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  1. Hi All! I have not ventured into this forum much despite owning a few Inquisitors, I usually keep them more aligned with my IG collection and WIP as they generally don't have their own retinue. I had been holding out for a dedicated Custodes subforum and now with the release of the new FW Beta rules for ALL the units I've decided now is the time to start this thread. I do have a fairly reasonable collection so far, albeit mostly unpainted. I blame that on deciding to go with the Solar Watch colour scheme... The guys have sooo much detail... I do think it is worth it in the end. My hobby goals for this year are to finish some random guard projects I haven't completed and then focus on getting a painted and playable Custodes army. Some pic's of my collection so far My initial purchase I actually have Trajann at a semi decent TT quality, but apparently not uploaded any pics of him yet I've built most my bikes! Although I do have 1-2? boxes left to build since I did these... My first bike and scheme testing, Vallejo colours helped me achieve the ivory and gold I wanted The Terminators are possibly some of my most favourite models in 40k atm And this is essentially my only fully painted model in a year or so of collecting... My xmaspresent from last year Which is now doubly so thanks for FW's release today! He's already washed, ready to assemble and magnetise Over the long weekend last week I managed to build 10 Custodians to finish of my battalion requirement I already had assembled and magentised 1 box, these guys I didn't bother with Local store had a 40-50% clearance sale on GW the other week picked up some more models that I probably didn't need... Hopefully will order some of the new Venatari soon too Having finally kicked off this thread, I hope it spurs me more to finish this army sooner! And for those wondering
  2. So I've started a kill team. For this thread, I'm going to be doing more than one, but for now this is will I'll document my first. I'll be working on this slowly as I have other painting commitments, so I'm primarily using these guys as a "palette cleanser." But I give you my first model: The leader of my Kommando Kill-Team Dagrukk channels the aspects of Gork and is the epitome of "Kunnin' but Brutal." With an uncanny ability (for an ork) to blend into his surroundings, Dagrukk has been known to utilize mud and muck as camouflage. Notable Quotes: "WE'Z A KILL TEAM, NOT REZK-YOO-ERS" "DAT BIGGY'Z RIGHT 'ARD, BUT IT BLEEDS. IF IT BLEEDS, WE'Z C'N KILL'IT!"
  3. Hi Im Chris and Im a huge fan off all things custodes so here I will show my army both for Horus heresy and 40K We start out with showing off my shield captain, converted from Ixion hale
  4. Ever wondered how Trajaan would go in a fight against some of the most notorious Warhammer 40k characters?
  5. Last night I got absolutely spanked by an Emperor's Chosen army - if you're unfamiliar, their rules allow them to ignore moretal wounds (from any source) on a 4+, and then reroll one failed hit or wound (!) roll per unit. As you can imagine, these rules cripple TS that need MW output to keep up with other armies, and this is before you get to most of their weapons being D2 to ignore all is dust. Normal custodes are tough, but manageable with MW output, but these are off the scale. How would you approach these in terms of trying to win the game, not necessarily kill Custodes. Last night I played abandoned sanctuaries, with mutate, stranglehold and to the last. I got 9, 3, 0 respectively for these, however O did push out to try and claim objectives. I might have had much more success with banners and T The Last (TTL), keeping the majority of my stuff hidden, basically playing the waiting game of holding 2 objectives then trying to stay alive. Though I was playing duplicity, not time, which TTL is maybe better for What secondaries would you pick v custodes to try and stay in the game? What cult would they be for? Would duplicity be better served by things like Engage/Nachmund data? TL:DR If you were playing against the Emperor's Chosen Custodes, what secondaries would you pick, and how would you play that game?
  6. After the models had been lying around for 4 years, I decided to paint them. But now I don't want to bore you unnecessarily. Here are the pictures of what I painted in the last 4 weeks. The bases still needed to be done. But i´m not sure what i want... Captain General Trajann Valoris: Shadowkeeper Shieldhost: Lockwarden Borsa Thursk on Dawneagle Jetbike: The Hykanatoi: Custodian Guard Squad 01: The Tharanatoi: Sagitattarum Squad 01: The Katapharktoi: Pallas Grav-Attack 01: Caladius Annihilator Grav-Tank: More will follow....
  7. You may have expected Valdor to be wearing his usual golden armor. But not this time! We were asked to get him painted for use both as a showcase piece, and as a member of a Shadowkeepers force in Warhammer 40k. That's one of the reasons why his display base is removable, so he can be used in tabletop battles. See the additional photos to see the base removed and the model without the base, as well as additional angles and views on the model. And if you wonder about the blue and red lighting effects on the model, here's the explanation: After researching a bit about Shadowkeepers, Ańa decided to use two kinds and sources of light on the model. Red light coming from below, represented the demonic enemies. Valdor being in charge of troops keeping them in check would counter them with purity of Adeptus Custodes. This is the blue light coming from inside the collar of his armor and shining onto his face. This would also match some details of his armor and the force halberd. Hope it makes sense now And oh, somebody during the Warhammer Community Hobby Roundup mentioned how he reminds of Abaddon. Totally unexpected, but it turned out to be true! You can check it by yourselves. If you want to see more photos, they can bee seen here.
  8. 1) Is it possible to take this requisition multiple times? 2) Is it possible to take one Stratagem multiple times? This may be stupid questions. I want to be sure though. Specifically I want to know if I can set up a Custodes crusade force with two Shield-Captains that each have "Victor of the blood games"/"Captain Commander" stratagem.
  9. Honoured brother Numerian of the Moritoi "Previously a Proconsul of the Tharanatoi, Numerian was granted the honour of internment in a Telemon pattern heavy Dreadnought following his noble fall as part of the Legio Custodes strike force present at the end of the unification wars - the battle of Mount Ararat. He would remain a constant example of the heights his fellows should aspire to, taking part in conflicts ranging throughout the galaxy as first the Imperium was established through blood and fire, and later would fight again as hope and progress were sacrificed upon the alter of Horus' tyrannic aspirations. Eventually Numerian would fall in the raging battle over Humanity's birthworld - fighting as part of a host sent to protect, or ultimately deny, the traitors access to the Forbidden Fortress deeply set in the Himalazia mountains. The vile Word Bearers, knowing alone they had neither the arms nor armour to confront such a mighty warrior, instead turned to their shamanistic practices and sadistic rituals, conjuring a great daemon the colour of dark crimson, who engaged Numerian upon the peak where he had held his ground for days. Wreaking terrible blows upon each other, one fighting with golden fist wreathed in arcane energy, and the other with an axe that could cleave through ceramite as but an afterthought, the battle caused all but the most blood crazed of traitors to stop and feel fear. This welcome reprieve granted the rest of the Custodian host a chance to strike back, and consolidate their defensive positions. But this came at a price. Had he been at his full strength, capacitors brimming with energy and atomantic barriers sizzling in the snowfall, the fight would have surely ended with Numerian casting aside the broken corpse atop the mountains. Alas, the ancient's golden plate was scarred a hundred times over, and his energy was almost depleted. The colossal daemon, though bleeding ichor from a dozen wounds, seized the opportunity, carving Numerian's left arm from his sarcophagus body. The next strike took the warrior's right leg at the knee, and the daemon-king began to gloat. But no Custodian, especially not one as old nor as righteous, would die easily. Mustering the last of the strength in his fibre-musles and servomotors, Numerian launched himself at the beast, carrying them both free of the mountaintop. Even as the adversary, its wretched face bunching in anger and hate, tore into Numerian's body with claw, tooth, axe and whip, seeking to untangle itself, the two combatants fell. They fell from the highest peak, flame lapping against them at the violent speed of their descent. Aligning his Arachnus storm cannon up against the beasts neck, held close in the deathly embrace, Numerian's last action before they impacted the ground was to pulse all the remaining power into one final shot. One bright lance split the air, spearing under the daemon-king's chin, through a head cast in fear, and out the other side, before the tightly woven bundle of auramite and warpflesh impacted upon the rocks below, both breaking apart." - Excerpt from 'Forgotten heroes of the Golden Legion', life-work of Custodian serf Aramon Taris of the Tower of Hegemon
  10. So I guess I've unofficially started these guys based purely on the novels, and the models. My hope is to flesh the army out and get some good advice on how to play them, and make them look decent. Hopefully I'll be throwing all that stuff down here in this thread to chronicle the events as I awkwardly attempt to defend the Imperium! Prot's Custodes Thread: - First up I will kick off the thread with my first troops. This is 9 dudes that I got way back in the Burning of Prospero Box. I had another set of 5 guys painted but sold them on Ebay.
  11. Hey guys, I'm just curious what you guys have been doing for the base stems on the Vertus Praetor models. As I build them I can see a potential issue for models just falling off during movement. Over time this could get worse. I really didn't think the magnet thing was going to be something I wanted to do with these, but I'm wondering what you've done, or perhaps they're fine?
  12. Has anyone tried converting the Allarus Terminators to be Space Marine Terminators at all? Just interested in seeing any pictures and just wondering how hard it would be to do? I’m thinking of doing a true scale project using Primaris but would still like to use Terminators and figured they’re an alright size to work off of as a base!
  13. Hey everyone, thought I'd make my first WIP thread for my Custodes to help motivate me to finish. I've decided on the Dread Host as I wanted something slightly different from the standard gold/red and also their fluff is pretty cool. Naturally the ETL has been the incentive to get this army started at last. Here is a rundown of the models: Captain-General Trajann Valoris Shield Captain in Allarus Terminator Armour w/Axe Custodian Guard Squad w/Sentinel Blade, Storm Shield & 2x Guardian Spear Custodian Guard Squad w/Sentinel Blade, Storm Shield & 2x Guardian Spear Custodian Guard Squad w/2x Sentinel Blade, Storm Shield & 2x Guardian Spear Allarus Custodians w/5x Castellan Axe Custodian Wardens w/5x Castellan Axe Vertus Praetors w/2x Salvo Launcher, Hurricane Bolter This is the basics of a 2000pt list which I'll then add to with more models to increase my options. For example I plan on raiding Forge World for some of their sweet Dreadnoughts Here is the start of the army, I hope to make some progress in the next few weeks to show.
  14. Here's the start of a new plog for me; I had not been liking my Thousand Sons for a while after a break from them, and with Photobucket now charging it's removed all my pictures. So, new plog, new Legions! This will be a variety of armies; I can’t stick to one thing and I’m I indecisive to make a decision so I thought the best thing is to just paint whatever I fancy and if I do enjoy painting something, I can do more f that in time. I hit on a legion that I hadn't painted before, and I hadn't really considered the IXth Legion, most likely due to not so much in the way of current 30k source material from them and a lack of rules etc (though Blood Angels were one of my first chapters waaaay back in the late 90's). However, after finding a box of Sanguinary Guard under my bed and seeing the glorious new transfer sheet, I decided to give them a whirl. I guess also my first ever codex was Angels of Death and I want my army to be akin to my very first army, though Heresy relevant. I’ll be getting onto my favourite Legion, the Dark Angels, very soon. First up, here's a Praetor and his Honour Guard. They could be Sanguinary Guard when the rules come out, I guess. I just wanted to avoid the clunky wings and overuse of Death Masks. Kept one for the Sergeant at least, mind. Need to tidy a few bits up and finish the bases as well. I'm wondering if I could just paint the entire Legion in gold, ha. I really enjoy painting it, and it's easier. A few pictures: http://i.imgur.com/OziIeIq.jpg http://i.imgur.com/FsKz3kr.jpg http://i.imgur.com/8qr7KiM.jpg http://i.imgur.com/tQqiacR.jpg http://i.imgur.com/k1SHp5K.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Uv28VJD.jpg http://i.imgur.com/443TE6T.jpg http://i.imgur.com/BRu7G8N.jpg http://i.imgur.com/oxexqDR.jpg http://i.imgur.com/RZD98De.jpg http://i.imgur.com/b7u9H9a.jpg
  15. So Chris Wraight tweeted this fancy cover. Does anyone have any idea what it could be for, because it looks fiiiiine! EDIT: This too!
  16. We donned the black as a sign of commitment to His great work. With it, we showed all that we had set ourselves aside from all chances of glory. There was honour in that. Until the Crimson King showed the full extent of his ignorance. We stood by while our brothers fought to protect His great work, steadfast in our duty and our commitment. We wept tears of rage at the loses. For years we waited to be called to act in its defence, but never were. We stood there as the dream died. We were there when the Wolves of the Sixth sanctioned the sons of the Crimson giant. We showed them the true extant of our fury, our anger, our shame. Could we have done more? Want to use the summer holidays (joys of being a teacher) as a way of getting motivated to try and complete my Custodes army. Enter the 'Wardens of the Vaults of Rython' By the way, potential spoilers ahead (Master of Mankind). Hidden Content Doesn't seem to be a huge amount written about them. The one member written about didn't seem to have any records of him before the burning of Prospero. The fluff mentions the vaults of Rython being 'a particularly sequestered and forbidden sub-division of the deep levels of the Imperial Palace. That kinda makes me think they are something to do with the Emperor's work on the webway-his most secret project and something hidden deep down in the palace.Tried to do a little research on the word Rython and it came up with the Greek Rhyton, or ancient Greek word ῥυτόν (rhy̆tón or rhŭtón. It roughly talks about a drinking vessel/pourer. A link like this makes me think of a webway portal, especially when the Rhyton is used in ceremonies-with the establishment of the human branch of the Webway being the Emperors crowning achievement. Part of me thinks the Warders are meant to be linked to the portal entrance, but Warders also refers to guards in a prison. The webway project was so secretive that the Emperor could have set some of his Custodes to watch over those involved, to act as jailers for the technicians and the Mechanicum linked to the project. In my head that adds an extra layer to the Emperors plans that he didn't even completely trust those involved in his most secret project. The second part of the fluff about the warders mentions about how desperate things were for them to be involved. In Master of Mankind the custodes are referred to as 'the Ten Thousand'. This is pretty implicit about the number of them. Before Magnus broke through and damaged the Webway project wards there was a Custodes and Sisters of Silence presence in order to protect the Unifiers (the mechanicum involved). Then there was the incident with Magnus and daemons and stuff started attacking the Imperial presence inside the Webway and more custodes had to be drafted in-eventually whittling down the Ten Thousand to under a Thousand. This is were the Warders would come in with the whole Burning of Prospero. If they were so strapped for numbers they would have to draw them from where they could. If Prospero took place after the events of Master of Mankind then their role as watchmen over the project would have ended, thusly freeing them up for more active roles outside of the Palace. Just a few thoughts abouts them, a bit scattered and random I know.
  17. Soooo seems my old plog has been archived from disuse so i guess its time for a new one With the Heresy stuff shelved for the forseeable and 8th feeling like the best 40k yet ive gone back to the Dark Millenium, specifically Primaris marines are super sexy, even if their fluff often feels like being hit in the face with a shoe... Broader focus on the forum is also pretty welcome, for example ive been working on Fantasy stuff and Eldar Corsairs around my Angels None of that for now, but maybe later! So, the Scythes! I went through a long process of picking the Chapter to come back to, other Candidates were the Red Scorpions, Raven Guard, Raptors, Dark Angels and my own old Homebrew the Blazing suns. Let alone all the Alt Heresy Legions ive fluffed out over the years... But in the end a few things tipped it: 1. A Bunch of my buddies have Scythes Armies from an Old Tempus Fugitives campaign weekend (I ran Tyranids, really siiiick Tyranids...) 2. I wanted a Codex Adherant Chapter to play with markings and such, ive been so anti codex for years, i guess this is me growing up? 3. They have amazing fluff! Specifically Heresy links are always cool. 4. The Polish aspect from Rogue Trader is also quite interesting... 5. The Mix of old and new marines should be interesting too... Been a while without a picture so heres my concept models 19095646_10155299917120797_2588717845232583032_o A Squad of Tyranid hunters (Rules wise ill be cloning Ultramarines to steal their stuff!). All Deathwatch Veterans returned to the chapter and attached to the Fledgling 3rd Company long term to keep them honest. 19113773_10155299917410797_640703996637877549_n And Apothecaries! On the Left the 3rd Companies Apothecary and on the Right an Attached 1st Company Apothecary, also a Deathwatch veteran. Ill probably convert a Primaris Apothecary at some point too, i figure lots of Apothecaries around the primaris is kinda inevitable, if only to learn! These figures were basically pulled out of my Bits box to kick around some ideas, A friend of mine gave me some Deathwatch pads in a trade a while back, the Apothecaries got cannibalised to make Heresy Apothecaries for the Iron Warriors and Angels and most of the rest had been earmarked for my last revamp of the Blazing suns, like 10 years ago I also Dug out a Storm i had earmarked for use by Alpha Legion Operatives (And basically mothballed for years ) and the Scouts from Shadow war, plus the old Serf dude from the Battle for Macragge box. 19242989_10155326863895797_4449847247156921192_o The Storms base (POssibly too much foliage...) and Serf! 19275256_10155326863130797_1668137090430596232_n And an awful pic of the PIP Storm, picking a scheme for vehicles based on non standard heraldry is as always a ballache of indecision! The Infantry scouts are still waiting on some heads because the normal scout heads are godawful... I popped some Skitarrii heads on the Storm crew, i figured they are both walking wounded but not 100% thus the slightly less demanding role and heavy bionics The 10th Company assets are a Reclamation team added to back up the Primaris, i suspect a techmarine might be converted if i ever field more than just 1 speeder So thats the Intro.. Ill get some Primaris pics up next!
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