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  1. So I'm getting back into the game, last played 4th edition, and couldn't look at my crappy paint job that wasn't even half finished. So I gave everything a new coat of primer and started afresh. The basic game plan is to have a deep blue be the base color of the armor and a medium grey for the fabrics and accents whatever. Then a deep purple for the veterans and commanders to mark them out as nobility. The tanks I think are going to stay blue, but well see if they need to stand out more in the future. I'm debating whether to have the metals be mostly copper instead of steel since the copper color looks great with the blue, but then it kinda looks a little too much like wanna-be Night Lords. Well see, it probably wont matter much but for the tanks since the infantry don't have much metal. My goal is before the end of the month to solidify the color scheme of the guardsmen and to finish the 4 tanks and the sentinel. Long term is to keep motivated. As it sits besides the tanks I've got 60 troopers, 20 veterans, 18 heavy weapon teams, and probably another dozen odd and end officers and such. So a lot to get through and this will be a good way to keep on top of it and to keep basic overhead of the Russ's. I'll get the detail shots as I start doing more than a base coat. Side of my tank commander. Front of the tank commander Sentinel Base coats of blue and metal So happy with day one progress. Got everything primed, all tanks, heavy weapons teams, and infantry. Easy part done. Mostly focused on getting all of the colors on my tank commander to make sure I liked how they all fit together. I'm pretty happy with it. The blue holds for me as a realistic color to be regal without being too showy as an unrealistic target. I don't think I'm going to add purple accents to the tanks, it'd wind up being too much color. Still going to pick the Vet Infantry and Officers in it to help stand em out for game play ease. Now old me would probably give it a once over again for accents like cables and call it, but I want to step it up. So plan for the tank commander is to go over him to cover up and errant brush strokes with the deep blue, then mixing in a small bit of white and doing a highlight on the hard edges of the front and turret of the tank. After that hit the sharp edges of the metal with a light titanium. Then pick out the cables and stuff in red and green to help em pop out a little. Tomorrow is game day so I doubt ill get anything painted since it'll all be on the board, but by the end of the week I want to get the rest of the tanks to at least where the commander is today. Then I'm starting to get past my experience. I want to use a wash after that to help pick out the deeper details again in the cracks of the plates, hinges, tracks, ect. I need some advice on that. I have some matte medium, flow aid, and splatter medium to be able to add and want some advice on ratios for an ink or wash. I'm getting comfortable using it to think out my paints to keep the detail, but have exactly zero experience with washes. I also am not sure if I should be using a deep brown or black to base it on. Black makes sense to me, and nuln oil from gw looks like it to me. But on some of the others I've seen chestnut brown, or like red-brown. whats he best way to tell which I should use? or maybe paint up an extra hull piece and see?
  2. Cap'm Heckus

    Tanks 2

    From the album: Heck's IG

  3. From the album: Heck's IG

    My first 2 tanks. The flag is pinned so it can be moved tank to tank to indicate the tank commander.
  4. “Artillerymen believe the world consist of two types of people; other Artillerymen and targets.” "Ultima ratio regum. (The final argument of kings)" Hello friends. Welcome to the armor depot of the 42nd Armored of the 8th Legiones Astartes. The 42nd were around since the formation of the proto-Legion, though under different name and number. Several armored companies have been folded into the 42nd throughout the course of the Crusade and Horus's rebellion. Presently, the 42nd is spread throughout several ships, attached to Battlegroup Perdition predominantly, with some elements scattered within Battlegroup Labyrinth, all within the over-arching 251st Expeditionary Fleet, "the Fleet of Judgement". The 42nd are organized into several sections, and actions will be enacted with elements from various sections working on cohesion, also in-time with other elements of Battle-companies attached to the 251st Fleet. The over-arching commander is Ger'zass the Anvil-Lord. A Terran-born astartes, an affinity for tank-doctrine saw him elevated to platoon leader. Throughout the Crusade, he went on to secure himself a position in a Lupercal super-heavy tank, before assuming overall command of the 42nd by the time that his gene-sire Lord Curze was reunited with the Legion. Ger'zass the Anvil-Lord earned his moniker amongst the 42nd through a series of tactics that crushed the seditious conglomerate in the Craulost system. A banding of local governors had pooled their allegiances and declared themselves Imperial-free and renounced all ties to the Imperium. During a parade meant to signify the union of the locals, hence-by referred to in this chronicle as Crauls, the governors had sponsored a military showing of the might of their once divided colonies. That such a powerful army would withstand the tyranny of the Emperor. It was at such a moment, with all eyes gazing at the Craul governors and their generals that Ger'zass struck. Using elements of light armor and fast striking scout elements, the Talonmaster saw opportunity to bait the confidence of the generals into cockiness, as vast amounts of their forces chased the out-numbered light-armor into a section of the city that was previously known as [REDACTED], as the armies of the Crauls pulled into the square, entire city blocks erupted with the roar of dozens of cannon and anti-material fire. Momentum lost, the Crauls attempted to reverse and exit as to regroup and retaliate. Records show that such a reaction had been anticipated, and to prevent the Craul generals from escaping, the previous light-armor struck forth from side flanks, bolstered now. Massive teleportations flared as the entirety of the companies terminator reserve teleported in, in effect sealing the fate of the Crauls. The rebels had no choice but to either face the devastation of the terminator onslaught or break themselves upon the anvil of previously concealed heavy armor. It is said that Ger'zass had personally had lifted the last living Craul general before dashing him to death against the hull of his command tank. The icon of the 42nd is an homage to a creature on their home-world, the Nostraman burrowing monoceros. A fearsome creature that although blind, is an adept underground hunter. Omnivorous, though it prefers a carnivorous diet. The creature excells at ambushing targets through its burrowed tunnels, creating vortex of earth that its prey cannot escape from, and having no escape from being gored upon its horns. The hide of the creature is intensely armored, meant to absorb any loose debris and prevent injury from accidental cave-ins. For these features, the 42nd took it upon themselves as their heraldry. An armored apex predator in its environment, striking fast and without remorse. Displaying and goring their foes upon their tanks and treads like the horn of the monoceros. http://i.imgur.com/9roKOv7.jpg http://i.imgur.com/agNZwK5.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/wFgCrf4.jpg I have a shot of a dreadnought I was making for this company too. I'm not sure if I want to grab Deredo's or Leviathans for his ancient brothers. http://i.imgur.com/fvjA3qK.jpg -edit- not sure how to scale images... Sorry if these are too big!
  5. A thread for this book. Kudos to Black Library for continuing to just drop some books paperback straight away. Wish they did it more. Steel Tread – Andy Clark (Audiobook) When reading Clark, I feel like I’m still chasing the high of Gate of Bones, and won’t get it until he drops another Dawn of Fire novel. It probably isn't fair to him, but it’s hard not to make the comparison. This book was okay. It’s certainly competent, but it delivers very little you couldn’t find in dozens of other pieces of military fiction. It’s the new leader proving herself, it’s the unmotivated crewmember who’s tired of the war, it’s the belligerent crew member who gets in a fight with their superior, it’s the younger more idealistic crew member, it’s the annoying one who talks a lot, etc etc etc. It’s pretty middle of the road and by the time we’re ramping up to the big finale all the more interesting elements have already happened. It isn’t helped by the Chaos forces (with one literally large exception) being about as flaccid as I’ve ever seen them. The only thing that really caught my attention was how well this works as a companion to Hill’s Minka Lesk series. While those books do a great job at detailing the struggle of the displaced Cadians from their perspective, Steel Tread flips the dynamic and we get to be the outsiders looking in. Needless to say, it’s a much less flattering portrait and succeeds at what I’d love to see Black Library used for more often. All in all though, it’s fine, it’s not great, gets a pass but not much else. ANR: 5.5/10 Diehards/Bored People Only. There’s better tank books and better Guard books you could be reading.
  6. !!! IT BEGINS !!! So my dream army since originally laying eyes on the models when they first came out all those years back, has been Krieg. I started with Blood angels way back in 3rd, but ever since FW came out with the Kriegers, I knew what my "main army" was going to be some day when I had the time and swathes of money. And now, it's finally coming to fruition. I'll update this thread/first post with pictures and such as the units finish up & the giant moneysink that is a full Krieg army slowly grows to fruition. The design was to have them as "dark and dirty" as possible, crawling across the board with hordes of bodies in at least every game possible, really taking on their regiment name of "The Dark Legion". I'll make up some regiment number to assign to them down the road to be super fancy... Opted for the full Krieg experience, IE, all the arty crews possible, none of that "on a chimera chassis" nonsense of those hoity-toity other guardsman! Popular opinion incoming: full resin is an absolute pain in the ass in terms of structural integrity/working with it, but damn do the Krieg Models look so damn awesome. It's been many years since I played against any guard army, many many more since I last borrowed and played with a guard army. I'd forgotten just how tiny guardsmen models are. It's pretty awesome how "to scale with the fluff" stuff is with the new line of models. This comparison image with one of my Death Guard, one of my Star Phantoms, and one of my old Blood Angles really shows that off: ----------------------!!! BUT NOW THE ARMY ITSELF !!!---------------------- (You can find front and backs in each units update post, only fronts will be here in this first thread post) Medusa Carriage & Crew #1: Medusa Carriage & Crew #2: Infantry Squad #1: Infantry Squad #2: Bullgryns & Bone'ead: Infantry Squad #3: Infantry Squad #4: Command Squad 1: Command Squad 2: Heavy Mortars: Commissars: Marshal: Combat Engis & Hades Drill: Infantry Squad #5: Infantry Squad #6:
  7. As the title may suggest I'm one of GW's most treasured customers- I buy too many models, assemble too few of them, paint pitifully fewer and never play a damn game. With the release of Kill Team, I thought I'd *maybe* start to reverse this trend- Low model count! opportunity for kitbashing! ability to use stuff I already owned! But it didn't work. The rulebook sat on my bedside gathering dust. Then I thought, sod it, I'll write up a list. Then I built the models. I was on a roll. But it came to a halt. What if, I thought. What if I shared them here? People might say nice things. These nice things, combined with the fact I'm publicly saying I might like to paint them could, conceivably (possibly. maybe) convince me to apply some paint. Or maybe knock up another Kill Team, at the very least. MY AS-YET-UNNAMED BLACK LEGION KILL TEAM I chose the Black Legion because A) they're cool as anything B]they can use a range of parts across all marine ranges C) I have a lot of Sons of Horus bits from an (obviously) as-yet unstarted Reaver army. D) REASON I CLEAN FORGOT ABOUT: THIS LOVELY IMAGE FROM ON THE WALL ABOVE MY DESK TAKEN FROM THE FIRST CHAOS CODEX: I think they're going to be from the first Black Crusade or so, hence their relative lack of mutation and Horusian decor. The Rubric Marines parts add what could pass as slight Chaos-warping/Cthonian ornateness. To build them, So far I've usedChaos Marines Rubric Marines Plastic MK III and IV Chaos Raptors Tactical Marines FW Sons of Horus bits Necromunda Goliaths I've still to build the cultist for the Kill Team, who will likely be based on an AoS Gor, but I'm sorely tempted to keep on knocking more Black Legion Marines out too... Aspiring Champion. My gunners, with heavy bolter and plasma gun
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