'm hoping I can put my own spin on it. There will be plenty of other stuff to that isn't using those models either. The client has sent me a HUGE box of models to get started on and I'll also be dipping heavily into my own bitz boxes (plenty of good gribblies left over from my Iron Hands). Right, basic intro outof the way. On to the first pic: First unit on the chopping block is a bunch of Techpriest Corpuscarii. I really like the idea of these guys, have since the vague mentions of them I remember seeing of them when I started up in 2nd Ed. The problem is the models really don't do it for me. Not sure what it is. Anyway, for a Dark Mech version of these boys I wanted to go a bit more ragged and haggard. I felt like they should look emaciated and wasted as their vital energies are spent up, burnt up from the inside, they should also be hunched and knarled, broken backed thanks to that huge capacitor on their backs. I was looking at the Crypt Ghoul kits for this as I'd used them before to make Warcks in my old Haemonculus Coven but then I remembered there are now plastic Ur Ghuls, perfect. So there are around 19 more of those ugly little guys sitting in my bitz box. Still working on what to di with the manacles and wires leading back to the capacitor but I really like the look of this guy. 2 uints of them should look really nuts I think. Anyway, there will be updates soon and there is a whole lot of insantiy brewing in my monkey brain. Stay tuned. PHM
  4. This is what I have as a start to my Chaos counterpart to my Bloodmoon Hunters. Chaos is not usually my thing but I wanted to show the dark side of the Bloodmoon Hunters way of doing things as well as the Hereteks of Mjorn who take their Xenarite beliefs too far. The Unchained Confederation is a chaos warband that was created from the thirst for innovation, power and knowledge. They are a grouping of warbands that no longer believe in the Sanctity or righteousness of the Emperor. They feel that the Emperor's rules and visions bog them down from acquiring the power and knowledge that could make them a Power House in the Universe. Although they do not share knowledge and information between the many parts of the warband, they are quite effective considering their erratic and adaptable fighting style. Not knowing exactly who their leader is, puts them at an advantage for their leader cannot be found and killed to terminate the warband activity and if, by happenstance, she was to be killed, any other member can keep the warband together because only a select few know who the leader is. This warband is very adverse to being bogged down by rules and are quite successful in their mission for knowledge and innovation. Warband Organisation The Unchained Confederation are a loose gathering of groups under various war leaders who provide mutual support for supplies and otherwise but mainly work their own individual objectives as dictated by their leaders. A mysterious female Heretek is the ultimate leader of this loose confederation but few in the warband know and even fewer if any outside it. The Unchained Cofederation is divided into numerous independent groups which have limited knowledge of their counterparts. This ensures that should one group be compromised, the others would not be captured. Combat Doctrine The Warband shows a high-degree of adaptability in battle, both in terms of tactics and the weapons its members employ. When an enemy counters one tactic used by the Unchained, the war leader plans accordingly, adapts, and changes strategy, enabling it to outmaneuver its enemies and catch them completely off-guard. Flexibility and willingness to adapt to their situation represents the core of the Warband's combat doctrine. As they prepare to engage their opponents, these members are always careful to identify all of their assets and utilize them to the fullest means possible. These often include assets that are not identified within the constraints of the Codex Astartes. These members often choose to take measures that others might consider dishonorable. The Hereteks of the Unchained are enigmatic figures in an expansive organization which trades in information and technology, always selling to the highest bidder. The Hereteks appear to be highly competent in their trade: all secrets and technology that are bought and sold never allow one customer of them to gain a significant advantage, forcing the customers to continue trading information to avoid becoming disadvantaged, allowing them to remain in business. These Hereteks supports the principle that any methods of advancing humanity's ascension are entirely justified, including illegal or dangerous experimentation, terrorist activities, sabotage and assassination. Their operatives accept that these methods are brutal, but believe history will vindicate them. Communication throughout the Unchained sometimes takes the form of steganographic messages embedded within broadcasts and other forms of media. Warband Beliefs Freedom from the shackles of the Imperium is one of the few unifying concepts of the Unchained Confederation. Most consider the lack of freedom as the greatest punishment and the greatest sin. The Unchained Astartes seem to bear little respect for anyone or anything, save for power and innovation. They tend to show no love for civility or deference when dealing with others, but they have been known to show pleasure in testing their skills against worthy foes. The Unchained Astartes have made deals with Hereteks, many from Mjorn to continue their trend of improving upon themselves seeking perfection. Many have fallen either to Slannesh or Khorne due either to a mentality for Perfection or Bloodlust of the hunt. What balances these forces of the Chaos Undivided leaders who unite them under their banners. A very very few fall to Tzeentch getting caught up in making ever more complex plans for ambush. Nurgle is represented as well for various reasons but these are another minority. A great many of the Unchained see the gods as a pantheon and a tool. A path to power and as a whole the groups follow no centralized set beliefs. Mjorn Xenarites Hereteks continue to pursue of forbidden xenos technology. Such is their curiosity, they wage war against the alien races of the galaxy not to conquer or exterminate, but to study. The Xenarites are dedicated to the study and exploitation of alien technology, a policy which most Tech-priests off of Mjorn find highly offensive. Xenarite Heretek expeditions attack alien populations, planetary garrisons, even the Skitarii Legions of other Forge Worlds. Open war with Imperial authorities common. These Hereteks pursue the dark path of tech-heresy completely on their own, forging their own roads to damnation independent of any direct connection to Chaos or the Dark Mechanicum, though still wholly in violation of the strictures of the Cult of the Machine God. They support the Astartes of the Unchained to improve upon them and use them as a steady supply source. It is among the Hereteks, Tzeentch has a greater following. Hereteks involve themselves in innovation and manipulation heavily. Homebase The Chained Barque is an ancient and highly complex device constructed by unknown Xenos as a superweapon, but never successfully implemented before their extinction. It is unknown who initially began the development of the Chained Barque. Countless different species obtained and made contributions to the design over the course of millions of years, but none successfully deployed it. Despite the Chained Barque's elegant design, techpriests could only determine that the device exploited the same technology, and were left to speculate on how it would ultimately function. Experimental mixtures of compounds were to make a more efficient fuel for Barque traveling long distances. The interferometric array into the Barque's systems results in a real-time map of a Sub-sector. The Chained Barque serves as both a data repository and stealth ship for the enigmatic information traders. The ship ingeniously draws it power from the thunderstorms raging constantly on one of their hidden base planets that they set it to orbit, relying on an interlocking system of kinetic barriers, grounding rods and capacitors to avoid being ripped apart. Cortical implants allow users to "see" screens projected in front of them. A user's eye movements are tracked, syncing to hand gestures as they sift through data. Notable Warband Members Ciara Ghlic - The Mysterious leader of the Unchained Confederation. What little is known about her other than she is a Dark Skinned Renegade from the Forge World Mjorn. She was a follower of the Xenarite principles. Known now as Mistress Shackle, she manipulates and controls the Unchained Confederation central leaders. Ruling from the shadows on her massive Barque, she has access to information through many and sometimes unknown methods. Her most dangerous weapons are her abilities to process information and her willingness to use such information.
  5. = PERSONAL LOG: FABRICATOR-GENERAL ZEPHANIAH ADRIYEN, FORGE WORLD RAGNARUS = = ON THE SUBJECT OF HOUSE ASTOR AND LORD LEVIATHAN = = BEGIN LOG = I make this note to ensure the preservation of the knowledge of the events leading up to Lord Altair III's fall, in order to better prevent such failures from occurring in the future. Omnissiah willing, the current Princeps, Lady Lucienne Astor, will not fall to the temptations of the Dark Gods as Lord Altair did. In addition, I am doing this with the direct permission of Princeps Lucienne, which I have acquired both in writing and verbally. In late M41, Lord Altair II, then-Princeps, fell in battle to a Thousand Sons warband led by Exalted Sorcerer Asromiamun. His faithful armor and its then-loyal Machine Spirit, known as Leviathan, was recovered intact and repaired by myself and my then-apprentice, Enginseer Elias Traze, along with a team of servitors. Lord Altair III was just coming upon his Ritual of Becoming, and claimed the Knight Leviathan, as well as the throne of Princeps. Contrary to Lord Altair III's wishes, his predecessor had named Lady Lucienne as his successor, not Lord Altair III. In the various arbitrations lead by the various Barons of House Astor, there was much argument over the House's own traditions. Lady Lucienne would have been the first female Princeps of House Astor, and Lord Altair III was the firstborn of Lord Altair II. However, the fallen Princeps himself had named Lady Lucienne as his successor, against tradition. In the end, it was determined that Lady Lucienne would become Princeps, due to Lord Altair II's own order. Lord Altair III, in an act of hatred and jealousy toward his sister, attempted to poison her to death at her own coronation with a toxin of Chaotic origin, acquired from captured heretics whose public executions had not come to pass, in exchange for freedom. He failed, and was discovered almost immediately. He was brought up on trial and exiled. However, Leviathan itself, as well as my former apprentice, Elias, fought to preserve his status. In the end, the three were driven out of the Ragnarus sector aboard a Cultist-controlled ship formerly employed by Lord Altair III as his personal vessel. Elias, Leviathan, Lord Altair III and a small crew of hull-riding Cultists now harass House Astor's actions throughout nearby regions, as well as the actions of Forge World Ragnarus and the Crimson Knights Chapter. They go by the unified name of "Lord Leviathan", and have succumbed fully to the temptations of the Dark Gods, Leviathan's hull being reported as having grown large amounts of plant life as well as having its four Chaotic Attendants, including Elias himself. = END LOG = Lord Leviathan was just a little idea I had when looking over the Renegade Knight. I'm able to get a decent deal on an Imperial Knight from a friend of mine, and I'll be modelling this thing eventually. Came up with some cool fluff for him, too.
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