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  1. The Hunt of Vengeance continues in this brutal game between the malevolent Drukhari and the enigmatic White Scars! Thanks to Phil for bringing his White Scars onto the channel, a very cool army!
  2. Hey everyone! We featured a great TSons list in this weeks battle report if you guys wish to check it out. Cheers https://youtu.be/Sl8XEXWJkuI
  3. Got a match in over the Holidays and was very excited to tryout a Behemoth build with a full unit of Melee Warriors. Another great match that was very back and forth, which for me, I wouldn't have any other way! Hope you all had a great holiday and got a chance to get some hobby time in. I'm working on a narrative campaign that will provide a switch of the style of games we showcase and also give a exciting story to follow along with. Tyranids Vs Salamanders Matched Play 2000 Pts
  4. Hey everyone, we are back for another Battle Report. Just in time to kick off your Saturday morning with another rematch with the Tyranids and Salamanders. This time I brought a Prime/Warrior centered list. I planb on building upon the list and seeing how a Levi list compares to running them as Jormy. The Salamanders tryout a Intercessor heavy force to put a stop to their biomass consuming rivals. I also am working on a bit of a different format for the report. This time we recap at the end of movement, psychic/shooting, and then at the end of the turn. I apologize if it was a bit choppy at first, but we are working on smoothing out the format. Please leave a comment and let us know what you thought about the battle. Tyranids Vs Salamanders 2000 Pts The Scouring
  5. We're back for a rematch! I switched up my list to tryout a Leviathan list using a dual Acid Fex. Fixed up some camera issues so it is much more clear and easier to follow along with. Please let me know what you think, and a subscribe would mean a lot! Lastly, if you notice any rule errors, please let us know. Still learning and always looking to make sure we are improving. Tyranids Vs Salamanders 1500 Pts Scorched Earth Mission
  6. Hey everyone, we are back for another report! This time we upped the points to 2000 and are using the new board dimensions. This was one of the closest matches we have had on the channel. Let me know what you think and I would really appreciate it if you dropped a sub. Tyranids Vs Salamanders 2000 Pts Eternal War: Vital Intelligence
  7. The Tyranid and Salamander clash rages on! The Leviathan fleet receives reinforcements from a Kronos Patrol while the Salamanders reorganize and change up their force to take the Tyranids down once and for all. I've added in army lists to the video and video description. Still working on getting the CP/VP overlays added in, but hopefully it will be done too. There were some minor audio issues with my opponent due to my camera mic not having good range. Will work on moving closer to improve the audio between both of us. Appreciate your support in watching. Please subscribe and leave a comment if you enjoyed the report. See you in the next video. Tyranids Vs Salamanders 1500 Pts Front-line Warfare Mission
  8. Had a chance to get another batrep in yesterday. I introduced a new scoring recap at the end of each battle round. Please leave a comment if you enjoyed this new addition, or if you found it was hard to read. It is still a work in progress! The Salamanders face off against the Tyranids in our first Incursion match of 9th Edition and on the channel. With a smaller table size, the action was fast and intense. A great battle with some legendary moments made for a tight battle between these old foes. Tyranids Vs Salamanders 1000 Pts Crossfire (GT 2020)
  9. Hey all, we are back for a rematch of the Ultramarines and Salamanders. The last match was a nail biter right down to end of the game, so if you missed that one, be sure to take a look at the channel. This rematch definitely kept the same energy alive which made for a great game. Be sure to watch until the end to see the very exciting conclusion. We hope you enjoy this report! There is lots more to come. Ultramarines Vs Salamanders 2000 Pts Priority Target (GT 2020)
  10. Hey everyone, its time for another battle report! With both the Ultramarines and Salamanders failing to stop the Tyranid Hive Fleet Ghidra, their respective commanders have setup a training simulation to develop their skills. These two respected Chapters face off in a battle to discover weaknesses and strengths that they can improve upon to prepare for the next engagement with the Tyranids. This was one of the most exciting and intense reports on the channel. Be sure to watch to the end for the exciting conclusion! Ultramarines Vs Salamanders 2000 Pts Surround and Destroy
  11. The Super Tyrant list returns with some slight modifications. I tried adding in a Mawloc and x2 Lictors into the list to see how they could perform with secondary objectives/distraction from my main force. The Salamanders force made some adjustments from the previous list and are looking to once and for all take down their Tyranid nemesis. Will they prevail?! Watch and find out. Stay tuned for the next battle report coming later this week as the Ultramarines make their return to the channel. Tyranids Vs Salamanders 2000 Pts Overrun (GT 2020)
  12. Hey Guys, Quick run down of the last DG game I had. This was with forewarning that I would be using Mortarion however these games are never paired up until the actual game making it pretty hard to list tailor. I ended up playing against Dark Angel plasma Fort. The game was Maelstrom (Kill confirmed?). The one where you can't discard any "Kill" type cards and you get a bonus VP for every unit killed on the board. This is one of my favorite Maelstroms as it seems to award killin' stuff as much as moving towards stuff. As usual I have to start off with a shot of the game... a pivotal moment. I'll tell you one thing, this was a horrific moment for a few 'big names' in 40K: ++ Mortarion swoops into the Dark Angels' lines, but he hangs onto life by a thread. The Deathshroud try valiantly to keep their Primarch alive, but Mortarion is met by supreme resistance; the new Helblasters are untouched, as well a Lientenant, Ezekiel and the Chapter Master Azrael himself step up to meet the challenge. Has Mortarion taken on too much? Have the Dark Angels overestimated their abilities against a Daemon Primarch? ..... ++ The Game: - 2K per side, Maelstrom, Kill Confirmed. (We always have a 'free discard' on any card which could never (at any point during the game) be completed) - My army approx: - Mortarion - Typhus - DP. w/ Wings (supporating plate) - Plaguecaster - Plaguemarines (9 I think 2 blightlaunchers, fist, plasma, flail) -Poxwalkers - Cultists - 3 Deathshroud Termies (in reserves) - 2 x Plagueburst crawlers - Tallyman - Blightbringer Dark Angels approx: - Azrael - Ezekeil - Lt. - 2 x 10? Tacticals - Scouts - Dark Shroud Flyer - 2 shooty dreads (Las/auto cannons) - Las Pred - Las/Plas Dev Squad - Deathwing Termie squad (in reserves) - Techpriest - Deployment/First turn: - We roll off and get my least favorite... Hammer and Anvil. This means we're playing short edges (the long way) towards each other. The way the board was set up, it just happens that there are two large fire lances on either sides of the table. I'll have no easy path there, and the only substantial terrain runs up the middle. - I get the +1 to my roll for deploying first, and incredibly, this time it means something! Thanks to the plus 1, I roll a tie with the DA, then another tie, finally a 6+1=7 for first turn. How fitting! +++ The Dark Angels deployment. They are nestled deep in their zone. The Dreads (far right) have a bead on most my army and a Predator Annihilator is off to the right as well. The fire base of Helblasters, and Las Devs (on the factory ruins) have re-roll aura's galore. This will be bloody. Up a bit the scouts infiltrated). +++ +++ Death Guard deployment.Mortarion is out of lascanon range in case I don't get first turn. It might turn out t be too conservative a move. +++ Early Game: - Since the DA fail to seize and this results in an aggressive movement phase. I get some cards I can complete, but not much else. Most of my stuff is short range, so really it's about the Psychic phase. I fail EVERY test I take between Mort/DP/Typhus/Plaguecaster. Unbelievable. I have to use a command point to reroll the DP putting the -1 to hit power on Mortarion. I also use CP's for Walking Dead, and can't shoot at the Poxwalkers. ++ The Death Guard push up the left side. The Plagueburst Crawlers unleash what the can, and manage to take a chunk out of 2 dreads, but nothing big. On the Right side, Mortarion and the DP push forward and the Plague marines advance. ++ Dark Angels Turn 1: - They are planted deep in their zone anticpating Mortarion. I have an important objective that the Plague Marines are sitting on: Defend. Since I score this in my opponent's turn, he's going to put some heat on me with a Flyer and the Termies. Both come in hot, guns blazing. +++ Deathwing some down, and the flyer opens up.... this could get ugly. +++ - The flyer double taps the Hurricane Bolters on the Plague marines, and the Terminators unload too. With the S10 shots the flyer tries to take on Mortarion but he passes some Disgustingly resilient but still takes a wound. The Plague marines are not as fortunate. They are tagged hard with all those shots but still 4 out of the 9 remain. I gotta hold off for the Secure points. - Sure enough as luck would have it, the Deathwing pull off an assault and it hits the Plague marines hard. They kill all but one Plague marine, since he is ObSec, and the last survivor among the Plaguemarines, I blow 2 command points to score the two points. This puts me in a strong lead early. I felt I had to do this. It was starting to feel like he would win out numbers wise so I wanted to bank some points. - Some cultists are shot since they are getting close to scouts. They join the Poxwalker union as new inductees. The turn ends and I have a good, but short term lead. Death Guard Turn 2: - I have a few kill cards, and an objective on his end of the table. Points add up though for killing stuff but we still have First Blood to resolve! - His Terminators have a chance to make a real mess of me, but I can't let the Flyer get off that mortal Wound bomb. Mortarion decides to take on the Flyer, and unleashes Silence while the Daemon Prince moves to try to take down the Deathwing. This may be too much for the DP but apparently he wants to impress Mortarion! - Psychic wise I have another deplorable turn. I'm almost out of CP's, and I fail YET again to put the -1 to hit on Mortarion. So I know he's going to take it pretty hard. Still even with this pending danger, the Death Guard do what they do best and exercise patience as the Deathshroud bodyguard stay in reserves. I think at this point we counted about 7 failed psychic tests (one passed because of a CP in Turn 1). Luckily the DP passes a Smite and strikes down a termie as a result. The Warp is a fickle mistress... she apparently hates me today. +++ The Daemon Prince and Mortarion know the battle has to be fought in the Dark Angel's zone. These hooligans must be cleared out. +++ - Mortarion makes an 11" charge allowing him to catch the rear/side of the flyer. Silence dices it up which is expected. However at my eagerness to get Mortarion down field, I'm wondering if I put the Daemon Prince in a bad situation. - The Daemon Prince moves in, and with Death To the False Emperor, he gets 8 hits, and wounds on all. With 2 Damage a piece just enough is failed to kill the terimes. I got super lucky on this one. A few termies stuck back there would have wrecked my DP if they got to swing, and then the tanks would have went soon after. Very close... too close. Dark Angels Turn 2: - The Dark Angels need a real kill here, but they draw objectives that they have to get as well. The scouts are stuck in no man's land a bit and are dangerously close to Poxwalkers. The DA start firing away at cultists and Poxwalkers but the Poxwalkers absorb the numbers of cultists... now the Poxwalkers get to use those new models to creep a little closer to the scouts. - The true target is obviously Mortarion and without any Psychic help he is going to get pounded. Some lascannons and plasma cannons rip into him, and so does a dreadnaught and the Predator. The results are bad for Mortarion, he takes a lot of wounds and the FnP saves are mediocre at best leaving him half dead...... and just above half movement. One of the Plagueburst cannons takes shots as well, but it isn't in a damaged state yet. +++ The smoke clears and although he is clearly injured, Mortarion hovers onward. The Dark Angels smell burning garbage... Mortarion smells fear.... +++ Death Guard Turn 3: - The noose may be closing in.... while a lot of firepower was thrown at Mortarion, the left flank of Poxwalkers and a stumbling Typhus (his advance bonus rolls were just terrible this game) are getting very close. The Dark Angel scouts stand vigilantly but are consumed by the union of decay none the less. - The Psychic phase is better... finally, and Mort is at -1 to hit (just in time!), and the Plaguecaster gets off plaguewind with a very respectable roll killing 2 Tacticals. Eventually the Poxwalkers consolidate into the remaining tacticals.... one of them is sneezing. - The Devastator squad was pretty deadly so the Plagueburst crawlers unleash indirect cannon shots on them, killing 4. This is big because it leaves only a few lascannons there. One Dreadnaught finally goes down. The Dark Angel fire fort is showing its first signs of faltering....but it still holds the Helblasters, another Dread, some Devs, and the Predator is unharmed. +++ The Union of Decay greets the Tacticals with a warm, infectious, hug. +++ - The wait is over, the Deathshroud deploy 9+ inches away from the remaining tacticals in front of the Fire Fort; they try to guard Mortarion who only needs an 8 to get into the tacticals. +++ Mortarion down to half wounds is making the final push. The Poxwalkers have already started consuming Tacticals for breakfast. Azrael, Ezekiel and the LT. look on with the Helblasters at the ready. +++ - Mortarion and the Deathshroud make it into Close Combat with three Tactical Marines. We don't bother rolling it out, it's assumed Mortarion dices the 3 tacticals. Also Mortarion's ability in the fight phase renders some wounds on surrounding squads, including Ezekiel and Azrael. -Mortarion and the Deathshroud are unable to make contact with the commanding Dark Angels but get very close. +++ Mortarion is in, and easily slays the tacticals, but now he hangs in the open staring down a lot of firepower!+++ Dark Angels Turn 3: - With the clear threat of Mortarion and the Deathshroud, the Dark Angels turn every available weapon on him. Miraculously the Deathshroud intercept most of the lascannons, Somehow the Deathshroud enjoy outstanding saves as Nurgle smiles upon them and after all is said and done, only one Deathshroud dies. Mortarion however is not as fortunate.... with only 3 wounds left at this point the Deathshroud fail to intercept the remaining missiles/lascannons. 3 Shots make it through, Mortarion fails all Invulns, and does not pass enough FnP throws and dies unceremoniously. The Helblasters realize they are about to be swamped by a cloud of Poxwalkers and clear out as many as they can. End Game: - With Mortarion dead the Death Guard have to push the initiative home and pin the Dark Angels deep. A lot is dead now...on both sides. Against the odds the Plagueburst crawlers lash out at the Pred taking it down to half wounds. not a great turn of shooting. The Poxwalkers get in deep, but it is the Deathshroud that have their moment in their anger of having failed Mortarion..... +++ The Deathshroud take their anger out on the Dark Angels. Ezekiel, Azrael and the Lieutenant anticipate the charge.... this will be the last major clash of this battle... +++ - The Deathshroud come in shooting. The Daemon Prince is -1 to hit, and the Poxwalkers have caught up to the plasma base. The Dark Angels are effectively shut off from the rest of the firebase. The Smite and Plague wind hit the Helblasters but only one falls. - In the shooting phase the hand flamers of the Deathshroud hit Ezekiel and Azreal but they shrug most of it off. The charge ensues and the attacks are split between Ezekiel and Azrael. - The Deathshroud slice both of the leaders down, but in a last gasp effort, thanks to 2 command points, Azrael rises from the dead long enough to absolutely annihilate the Deathshroud. All 4 models are wiped from the game, but that gets the Death Guard a lot of points, killing a psyker, and warlord kill. - At this point the Dark Angels concede. The Poxwalkers run amok in their zone, and the Daemon Prince (my warlord) is free to do as he pleases, while Typhus finally waddles into the zone just in time for the end (as usual). - The score wasn't close... something like 18 to 6 for Death Guard, but I assure you both sides were thoroughly beaten. - For the record, Mortarion's Kill count: One Darkshroud Flyer, and 3 Tactical Marines. Until next time... I hope you enjoyed this. Thanks for reading!
  13. So once again, for an army with mini-smite, I bring you yet another mini-batrep. Key Moment of the Game: + Early in the game, my Warlord, the GMNDK, is literally abandoned, on a suicide mission to distract the Hive Mind. He has withstood tons of phlem, acid, feces, projectiles of ANY description. But now he is surrounded by an angry Carnifex, and a Toxycrin. The end is near for this hero of Titan.... or is it? + Game: Maelstrom - Escalation - 2,0000 points. Tyranids: (guessing on a lot of this). Flyrant, 2 x Dakka fexes (95 points each?!?) 30 gaunts Tervigon 3 poison clouds dude with -1 to hit Nids aura. 1 giant thing with Tentacles that looks like it should be in an anime show 1 Mawloc 3 warriors 3 Hive guard 3 Zoanthropes 1 Broodlord 10 Genestealers 1 Deathleaper 1Mawloc (deepstrike) 2 units of 3-4 Raveners? (deep strike) 2 units of 3 spore mines (deep strike) Grey Knights: Voldus GMNDK 3 x 5 strikes 5 Purifiers 1 Apothecary 5 Interceptors 1 Doomglaive Dread Stormraven ------- Greyfax Acolyte Culexus Eversor Here's what my forces look like. Sorry for the WIP's! I'm scared to finish painting any 'new' GK until I see the Chapter Approved in case they make any changes to the (largely unused) close combat weapons. Also after selling my old GK army, I am still painting my new Stormraven... almost done though: Also waiting for Doomglaive in the mail... borrowing my Deathwatch Dread to proxy for now. + Grey Knights... Roll out. Assassins are ready to go, Purifiers are ready to test out their abilities in the new Stormraven.+ The Deployment is Vanguard.... so at an angle, corner vs corner. Here's the Nid Deployment: Early Game: + We both roll a 1 to go first, but since I have the +1 I get to go first. lol + I don't have a heck of a lot I can do. Since we are playing escalation, my single card on T1 is to defend an objective literally right in the middie of the swarm... the Emperor works in mysterious ways, but I prefer living to fight another day. + The Stormraven stays up in the sky and zooms over, my GMNDK joins him in the corner. This is to see if it's worth getting the Nids to move towards that edge, and see if I can poke any holes. T1 I also bring in one set of Strikes, and the assassins. What a mess.... I shoot and psychic attack a squad of Gaunts. It takes everything I have to kill 10 gaunts (I don't want them reviving with the Tervigon). I do this for first blood as I figure this is going to be a very tough game for points.... Other than that my Stormraven and GMNDK do very, very little. They try to take on the threat to the Stormraven: the Hive Guard. But with -1 to hit almost the entire Nid army at this point, I can't really cause damage. End of my turn I score first blood, but I think I'll pay in blood... for that first blood. + Nids come take the bait on the GMNDK, but I may be in over my head. The Toxicryn? (big tentacle anime bug) waddles up, so do the 2 remaining Hive Guard, and 2 Dakka Fexes! Wow... it gets hot here. The GMNDK has Sanc up thank the Emperor so he only takes a couple of wounds, the Stormraven takes one as well. BUT on the left flank of the table my first blood would put my assassins and Strikes in danger.... + Here we go... Flyrant, Broodlord, Genestealers... they're all tripping over themselves to get at the Strike Squad and 2 Assassins. Isn't this the Deathwatch's job? When's the next bus to Titan coming? + + A super weird moment here... the Genestealers have 3 D6, pick the highest (Kracken) and assault. So they easily make it. The Broodlord is a bit stuck behind the Flyrant, and the Genestealers easily make it in, but somehow I don't lose a dude... seriously... not a one. I made 487 saves in this close combat... or at least that's what they'll hear on Titan. The Eversor, and Culexus hit back hard, but the 3 remaining Strikes completely whiff.... they have apparently filled their boots with 'fear'. + Something new... my opponent's first time with new nids.He asks to go back to the ensuing close combat at try a Strategem.... we're both learning the new nids so I say go for it... it turns out on every death of a genestealer he rolls a D6 and on a 6 I suffer a mortal wound.... he kills the 3 Strikes, and puts 3 additional mortal wounds on the 2 Assassins! Wow. TURN 2-3: + I get lucky score 2 points in my zone... I still don't know what to do with the Flyer.... I zoom back to my zone and get away from the shooting Fexes, and leave the GMNDK to fend for him self... .basically he's screwed.... unless the Emperor chooses to spare him. + Back in my zone the amount of Psychic stuff he can do kind of blows me away... he stripped "Gate" off of a squad of Strikes, and I take a fair amount of Smite wounds, and he gets Catalyst off. My denial rolls suck and my Culexus is definitely in range, but it is having about a 20% success rate... The Broodlord annihilates the Eversor, and ties up the Culexus.... Unfortunately my opponent had his rules a bit off, and my Culexus would have been dead a long time ago, but survives til turn 5 (simply because he had the damage wrong for his wounds for the game.) + The Stormraven came, dropped every on off at the (Gene) pool and took off... The Purifiers get their chance to shine... or die. + + Now I have no choice, deep strikers are in, the Nids are pushing forward. Every one gets out and this is a total mess... The Purifiers get off Smite, but it's 3 wounds. I take 7 in return from the Mawloc with some assistance from the Flyrant, and they are wiped. I lose the Strike squad to 5 more Mortal wounds. Some of this is coming from the Mawloc (he rolled a 6 when he came up). + I see the Flyrant with his Psychics are getting really annoying, plus my -1 to hit is really hurting me here. I unloaded my ARMY on 10 Gaunts, and the Stormraven on the Deathleaper. I did no wounds to the Deathleaper, and killed 9 of 10 Gaunts. I decide to take the Lascannons to the Flyrant, and it passes 9 of 11 Catalyst saves from the Stormraven..unbelievable. Really all I can do is shoot up the small bugs. I can't seem to really damage the core of stuff behind his poison cloud, and psychics. + Remember when I left the GMNDK out to die on the right flank? Well.... he's got a goal here... to block off the Toxicryn from getting a point. + The GMNDK is down to 6 wounds and steals one point for me, but he's in trouble. He shoots down one Dakkafex, but a second one charges in as well as the Toxycrin. Getting off Sanctuary was HUGE here, the GM lives with 2 wounds, but hammers the poop out of the Toxycrin. I got pretty lucky here on my Invuln saves, and had to use a command point to keep him alive. So the GMNDK denies a point to the Nids here. + The GMNDK is my warlord, I've abandoned him, he's down to 1 WOUND, and he's all alone against the rest of the Nid core..... the Nids don't stand a chance. + + The push falters from the Nids a bit. The psychic stuff is still strong though. The Apothecary heals up Voldus, and the Doomglaive dread clears out all the deep strikers in shooting and CC. He advances on towards the Broodlord whom we have figured out his actual rules, and has now slain the Culexus without issue. + The Tervigon still lives, I but I think I killed the Flyrant here, and it was his last super mobile threat, but my Strikes are all dead from mortal wounds mostly ,and dakka shooting. The Interceptors were finished off by Mortal wounds. I still couldn't deny anything... UNLESS this is some cruel joke, I'm feeling like the Culexus is trolling me.... or is it Greyfax who will save the day??? + The GMNDK is really getting on the nerves of my Nid opponent. He's thrown a LOT of fire power at him. I get off Sanctuary on him, but it is cancelled by the Zoanthropes. This is not good... down to one wound, but the Zoanthropes get off WARP BLAST on a 11!!!111!! The GMNDK looks like his day is finally done... but off in the corner I hear the squeeling of an angry woman who hates all the psykers in this game.... Greyfax. She is within range of the Zoanthropes and adds 1 to her denials.... the old witch rolls a 12!!!! And saves the GMNDK! I thought this was absurd, but my opponent was livid. The GMNDK Just . Would. Not. Die. + Angry beyond reason (I didn't think Nids had such emotions!) they throw a pile of low end Warrior shots at the GMNDK, he passes about 6 saves on a 2+. Finally the last Hive Guard fires, hits, wounds the GMNDK but he rolls a 6 for his invuln! Still... not... dying. END GAME: + I drew a claim objective 6, + Defend Objective 6 (earlier in the game) and I drew a card which forced my opponent to pick an objective and I had to get it (this was earlier too)... he picked objective 6. I mention this now because I've been waiting... waiting, and now is the time. Obviously Objective 6 is deep in my opponent's original deployment zone. So... I cross the table with the Stormraven, and Voldus would roll on gate, and BARELY pass (my +1 is negated by Shadow in the Warp) I Cannot have this denied so I use my last command point to re-roll one of the dice, and get an 11. + (Opposite side of table in Nid deployment zone:) Voldus Gates to the Objective 6. The Stormraven guards him from being shot, and an undying hero of Titan, on one wound, in a Nemesis Dreadknight, still refuses to die. + + Bottom of Turn 5, the Nid player cannot do anything about Voldus, and the Stormraven isn't worth anything. So he wildly plops off anything he can at the GMNDK, and he passes all his saves, and continues to hang on to a thread of life. + With Voldus' last turn Gate, and the heroics of the GMNDK, the GK pick up 5 points to win the game 12 to 9. A crazy finish.... ridiculous in fact. Although I felt the Nids were very potent, my opponent seemed to disagree. He feels I have 2-3 unkillable models every game. I felt I hung on by sheer luck, and a bit of bad luck on his part. There was a time, at about end of T2 where I felt so violated by the sheer volume of mortal wounds I took... I couldn't believe it. Also his Psychic phase is solid, and just having normal smite on 5-6 units seemed MUCH more potent than having 7 units that are throwing baby smite. Luckily the Culexus worked on about 25% of those smites he threw. (I had so much trouble denying anything until the last turn super Warp Blast deny by Greyfax on a 12!) I thought it was a crazy close game, and my opponent felt the nids were underwhelming. I reminded him that it was his first game with the new dex. But he feels confident he played the army to maximum efficiency and his long history with the nids makes up for the new codex learning curve... so he left the game perhaps feeling a little underwhelmed with the new codex. Of course me having my typical finish of having under 6 models on the table is always hair raising.But it's how Titan rolls! I had a blast.
  14. So I'm a bit strapped for time and I'll try to get this done in a reasonable fashion with some pics. First up, I apologize for so many unpainted figs. In my batreps I really prefer more painted stuff but I've had a few people actually ask me to do some of my DG games up as batreps. Secondly a shot from the heat of the moment.... bodies are flying, and Genestealers are turning into Poxwalkers, while Poxwalkers are being consumed for Genestealers... it's a bloody mess, yet one particularly stinky champion stands out amongst the carnage.... +++ Typhus stands amongst the carnage. The smell would kill a horse... or make a plaguebearer smile. Take your pick. The Nids have poured their chaff into the fire, but now Old One Eye enters the fold, backed by a Hive Tyrant and a Dakka-Fex. Can the Poxwalkers hold? Will Typhus cut the Nids down? All to answer the question: Which stinky force is more desperately in need of some Old Spice? +++ The Game: - 2,000 pts Maelstrom. It's a new one where you MUST complete your 3 cards by the beginning of your turn as all cards are discarded. This feels like a disadvantage to such a slow moving army such as mine. - Deployment is in opposing quarters with a no man's land in the middle (18" bubble) - My Army: Typhus 20 Poxwalkers Lord in termie armour with Combi Plasma (Warlord - re-roll Plague weapon aura) 5 Blightlord Termies 1 combi plasma, one flail, one Blightlauncher 2 squads of Plague Marines 10 Cultists Plaguecaster 1 Plague Crawler 1 squad of 3 Myphitic Blight Drones 1 Foul Blightspawn 1 Tallyman 1 Plague Surgeon 1 Blightbringer. Nids: Flyrant 2 x Dakka fex Broodlord 2 x 14 genestealers 4 Zoanthropes + the character Zoanthrope dude 3 Hive Guard 3 shooty warriors Old One Eye Drop Pod w/ a big bug with a mega flamer 3 Venomthropes... can't get enough of these guys! First turns: - This is the first time I have the +1 to my roll, and I actually have a tie/win on the roll off. I don't think first turn is too particularly important for me in this one aside from moving to objectives. - He's clumped up, I'm clumped up.... there's not a lot I can do with some line of sight blocking terrain, it looks like I have to stay away from his Hive Guard since they ignore cover (negating Blight drones), and have indirect fire. I keep my Plagueburst Crawler out of his range though in case I need to do some damage. +++ Deployment. Stinky clump of dudes vs stinky clump of bugs. +++ - with first turn I chuck out some Melta/Krak missiles from the Blight Haulers. They do very little because they are hitting pretty much everything on 4's. About the only thing that really goes off is my psychic phase. I buff the Poxwalkers with toughness, and get Miasma off on the Poxwalkers. I blow a CP on Walking Dead, and push up the Cultists of course. The Plague Crawler gives some good indirect shots to a dakka fex to start working him over...Everything pushes up, and I get only one point for an objective I happen to be sitting on. - The Nid turn is far more dyanmic.... everyting rushes forward with the venomthropes super cloud. - A Pod drops in on an objective with the super flamer Nid rolling out of it. Genestealers ultimately push forward hard and some of the Dakka Fexes make themselves visible. - To my surprise the Nids hold back the Zoanthropes, the Hive Guard and the Warriors. Everything else is making a break for the edges of the ruins in the center of the board: +++ Genestealers come crashing in.... the plague marines are waiting for it.. Typhus relishes it. The poxwalkers fill their pants. +++ - The buffed Poxwalkers do attract firepower. A good volume of it is wasted on them which I kind of hoped for. I think the Nids realized this wasted potential and started throwing shots on the Cultists... which turned into Poxwalkers... all according to plan! - His psychics were limited to buffing running/shooting units. He had a mix of two different rules so he could reroll charges on his shooty units.... then something really goes against me.... I'm hoping this will be a game I get some real use out of the Foul Blightspawn but no...He gets off a psychic power that says my units must fight after his are done. Brutal. So it negates Foul Blightspawn entirely. - The good news is the Cultists die rapidly, and he doesn't know what to do with my growing numbers of Poxwalkers... does he engage them? does he ignore them? - He does some good damage, gets first blood, and an Objective. Nids are up 2 to 1. Turn 2: - Somewhat a repeat of T1, except the Poxwalkers with Tallyman in effect absolutely tear into the Genestealers. It's shocking really. Even the Broodlord is overtaken. All of these absorb into Poxwalkers. Hey they were once humans, turned into Genestealers... now turned into Zombies. Works for me! - I hold my Lord and Blightlord termies in reserve still. They just don't have great targets without sacrificing themselves, and I have no objectives in my opponent's zone worth getting. (I also don't want to deepstrike them too deep near all those Zoanthropes and Hive Guard.) - I think the assaults surprised him.. .they surprised me. - His heavy flamer bug in the pod was trying to snag 2 points for a 'Defend'. That plus the fact it was an infantry muncher kind of scared me, so I poured the Blight Haulers, the Plague Burst crawler and some desperate last shots to get the thing to die... it took a LOT of firepower, but it went down. - Our Assaults continued like T1 I came out ahead, now he was surprised. - In his turn he draws an objective on my Right Flank. He can't get to it on the ground so he deepstrikes the Flyrant and although he subjects himself to quite a range of firepower, it's a resilient bug. - He puts a lot into my Blight Haulers and one goes down. This greatly impedes their shooting. I have no re-roll aura around. T3 is looking to be a big one.... Turn 3: And here we are, back to the first shot of the game.... +++ Young Two Eyes wasn't available... so they sent in Old One Eye. Typhus cares not, but he is flanked on both sides by Dakkafexes, Old One Eye, and a Flyrant just dropped in. +++ - The Flyrant had good dakka, and I can see both Dakka fexes are going to wreck me. The high volume of firepower combined, is mulching my infantry. I'm VERY lucky I had Vitality running on the poxwalkers to make it harder... but that goes downhill at this point.... the Tyranids deny two of my powers. No more Miasma, no more +1 S and +1 T. Getting Blades off is huge on my Poxwalkers though. - I have to get the Flyrant down first. He's sitting near an objective I need... I also need big game hunter, but my issue is I'm having trouble doing damage to all these Toughness 7 units! The Plasma isn't helping much, and the Blight Launchers are putting little dents in. - I decide to call in the Termie Lord and Blightlord Termies! +++ Termies to the rescue! Overcharge plasma to save the day? Or overcharge plasma to melt my own dudes? +++ - So this is the game I swap out melta for plasma on my termies and I'm starting to regret it. I overcharge everything and roll a lot of 1's. This scares me, but I get lucky and no 1's turn up on the re-rolls. But with the Flyrant's 4 ++ invuln, I'm hard pressed to get a shot through, so the only wounds that do count happen to only cause 2 Damage. I end up pouring a LOT into the Hive Tyrant. and I realize the 4++ save is just making this a wasted effort with plasma. I get off a few Plague Crawler shots and luckily I get a 5 damage wound through thanks to a CP re-roll (he finally failed a 4++). But he had 6 up feel no pain and saved 2 of them. - I put a lot of wounds on his Dakka Fex on that same flank using my remaining Blight Haulers. Believe it or not I had a lot of low AP wounds on him to finish him off... 11 wounds. The Dakkafex saved 10 of them! WOW. He just went down. - Without being able to do much to the Flyrant I had to assault... I made a 10" charge but that 4++ held through. I felt like I was now in big trouble. I also couldn't do anything about Old One Eye and more big bugs were rounding the corner. - All said I did well in points and took a good lead. Going into bottom of Turn 3, my opponent did not feel great about his chances because he was down to his big bugs, but I insisted he had a chance... Turn 3 Nids: - It's about time he moved his Zoanthropes up and sure enough the 'super smite' hurts like hell.... - The Hive Guard finally have some targets, he's mobilizing his reserves but I think it's too late for them. I feel lucky he left them back there so long. - His Hive Tyrant simply flies away from my Termies and starts pelting my Plague Marines. +++ All of the sudden with a Hive Tyrant in my backlines, I can't help but feel a great need for a melta gun right about now. +++ - The Hive tyrant almost blicks a 7 man squad of Plague Marines. - Old One eye starts wrecking face because my Psychic buffs were all denied. - The Venomthropes slink into the ruins so now my shooting is going to be further nerfed. - This turn of events puts the Nids tied with me... crazy stuff. Turn 4: - I have to be very smart this turn. I don't have enough left to make a huge push. I know Old One Eye is his Warlord, - The thing I wish I had a picture of is the Venomthropes in the ruins..... I have an epic moment with the Foul Bligh Spawn. He advances in the ruins, pulls the hose out of the Toilet on his back, and hoses the Venomthropes with true filth.... Strength 10 Filth! Now that's 'venom'..... The 3 Venomthropes take all 3 wounds which are 3 damage a piece.... just killing all 3 of them to finally get rid of the -1 to hit!!!! Huge moment. - I lob some indirect on the Zoanthropes killing one, bringing their numbers to 3 and reducing the super smite ability. +++ A flock of brain bugs... just floating casually in the background (thankfully they stayed too far back to have any real effect until late game). +++ - I've had it with the Flyrant, but he's down to one wound so I throw 11 wounds from various stuff at him in a volley... (not to be confused with the 11 wounds from the previous turn) ... he saves ALL of them. So I overcharge plasma on my Warlord Terminator, roll a 1, re-roll a... 1!!!! I've killed myself, surrendering Slay the Warlord, and give the Nids a 1 point lead! Damn Papa Nurgle is fickle sometimes. - Old One Eye is his warlord, and I also need another large target for a card, he'll do fine...so Typhus runs in and guts him... thankfully buying me some time on that flank. - I get a few points out of all of this and take a good lead, even with the misfortune of my Warlord. - Nids Turn 4 is looking pretty bleak. He can't draw cards that give him anything 'easy' and he doesn't have the model count. We play through the turn but he can't make up the deficit and we call it in turn 5... a Death Guard victory. Conclusion: - I really missed melta in this one. I know everyone is a fan of Plasma on Termies... I just don't know. - I miss having two Plague Crawlers. One is just a little hard to take advantage of. - Poxwalkers probably had their best game here.... they were insane and I think they truly shocked both of us. With Tallyman they were a force to be reckoned with for once (they usually get shot up before they ever have an effect in game.) - Typhus the more I need him, the more trouble I'm in. He only saw action once, but it was brutal. - At first the Foul Blightspawn seemed like he wasn't going to have any effect with that crazy psychic power making me go last.... but then his one toilet spurt event on the Venomthropes was truly epic... that may have changed the game (I cut out all the misses I had firing at stuff in that bloody cloud). - The Nid Flyrant absorbed a ton of plasma. So did the Carnifexes. This caused me to heavily rely on the Blight Haulers and Plague Burst Crawler for heavy duty firepower. - The Blight Haulers had me rolling 2+ on Plague marines. That was nice.... really nice at times. But their shooting stunk once they shrunk down to 2 dudes. I hope you enjoyed this. Thanks for checking it out!
  15. BLOOD ANGELS VS BIEL-TAN 2000 POINTS MISSION: SECURE & CONTROL Blood Angels list: Biel-Tan List BLOOD ANGELS DEPLOYMENT Scouts take up position in the fort, tanks and transports fan out, Rapiers, Devastators and Captain in ruins and jump units in orbit… http://www.themightybrush.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/IMG_6950.jpg BIEL-TAN DEPLOYMENT Sneaking in the shadows, out of sight… http://www.themightybrush.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/IMG_6952.jpg BIEL-TAN TURN 1 Eldar swarm over the side of the fort and make short work of the Blood Angels scouts… First Blood http://www.themightybrush.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/IMG_6957.jpg The Crimson Hunter and Artillery barely scratch the paintwork of the Blood Angels armour but the Vyper does some damage to a Baal Predator after a Farseer weakens it with Doom… http://www.themightybrush.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/IMG_6956.jpg The War Walkers take out a Rapier before it has a chance to fire – the gunners duck for cover and come out unscathed… http://www.themightybrush.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/IMG_6955.jpg BLOOD ANGELS TURN 1 The Sanguinary Guard and their commanders descend from orbit and make an immense leap to slice through the Eldar artillery like a hot knife through butter… http://www.themightybrush.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/IMG_6966.jpg The Blood Angels armour focuses fire on the Crimson Hunter and blow it out of the sky… http://www.themightybrush.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/IMG_6967.jpg BIEL-TAN TURN 2 The Vyper finishes off the Baal Pred… http://www.themightybrush.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/IMG_6972.jpg Despite their master-crafted armour and concealed position, the Sanguinary Guard take heavy losses from massed Eldar firepower… http://www.themightybrush.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/IMG_6973.jpg BLOOD ANGELS TURN 2 The Red Thirst takes the Sanguinary Guard and their escort, and they charge headlong into a massacre of overwatch and failed charges… http://www.themightybrush.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/IMG_6975.jpg The remaining Baal Pred and Devastators whittle away at the Eldar in the fort… http://www.themightybrush.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/IMG_6977.jpg BIEL-TAN TURN 3 It takes the entire Eldar force to bring down the Blood Angels HQs… Slay the Warlord http://www.themightybrush.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/IMG_6980.jpg BLOOD ANGELS TURN 3 With the forward position overrun, the Blood Angels consolidate to defend their own objective… http://www.themightybrush.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/IMG_6979.jpg BIEL-TAN TURN 4 The Eldar march en-masse, taking pot-shots as they go… http://www.themightybrush.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/IMG_6984.jpg BLOOD ANGELS TURN 4 Blood Angels covering fire makes short work of the Guardians… http://www.themightybrush.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/IMG_6986.jpg BIEL-TAN TURN 5 The remaining Eldar continue to put pressure on the defenders… http://www.themightybrush.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/IMG_6989.jpg BLOOD ANGELS TURN 5 The beleaguered Angels make a last stand around the objective, with the Devastators and Rapier providing covering fire under command of the lone Captain… http://www.themightybrush.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/IMG_6995.jpg BIEL-TAN TURN 6 In a brutal round of shooting, the remaining Eldar take down the tactical marines to a man. Dire Avengers move on the objective and jetbike-borne Farseers threaten the Blood Angels’ position… http://www.themightybrush.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/IMG_6997.jpg BLOOD ANGELS TURN 6 Devastators and Rapier fire whittle down the Dire Avengers and destroy another Walker. The Rhino rams the Avengers killing another, but three remain to claim the objective. The other Rhino does likewise to the Farseers but fails to finish them… Linebreaker http://www.themightybrush.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/IMG_7001.jpg Meanwhile the lone Warlock has sneaked onto the Eldar’s own objective… http://www.themightybrush.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/IMG_7003.jpg FINAL SCORE BIEL-TAN: 9 BLOOD ANGELS: 0 A sad day for Baal. Lessons learned: spectacular as the charge from deep strike was (I rolled 11, 10, 10 and 9 to bring the Guard, Libby and Priest all into combat), this left them in a vulnerable position with so many of the Eldar still being in that half of the battlefield. This was compounded when the Red Thirst took me and I attempted to make another assault the following turn, when I should have counted my blessings and fallen back to a defensive position – especially as the Priest can revive one squad member per turn (and indeed did so once). In general I also spread my forces out too much and should have kept everything tighter, units supporting each other. I forgot until the last turn that Rhinos can charge (and thus eat Overwatch!). I also kept forgetting my Command Points and ended the game with 6 out of 7 un-spent…
  16. Here's a batrep I did up for a 2K Maelstrom game vs the heinous Admech. They apparently thought Guilliman was going to appoint Cawl as the Archmagos of the Admech and all hell broke lose and Ultramarines were being attacked all over Mars.... Here's a pretty pivotal moment.... ++ This is not an Ultramarine going into a donut shop. It's 'counts as' Calgar going toe to toe with an Admech Knight. The Inceptors and the Ultramarines' back line watch on in disbelief (at the insane heroism or stupidity is yet to be determined) ++ Check it out here: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/336907-prots-quick-batrep-ultramarines-vs-admech-2k-maelstrom/?p=4826198
  17. So a super fast run down of a game I just had with metalica. The game was 2k, Maelstrom Deadlock (start with 6 cards, discard one a turn.) . I had first turn with Metalica. My List looked like this: +++ Unfortunately it's obviously not entirely WYSIWYG. The Scouts represent Fulgurite Priests. Eight of them. And I'm proxying a tech priest - The idea of my list was to utilize the Metalica Dogma and the WL trait to move around the board quickly, and be able to disengage from CC and still shoot. - His Dark Angel list was unusual, and did have a huge slant on Deathwing Terminators. Basically 3 full Tact squads, and 3 Terminator squads with Belial (the guy is a beast for his points). And that eats up a ton of points, but he still had the Ravenwing Bikers.... with Plasma talons and a Libby/Chappy on bike. - I take the high ground with Rangers, everything else is in the middle, and the Rangers spread out as far as humanly (inhumanly?) possible to prevent Deep Strike. + The Rangers did squat all this game. Their role was to pick off HQ's and only hit and wounded one out of 4-6 shots (lost track). Abysmal as usual. But they did prevent deep strike on the flank I guess... - My first turn is stellar... I mean I've never had a first turn this big in 8th edition Maelstrom. I score 7 points on 6 cards. Plus First Blood. His troops were spread out, and I really didn't know what to target. We have a house rule that no more than 2 points can be scored PER CARD to prevent runaways. I was glad we had that house rule or I very well could have ran off with it worse. I got a few objectives drawn in my zone which was darn lucky. The rest were 'kills'. - I zap one squad of Tacticals down to zero, and target the Ravenwing bikers with their speed. I barely manage to get all of those bikers, because I did not want to advance any Vanguard yet because his sizable Deathwing Termie star would rip me a new one if I wasn't defensive. - His turn the Termies come in. My opponent was good about it, but he did keep noting the way I deployed prevented him from getting the Termies anywhere he really wanted to go... so he took a far right table side and opened up on some Ironstrider Ballistarius' and they were easily over run, and the Vanguard took a bit of a beating. One thing I'm not sure about is he took shots at my Onager Dunecrawlers, but just piecemeal. In his defense he really hadn't played against Admech. I let him know these were repairable. MID GAME: - With his Termies in, I could move about the map and do what had to be done. He had scored a point or two and I was less concerned about scoring at this point and more concerned about testing some theories. - I moved Vanguard aggressively. The Priests moved up to cover them. The Vanguard shooting was fantastic with the Plasma but that S3 Radium Carbines on Termies was doing absolutely nothing... I knew I was going to take a blunt of a massive charge soon. - I realized through my 2nd/3rd turn that this many Terminators was a serious problem. I know he had beaten a pretty tough Ork opponent with this list (he had 120 Orks) and it was the 2+ save that was too much to get through.... Sure enough I'm seeing even with Dunecrawlers a lot of it was luck based. - I used the Strategem to get to +2 BS on the Vanguard with Plasma. This did good, but not great! Sure enough the inevitable charge happens. + Here it comes.... - I barely remove any models, I don't score a point. Sure enough he's slowly gaining in points on me but the Deadlock scenario is hard if you can't empty your first turn hand and he has a few tough cards he can't get out of his hand.... - The Termies make it in, but somehow I hold the line. I think I actually made 2 x 6 up Invulns! - My army positions for the counter strike, I have my Infiltrators come in..... and The Termies have to be dealt with..... + the Infiltrators bounce really hard on these marines.... I wanted to stop them from scoring a few points on this objective. And I needed it as well, but it went pretty badly... - Back at the close combat, I didn't lose any to battle shock, so I retreat, and move my Warlord up high enough to 'rally' the Vanguard, and they shoot at -1 back into the Termies. This was huge. - All resources I have hit those termies to free up my lines. This is enough to bring them down but I am shocked how much trouble I am having dropping them. The Kastelans really don't do a heck of a lot.... so he was ignoring them and focusing on the volume / plasma fire of the Vanguard. - The termies in cc with the vanguard are all shot up. So the Priests need a new task, I advance them to where the Infiltrators were destroyed. - My opponent gets another point... I COULD get one myself but I'm more curious about the assault in the corner and now I see the remaining 7-10 Termies as a challenge to get rid of.... - - The last of the Vanguard retreat while the bulk of the army unloads. - So the priests get into CC and they do very well delivering Mortal Wounds on the way in..... And since the Dragoons lead the charge, they took the overwatch. Sure enough his Chappy and Libby hit back (on Bikes) and slap a few Priests around. In his turn I manage to finally kill the remaining Tacticals with the Priests bringing their Invuln up to 3++ and they were ready to take on the Chappy and Libby next. - Much closer to my zone, he moved his termies up as much as he could but with only 5" he really couldn't catch me as I knew I had to kite him... I did so with the Dunecrawlers and I advanced my last, full Vanguard Squad up to get into rapid with him... I got a 6 allowing me a 12" move with no penalty, used the Strategem again and unloaded overcharged Plasma re-rolling 1's.... only the Plasma really did much though, but it was a high volume of stuff... combined with the rest of my army firepower, it finally took down theTermies. He had to concede with only a Sarge and Belial left. - He was a good sport after a tough first turn for sure. And as down on termies as some people are... I was shocked how much trouble I had getting rid of them.
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