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  1. I know I'm relatively new around here, but I've been trying to branch out, so I suppose I'll show off my Fists. Here's the method to my madness. Spray Tamiya Camel Yellow PS-19 over unprimed model. This can take SEVERAL, VERY light coats as it can slide over the plastic, but white and black undercoats didn't get the desired effect. Spray with purity seal, testors dullcoat, matte finish whatever. Selective wash of equal-parts Gryphonne Sepia, Devlad Mud and water. VERY light drybrush of golden yellow to bring the colour up. Do metal/shoulders/Aquila as desired. Drybrush 50/50 Golden Yellow/Skull White for small edge highlights. Anyway, I've used more than a full Tactical Squad in finding this method, and this is what turned out DECENT. There are four more that were aborted very early on in painting due to wash issues, wrong colour entirely etc. http://i.imgur.com/fw2jbGu.jpg On the left we have my test mini, in the center the second one done. The second one done really bothered me and had me learn the hard way how difficult it is to get that consistency with yellow. Towards the right, Mr. Melty-face. A better attempt at consistency, but not as bright as the test mini. http://i.imgur.com/4PAzwGR.jpg Mr. Melty-face on the left. In the center, someone I was finally satisfied with, but still no measure of consistency. On the right, my first done tit-for-tat with kingmong's method. It just looked too orange for me, he's clearly better with his spray and wash than I am, so I took the easy way out. http://i.imgur.com/vxoHmm7.jpg Finally, the final model I'm satisfied with. I love it. Perfect yellow, smooth coverage, easy detail, simple blacklining. Love it. I can see how to do vehicles and squads from this method - like I said to him though, I can see why he sprays without the arms on! Can't wait to get started with more!
  2. Hi, I'm Chris and I'm a huge fan of all things Custodes. I'm excited to show off my army, which includes both Horus Heresy and 40K models. To begin, I'd like to introduce you to my shield captain, who has been converted from an Ixion Hale model. He's a fierce warrior and a key member of my Custodes force. I've spent a lot of time and effort building and painting him, and I'm really proud of how he's turned out. I hope you enjoy getting to know him as much as I have!
  3. Hi All! I have not ventured into this forum much despite owning a few Inquisitors, I usually keep them more aligned with my IG collection and WIP as they generally don't have their own retinue. I had been holding out for a dedicated Custodes subforum and now with the release of the new FW Beta rules for ALL the units I've decided now is the time to start this thread. I do have a fairly reasonable collection so far, albeit mostly unpainted. I blame that on deciding to go with the Solar Watch colour scheme... The guys have sooo much detail... I do think it is worth it in the end. My hobby goals for this year are to finish some random guard projects I haven't completed and then focus on getting a painted and playable Custodes army. Some pic's of my collection so far My initial purchase I actually have Trajann at a semi decent TT quality, but apparently not uploaded any pics of him yet I've built most my bikes! Although I do have 1-2? boxes left to build since I did these... My first bike and scheme testing, Vallejo colours helped me achieve the ivory and gold I wanted The Terminators are possibly some of my most favourite models in 40k atm And this is essentially my only fully painted model in a year or so of collecting... My xmaspresent from last year Which is now doubly so thanks for FW's release today! He's already washed, ready to assemble and magnetise Over the long weekend last week I managed to build 10 Custodians to finish of my battalion requirement I already had assembled and magentised 1 box, these guys I didn't bother with Local store had a 40-50% clearance sale on GW the other week picked up some more models that I probably didn't need... Hopefully will order some of the new Venatari soon too Having finally kicked off this thread, I hope it spurs me more to finish this army sooner! And for those wondering
  4. As you may have already guessed, I'm a newcomer to Custodes. To the point, what units are a good starting point and a strong foundation for a Custodes army, I've taken quite a liking to Allarus and Vertus Praetors for their looks and abilities. Would you recommend a list orientated around these units or change it up a little?
  5. Hey friends, after spending some time time in quarantine I finally finished a decent chunk of models! I thought I was dragging my feet but I've actually finished a decent chunk so far. I know my 30k backlog still has a ways to go, but it was nice to finally seal all these up and call them done! I always love adding models to my Imperial Fists collection. The completed list so far is: 1x Custodes Tribune 1x Navigator 1x Knight Castellan for House Hawkshroud 2x Lightning Strike Fighters 1x Vigilator Centurion 10x Veterans 10x Recon Marines 6x Tarantulas 3x Deimos Predators 1x Fellblade In a few more days I'll hopefully have 5 Outriders, 10 Vets, 1 Centurion, 2 Rhinos, and 1 Contemptor Dreadnought added to the completed pile. Enjoy!
  6. Hey everyone! BaconCouch here. I'd like to introduce you to Beards and Bolters Batreps. We're just a couple guys having some fun, trying this stuff out for the first time. Offering both competitive and narrative reports, having started up with the release of 9th edition. /End of Self Plug. In our latest report, we have a 1500 point battle report between the ADEPTUS CUSTODES and the GREY KNIGHTS Which army of the Emperor's Finest Warriors will win? Find out! https://youtu.be/QI5hWShfMoc
  7. During the Psychic Awakening timeframe, Warhammer Community released a short story by Andy Clark titled Consequences: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/04/20/psychic-awakening-consequences/ Reading both the story and the community reaction to it inspired me to create a 1-page comic, which I've since updated slightly: Posting here for posterity and for hopefully the ease of searching, in case you want to forward it to your Warhammer WhatsApp groups. Thanks for reading.
  8. Decided to take a break from my other 2 million 40k projects and try to do a decent, playable job on Valerian. He's a lot of fun to paint. Not really too complicated if you like doing the gold work. :) Custodes to date on this run through (third time):
  9. Before War of the Spider, Aleya used to mess up Custodes detachments by having the wrong keywords. Now I don't think she does, as Sister of Silence units are allowed in Custodes detachments. I think the detachment can even be a Shield host, though neither character would benefit. If I'm right then I think this unit becomes quite an interesting option. As a Sister of Silence, Aleya now gives access to a whole bunch of stratagems, some of which are really quite useful. There's still the slight issue of the missprint (I hope) of giving them a cost two times what it should be, but saying their points per model is 188, rather than that being the cost for the unit. Anyway, stratagems like Creeping Dread and Empyric severance could get used a fair bit, while Immaterial Dissonance and Desperation's Price could occasionally come in handy.
  10. Let me be upfront, this is more like version 8.5 of 40K as we try a host of the new rules: - New Board size - New move and shoot Heavy rules - New Shoot into CC rules - New rules for Fly units (no free retreats) - New Terrain Rules (Obscurement, Heavy, etc) - Detachments and CP (12 + Command Phase) The other thing I'm trying here is the new Dread Host rules, and the new Strats in Psychic Awakening. This is a written Battle Report, with pictures: Battle Report: https://prot40k.blog/2020/06/30/prots-first-game-of-9th-edition-sort-of-adeptus-custodes-vs-orks/ P.S. Special Thanks to Ranulf for sending me the Black Library Limited Dice:
  11. 1) Is it possible to take this requisition multiple times? 2) Is it possible to take one Stratagem multiple times? This may be stupid questions. I want to be sure though. Specifically I want to know if I can set up a Custodes crusade force with two Shield-Captains that each have "Victor of the blood games"/"Captain Commander" stratagem.
  12. You may have expected Valdor to be wearing his usual golden armor. But not this time! We were asked to get him painted for use both as a showcase piece, and as a member of a Shadowkeepers force in Warhammer 40k. That's one of the reasons why his display base is removable, so he can be used in tabletop battles. See the additional photos to see the base removed and the model without the base, as well as additional angles and views on the model. And if you wonder about the blue and red lighting effects on the model, here's the explanation: After researching a bit about Shadowkeepers, Ańa decided to use two kinds and sources of light on the model. Red light coming from below, represented the demonic enemies. Valdor being in charge of troops keeping them in check would counter them with purity of Adeptus Custodes. This is the blue light coming from inside the collar of his armor and shining onto his face. This would also match some details of his armor and the force halberd. Hope it makes sense now And oh, somebody during the Warhammer Community Hobby Roundup mentioned how he reminds of Abaddon. Totally unexpected, but it turned out to be true! You can check it by yourselves. If you want to see more photos, they can bee seen here.
  13. After the models had been lying around for 4 years, I decided to paint them. But now I don't want to bore you unnecessarily. Here are the pictures of what I painted in the last 4 weeks. The bases still needed to be done. But i´m not sure what i want... Captain General Trajann Valoris: Shadowkeeper Shieldhost: Lockwarden Borsa Thursk on Dawneagle Jetbike: The Hykanatoi: Custodian Guard Squad 01: The Tharanatoi: Sagitattarum Squad 01: The Katapharktoi: Pallas Grav-Attack 01: Caladius Annihilator Grav-Tank: More will follow....
  14. Has anyone tried headswaps on their Allarus terminators? My battle-armoured Custodes have High Elf helmets (hoods if Wardens), and although the Allarus shoulderpads are massive, I'd like to try and sleeken them up a little to match. Worst comes to the worst then bare heads all round!
  15. So with the new models for Valerian and Aleya arriving soon (February at the Weekender I believe?), what are people's thoughts on what we might expect rules-wise for each of them? 1) It seems to me that basing Valerian's statline off the Brother-Captain would make sense, but in terms of special rules? will his guardian spear just be regular, or will it be 'special' ? 2) Do people have thoughts on if Aleya should be an HQ or just a character-upgrade for a Sisters squad? 3) Do people think this is likely to tie-in to Psychic Awakening at all or remain entirely separate? (gosh if it does Sister's could do with an HQ upgrade...
  16. With another year finished and more side projects building up, I've decided to try and focus myself by showing my progress (or lack thereof) focusing on my Imperial Projects (first?) Although there will be periods of inactivity when I'm working on some of my historicals and my Death guard. I don't expect to hit all my targets, but the visible reminder they are out there should stop me from quite as many impulse purchases... Project 1: Blood Angels - Target reached Target - Get the 5th (Primaris) company to nominal company strength (circa 100 Marines, plus Officers and at least 3 Vehicles/walkers) Progress pre 2020 - Officers and 45 Marines 2020 Progress: 15 Intercessors: 10 Reivers: 6 Inceptors Redemptor Dreadnoughts 10 Assault Intercessors 5 Helblasters 3 Eradicators 10 Incursers 3 BladeGuard 3 Bladeguard Characters Repulsor Charaters: Model Backlog: 10 25 Intercessors 15 done, last ten might get bounced if 'Heavy Intercessors turn up) 10 Reivers Done 6 Inceptors Done 5 HellBlasters Done 3 Aggressors 2 Redemptor Dreadnoughts 1 Repulsors - One cone Extras 10 Incursors - Done 10 Assault Intercessors 3 Bladeguard Done 3 Eradicators 5 Indominus Characters Project 2: House Raven Target: Paint my Knight Backlog.... - Failed... Progress pre 2020 - 1 Questoris, 2 Armigers 2020 Progress: Knight 2 Helverins Model Backlog: 1 Knight Castellan 1 2 Questoris Knights 1 Armiger 1 3 Helverins Project 3: Ad Mech - COMPLETE Target: A well populated Battalion Detachment Progress pre 2020 - 2 Enginseers, 16 Vanguard, 9 Rangers, all still needing basing. 2020 Progress: 2019 progress completed & based Datasmiths and robots: Onager: Dominus 2nd Dominus and his smithy friend Kataphrons Skitarii Model Backlog: 2 Magos Dominus Done 4 Vanguard (part painted) Done 1 Ranger (part painted) Done 10 Skitarii Done 1 Onager -Done 6 Robots Done 3 Datasmiths Done 3 Kataphrons - Done Project 4: Deathwatch - FAILED Target: A Battalion Detachment Progress pre 2020 - A 4th Ed Kill team, somewhere in one of my cases.... 2020 Progress: Characters and Powr armur marines from Kill team Cassius Model Backlog: 1 Captain Artemis 1 Kill team Cassius 9 of 11 models done 2 Veteran Kill teams 1 Primaris Kill team 1 Venerable Dreadnought Project 5: Space Wolves - COMPLETE Target: A Battalion Detachment 2020 Progress: 20 Grey hunters: 10 Blood Claws: Heroes: Terminators: ThunderWolves: Intercessors Model Backlog: 1 Krom Dragongaze - 1 Primaris Battle leader (I think Hastor Icepelt or something like that) 1 Battle leader - forgot I had the chap from the Prospero box 20 Grey hunters 10 Blood Claws 5 Wolf Guard Terminators - Built 5 Intercessors 3 Thunderwolves Project 6: Dark Angels - COMPLETE Target: A strong Patrol Detachment 2020 Progress: Tactical Squad: Deathwing: Intercessors: Dark Vengance Characters Extras: Model Backlog: 1 Master 1 Chaplain 1 Librarian 10 Tactical Marines 5 Deathwing 5 Intercessors Extras allocated: 1 Ancient 1 Primaris Lt Project 7 Talons - COMPLETE Target: A Custodes Patrol 2020 Progress Vexalia and 4 Sword and shield Custodes: Impulse buy captain Spear Custodes including maybe captain 5 Sisters: 5 more Sisters: Model Backlog: 5 10 Custodes 5 10 Sisters of Silence And Oh dear, typing that out its a lot more than I thought.... Well lets see how I get on.
  17. I am everything the Emperor dreamed Humanity could be. There is no greater blessing, and no greater burden, to be His perfection made manifest. I have no peers in the arts of war, philosophy, politics or poetry. Every fibre of my being is a tribute to His greatest works, and his vision for Mankind. I am Adeptus Custodes. I am Charlemagne Aurveskar, Prefect of the Aquillan Host. And I am His finest creation. Hi everyone, Decided to finally paint the Emperor's favourite golden boys from my BoP set. Hoping to expand out into a kill team and maybe more - just have to see if I have the patience to do all those highlights all over again.... Anyways, hope you enjoy...
  18. So I've started a kill team. For this thread, I'm going to be doing more than one, but for now this is will I'll document my first. I'll be working on this slowly as I have other painting commitments, so I'm primarily using these guys as a "palette cleanser." But I give you my first model: The leader of my Kommando Kill-Team Dagrukk channels the aspects of Gork and is the epitome of "Kunnin' but Brutal." With an uncanny ability (for an ork) to blend into his surroundings, Dagrukk has been known to utilize mud and muck as camouflage. Notable Quotes: "WE'Z A KILL TEAM, NOT REZK-YOO-ERS" "DAT BIGGY'Z RIGHT 'ARD, BUT IT BLEEDS. IF IT BLEEDS, WE'Z C'N KILL'IT!"
  19. Vogon


    From the album: Custodes

  20. Vogon

    House Vyridion

    From the album: Custodes

    Inspired by the Horus Heresy novel Master of Mankind
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