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  1. Hey all, Some time ago we had some fun with these primaris space marine busts. They're nothing official, just some random fan-art that we made a few copies of and gave to the members of our team to paint as they feel like. One of them is this Blood Angels Space Marine, but I think there have also been two Ultramarines, an Imperial Fist and a Salamander (cough cough, see the banner). I'll post them once I have a bit more time, but to kick off in some way, here is the Blood Angels version. Enjoy
  2. Did some updates on the blog, and here's the short version: Thanks for checking it out!
  3. Painted up the 500 Stores exclusive Marine as an Ultramarine, since I don't think I've actually ever painted up one Guilliman's boys! Red bolter as well because when did those go out of style? +++
  4. So I guess I've unofficially started these guys based purely on the novels, and the models. My hope is to flesh the army out and get some good advice on how to play them, and make them look decent. Hopefully I'll be throwing all that stuff down here in this thread to chronicle the events as I awkwardly attempt to defend the Imperium! Prot's Custodes Thread: - First up I will kick off the thread with my first troops. This is 9 dudes that I got way back in the Burning of Prospero Box. I had another set of 5 guys painted but sold them on Ebay.
  5. The soul of the Machine God surrounds thee. The power of the Machine God invests thee. The hate of the Machine God drives thee. The Machine God endows thee with life. Live! Hi Everybody! So I've been pretty much in a hobby hibernation for a few years. When skitarii first came out, I thought it was enough to bring me back. i picked up some models and put brush to paint, but never got beyond settling on basic colours and ended up falling in to the same old trap. "I'll wait until i have all the shiny toys to do all the finer painting." I kept adding to the force when cult mechanicus came out, Adding some kataphrons because i thought they looked bad ass. Ended up playing with the dreaded War Convocation, because it seemed like the only way to be able to beat what i was seeing people play at the time. (superheavies on skyshields ) As you all may know, the convocation was fun from a casual perspective, but dreadfully boring to play with. I literally 3 coloured + washed the army for a tournament. got a total of 4 games with it before i got bored. I did however keep the models as deep down, i have always loved the AdMech from the Lore perspective. I like the idea of the schism with the dark mechanicus. This Plog will be following my latest efforts to paint a force up, To be a part of a joint venture with a very good friend, Duke. He has recently decided to add to his impressive Sisters of Battle 3000+ points all metal force with some reinforcements from the Inquistion in the form of a Massive Deathwartch force. After some modelling talk we have decided to play with the idea of a collective force, based in the Ghoul stars region. Currently I am at the stage where the building for 90% plus of the force and it has come time to make some final decisions around the colour scheme. As the Kastellans are some of the biggest models in the force, i decided to start with one of them. Army will be played using Mars FW Dogma, however I wish to have my own unique "take" on the colours of the force, Keeping Khorne Red as the core colour, Before getting to highlighting the full model, I would like some C&C regarding what to do. Faceplates I am still unsure of, I have seen some amazing takes on them on this forum and think they will be the last thing i do to give me more time to decide on them, same to a lesser degree for the foot plates. Test model: This is where I am at the moment, but i would like to know what people prefer colour wise, so i have mocked up two gun arms with the proposed Tie In colour scheme. The left is just ushabti bone as on the test model, the right is an attempt at urban camo, Ushabti, eshin grey and dawnstone over and over. The test model would have this applied to the relevant chest plates, knees will stay bone for squad/ maniple markings. Now once colours are sorted i can move on to the more fun models of the unit: **May the Omnissiahs wisdom be with you!**
  6. So I've been on a secret mission.... to get into a different army that is not 'power armoured'. I love my Ultra's, and my Thousand Sons/Chaos but I have built/painted/played most of the armies in the game that interested me. AdMech is different. I've played against them a fair amount. I play at our local GW, and a few groups of friends. I have to say the height of Power Armour at the store these days is insane. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a dozen power armoured armies. (Not that I recommend doing so!) So it turns out the codex is around the corner. So I thought I'd post a shot of my last game: I am struggling to find something I like that also motivates me like Thousand Sons/ Red Corsairs / Ultra. I was on my back foot vs Renegades (FW) : Even though I commit to playing "Cawl Wall", I do a lot of damage back. (All the Artillery Renegades have is sick... S10, 2 x Laser Rapiers, and indirect 10 x D6 S4 is brutal, and untouchable) Dual Onager Dune Crawlers with Cawl were fantastic. I forgot a Datasmith, never got to change protocols. I swapped out two of my 4 Dunestriders to get a squad of rangers with sniper dude in them.. big mistake. I like those walkers... all of them. I never scored a point after T2 to t5, and then on T5 I scored 4 points, but he was already at 13. I did hit 12 to his 16 going into T7 but I had the bottom of the turn, drew up my 3 cards and all were impossible at that point in the game. He started annihilating me and by mid game I thought I was going to be swamped in zombies, but I did fend them off. The walkers with repairing HQ's running around are very good I think. He had so much trouble actually finishing off those units. But the two squads of Kastellan Robots were a huge threat, and one squad survived the game. SO they always took most shots. Mobility and staying power (combined in a unit) is a massive issue. I always despise using allies, but the golden boys would fit this army very well. (custodes). That being said ti was a fun game, I came within 2 points of tying it up, but I went back and looked and EVERY card I drew until T7 was 'hold something' which is probably what I felt I was least suited towards. Baller lasted the game, he had a lot of Ogryn, possessed, zombies and deposits of artillery. It was a very good list I'd say. It mimics Astra fairly well even with sprinkles of walkers, banewolfs, chimera's etc. (IE: Similar playstyle) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Kudos to my friend. He's had this army since inception, but he doesn't like it as much as his other armies and I'm fortunate enough to borrow it while I buy some stuff, and fumble around in the dark like a fool trying to find my way. I started to work on a Onager Dunecrawler (Love the las type weapon) and was going Metalica (it's rare) and I also like the main stream red colour however it has become apparent there will be different Strategums for different Forgeworlds! So a bad choice in my first unit could suck!
  7. +++Prot's Grey Knights Hobby / Gaming Thread+++ - Below in this post you will see my initial painted mini's. I decided to expand on that with a 'Contents' section which will provide you with thread links and forum links to stuff I've done, covering much of the hobby, for my Grey Knights. Please enjoy, and feedback is always appreciated! CONTENTS: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Batreps: (Most have photos) + A Quick N' Dirty Batrep: (some pics) My Grey Knights vs the new 7th Edition Eldar 1850: +LINK+ + A Batrep featuring a nasty Tau army centered around the Farsight Enclave (very pic heavy) 1850: +LINK+ + A corrupt Astra force meets the Grey Knights in an 1850 battle: +LINK+ + Dark Eldar .... need I say more? 1850 point batrep: +LINK+ + A brief Batrep vs AdMech/Astra at 1850: +LINK+ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ WIP's: + Promethium Relay Pipes: This is a WIP for the 2015 ETL - I guess you could also consider it a review: +LINK+ + A fairly large project I'm considering for my GK including the newly magnetized PA models and a new Inquisitor: +LINK+ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Tutorials and Finished Pics: + Prot's Tutorial on Painting Power Weapons and Glow Effects: +LINK+ + Stormraven for 2015 ETL (base incomplete): +LINK+ + 2nd Librarian and Promethium Piples completed for ETL 2015: +LINK+ + Stormraven Updated with Base and an Updated (partial) Army Picture: +LINK+ + Purifiers II: A finished ETL Vow unit of 5 Purifiers: +LINK+ + My first Knight: A Crusader Knight, (Imperator Domus) with a bit of a story and finished pictures: +LINK+ + The new Librarian completed for my Grey Knights: +LINK+ + Painted a squad of Custodes for use with this army: +LINK+ + Finished a second set of Custodes with a twist on the power blades: + The Nemesis Vanguard Box. What's in it? ETL 2015 is around the corner as of this post. Let's see what I can spend an inordinate amount of free time building and painting: +LINK+ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hey guys, I finally actually finished the first 1K of models plus another half squad of Interceptors. So even though I am leaning towards selling off this army, I wanted to at least show I had accomplished my own challenge, which was to finish painting: Librarian HQ 5 Terminators 10 Interceptors w/Magnetized backpacks (IE: they can be 10 Strikers) 2 Dreadknights. Enough blabbering! Time for pics: +++ All 10 Interceptor / Strike Sqaud members. Note 'basic' backpacks are painted to the right of the picture. +++ A close up of the main squad showing most special weapons. I decided to go with 32mm bases for the infantry +++ The Terminators, complete with hammer, and accidentally assembled a Psilencer! No big deal. Love the twin falchion model on the Justicar. +++ Big close up of the Librarian, books and all. +++The Dreadknight brothers. One has detachable weapons to swap in a Heavy Psilencer. +++ A close up of the Dreadknight brothers. Thanks for having a look!
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