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Found 9 results

  1. Did some updates on the blog, and here's the short version: Thanks for checking it out!
  2. I read that the old Flesh Tearers had an inverted scheme for their Death Company, with the shoulders and helmet being red, while the rest of the body was black. My chapter, the Blood Suns, uses Flesh Tearer similar patterns, but they are normally Black shoulders, head, backpack, and leg greaves, like such. http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8082/8399725341_a452956475_b.jpg The idea is the chapter uses the iconography of a sun/star. They see the Imperium without the Emperor and Sanguinus as being like a red giant star, that has expanded in size and gobbled up it's system, but is at the end of it's life and will soon lose it's heat and collapse on itself, therefore they are named the Blood Suns. Therefore, they see a Marine's life being like a sun that has gone supernova, or turned into a black hole - the Black Rage is a marine's desire to see the end of everything, and destroy it all. So to make it a look like a supernova and a black hole, I'm going for an inverted white and black scheme, but I want some feedback on how this looks, and if it would be striking compared to the above. I'll post some model pictures in the morning when people are awake and I can set some out. But what is everyone's thoughts on this? http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8229/8400814308_0bd0479300_b.jpg White color for the supernova imagery, and the black center for a Black supernova. The Red trim and Red chest eagle sort of keeping the basic Blood Sun third color, seen in the original. I love the alternative scheme for Death Company done in the book with the Angels Encarmine having white Sanguinary Guard as well, but I wondered if people think this would work on an actual model. Last consideration: I have a lot of those 3rd edition death company bodies that I'll be using for them models, and I have (with considerable effort) magnetized the backpacks to make sure they're flexible, so this is why I want to make sure I get the colors right. But if not, they'll strip easily being pewter/lead!
  3. Since we now have access to the armorium Cherub, how do you plan to model it? The original cherub/putto thing has more of a baroque flavour to it, so how would you norse him up? Are you using the stock model with a green stuff beard? Are you using some kind of dwarf/squat (as dwarves originate from Norse mythology and are gifted crafters)? Maybe the ammo dwarf from Necromunda? Do you have a different idea? Would love to hear your ideas
  4. Folks, I've been sitting on my Sister of Battle box with about 4 Sisters assembled, after quickly burning out trying to green-stuff th gaps on the shoulder pads. Show me an easier way. Please.
  5. So I've been on a secret mission.... to get into a different army that is not 'power armoured'. I love my Ultra's, and my Thousand Sons/Chaos but I have built/painted/played most of the armies in the game that interested me. AdMech is different. I've played against them a fair amount. I play at our local GW, and a few groups of friends. I have to say the height of Power Armour at the store these days is insane. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a dozen power armoured armies. (Not that I recommend doing so!) So it turns out the codex is around the corner. So I thought I'd post a shot of my last game: I am struggling to find something I like that also motivates me like Thousand Sons/ Red Corsairs / Ultra. I was on my back foot vs Renegades (FW) : Even though I commit to playing "Cawl Wall", I do a lot of damage back. (All the Artillery Renegades have is sick... S10, 2 x Laser Rapiers, and indirect 10 x D6 S4 is brutal, and untouchable) Dual Onager Dune Crawlers with Cawl were fantastic. I forgot a Datasmith, never got to change protocols. I swapped out two of my 4 Dunestriders to get a squad of rangers with sniper dude in them.. big mistake. I like those walkers... all of them. I never scored a point after T2 to t5, and then on T5 I scored 4 points, but he was already at 13. I did hit 12 to his 16 going into T7 but I had the bottom of the turn, drew up my 3 cards and all were impossible at that point in the game. He started annihilating me and by mid game I thought I was going to be swamped in zombies, but I did fend them off. The walkers with repairing HQ's running around are very good I think. He had so much trouble actually finishing off those units. But the two squads of Kastellan Robots were a huge threat, and one squad survived the game. SO they always took most shots. Mobility and staying power (combined in a unit) is a massive issue. I always despise using allies, but the golden boys would fit this army very well. (custodes). That being said ti was a fun game, I came within 2 points of tying it up, but I went back and looked and EVERY card I drew until T7 was 'hold something' which is probably what I felt I was least suited towards. Baller lasted the game, he had a lot of Ogryn, possessed, zombies and deposits of artillery. It was a very good list I'd say. It mimics Astra fairly well even with sprinkles of walkers, banewolfs, chimera's etc. (IE: Similar playstyle) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Kudos to my friend. He's had this army since inception, but he doesn't like it as much as his other armies and I'm fortunate enough to borrow it while I buy some stuff, and fumble around in the dark like a fool trying to find my way. I started to work on a Onager Dunecrawler (Love the las type weapon) and was going Metalica (it's rare) and I also like the main stream red colour however it has become apparent there will be different Strategums for different Forgeworlds! So a bad choice in my first unit could suck!
  6. It's taken me a long time to finally figure out this colour scheme and have gone through so many experiments and iterations, including stripping models and starting again but I've finally manged this: EC_CSM_001Front by Christopher Dean, on Flickr EC_CSM_001Side by Christopher Dean, on Flickr EC_CSM_001Rear by Christopher Dean, on Flickr
  7. From the album: Hobby room

    How it usually looks
  8. While putting together some new Berzerker Champions, I found myself needing to reposition some power fists. I could've easily just used some guitar wire, but I wanted it to look more like the damaged cabling you often see on newer Chaos models. After thinking on it for a bit, I had an epiphany: heat shrink. Heat shrink is used in electronics to repair damaged wire insulation or to bundle multiple insulated wires together (amongst other uses). When it reaches a certain temperature, the material shrinks, usually by a factor of around 2:1 or so, so you would normally pick a diameter that is slightly larger than the wire you're insulating, slip it over the section you need it, and then apply heat. I happened to have some in a drawer from an old job, but you can get some fairly cheaply from a hardware store or Amazon. It starts with a Green Stuff tentacle, though you can always use guitar wire, and a length of heat shrink that's just a touch wider than the tentacle. Make sure the GS is fully cured. I cut out some holes and roughed up the ends of the heat shrink with some clippers and a hobby knife. I then slipped the heat shrink over the GS tentacle and applied some heat: in my case, I simply used a lighter, and held the material a few centimetres above the flame using a pair of tweezers. Not close enough to burn the material or cause the tweezers to get too hot, but enough to make the material shrink. Obviously, you will need to exercise suitable caution with this step! Being Green Stuff and soft plastic, it is still malleable enough that it can be carefully twisted and pushed into place. If you live in a cold climate, I suggest keeping a cup of hot water nearby, so you can submerge the cable into it every now and then to keep it malleable enough. Enjoy!
  9. I was painting some Assault Intercessors tonight and as I got to the last one I had a huh moment. It was when I was painting the bolt pistol holster and had to go between the figure's legs and move my paintbrush upwards to reach. I thought to myself "Huh- why am I painting this area? Who besides me would even know it wasn't painted, even if they picked up the mini?" And this was the tenth figure I had painted tonight and roughly the twenty-something overall that I've done the same way. Just kind of amusing to me, because no one aside from me would ever know that there was a little bit of green basecoat on a leather holster instead of brown, because the way the model is set up you almost have to hold it upside down to see it. Anyone else have any sort of moments that they've thought something like that?
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