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  1. So, this is my first thread here on the B&C and for it I'll be documenting progress on my latest army, the Alpha Legion (30k) So here goes nothing: First up my Praetor Now the autocannons: Thanks for taking the time to look, C&C welcome Apologies for poor quality, only camera I have is my phone
  2. Heya gang! While I'm still working away on the 30k Dark Mechanicum, I've just opted to a little bit of a modeling project and pallet clenser (drab yellow gets soul crushing..who woulda thought?!). While very different int colour, it will be similar in theme to my Dark Mechanicum efforts, meaning horror, bodily mutilation and all the horrible things that the heresy, and namely the Night Lords are. First up just a little bit of what I've been working on just trying a few things out. The below is just a tester for the first marine I'll be doing, just want a relativley 'normal' MK4 marine holding up a civilian and eviserating them as some..ah..encouragement for the minions he'll be whipping into the enemy guns. Super basic, but you get where it'll be going. While I was doint this, and loathing trying to do the MK4 Chest, Knees and Wrist plates (outside the helmet which I can use actual GW for) which I find are the most iconic parts of that armour... it hit me... I have a 3D printer and access to thingiverse.. lets have a play. Now as my 3d modeling skills are pretty terrible this early into the game, the best I can do so far is cut/rearrange pieces from existing files. So here I simply got a MK4 marine avaialbe on Thingiverse and removed/cut down pieces so I was left with just wrists, chest piece (which I rigged a sort of 'cutting block' to place 3d models of the armour over to cut out room for the Primaris Chest) and knee pads. I then increased their size a little prior to printing and boom! Primaris-MK4 conversion set!! I've opted to go this route as I feel unlike 40k, 30k (even with something like the nightlords) does require at least a little bit of uniformity to get that 'legion' vibe. Just a little scale shot so you can see whats going on! So next up, I'm working (almost completely in 3d here) on a truescale nullifactor as there isn't any great true-scale options available for Terminators (aside from Custodes Termies, but they'd require a soul crushing amount of work to get looking cataphractti enough for my liking). So I've sourced a few different files and what not (this is based mainly off a model from the Makers Cult on Pateron/CGtrader). So that'll be mounted onto some Cataphractti legs I also sourced a 3d model of that will be upscaled a bit to suit also, shoulder pads will be similar to the generic 30k pads and arms will be upscaled cataphractii arms. So it's printing as we speak, lets hope it doesn't fail :P So after all this the very basic fluff for the army so far (well get fleshed out, don't worry). Essentially ole KK obviously distrusts everything as we know, espcially Daemons, but could possible see them as a very basic means to a terror-end. So the fluff behind this army is there is a small contingent of Atramentar who have been dabbling or at least looking into ways of combatting Daemons as a fail safe, but have been told to have an attempt at the very least weaponising them for terror tactics, and if the Daemons turn, well they are equipped to put them down. The army will be based around Dark Compliance, with Daemonic Allies. It will eseentially be a few night lords squads whipping a bunch of indentured civilians into battle to act as a catalyst for a Daemonic Incursion.. so you've got terror of killing innocents that is then double downed upon with Daemons tearing into reality due to it. Very basic as I said, but enough to get the ball rolling. As an aside if anyone knows anywhere I can get some decent civlian looking models, that'd be awesome!! Cheers!
  3. army of dark compliance primary detachment is made up of any units from legion crusade or the militia/cult army list must contain at least a single praetor or centurion (including consuls) and they are the warlord must be traitors may not use rites of war legiones astartes rules do not carry over to militia units are counted as being from the same army list, so may share transports benefit from warlord traits .etc may not have more unit choices from legions than militia. may not take a discipline cadre (that's what the marines are for) legion astartes gain +1 to cover saves if shot at through a militia unit, however said unit takes D3 wounds with no AP value any militia unit may take the 'disposable' rule for free (don't confer victory points for being killed) but are no longer scoring.
  4. Celebrating the extremely recent decision to allow Xenos on B&C, I am posting all my notes on the subject from Heresy30k and Facebook to here. When Alex makes the Edict of Emancipation, only four xeno races respond and are allowed to apply themselves: Kinebrach, Jokaero, Kroot, and Eldar. The Kinebrach come from the Interex and are going to need a lot of work since we know very little about them. Jokaero and Kroot are fairly simple and will only need a little work to integrate into the BotL setting. The general fluff background for the Eldar mercs/auxilia is already in place at this point, just need to hammer down the details. The Edict of Emancipation, in addition to reversing the ban on xeno auxilia, contains a process for absorbing a potential xeno species into the Imperium proper. Translating the legalese, there are four stages of assimilation. First stage, just the simple ability to fight in the Imperial war machine. Faithful military service removes that particular xeno species from the list of extermination on the Imperium's rolls for a time or unless the aforementioned race betrays the Imperium. This is where the Kroot and Jokaero fall under. Second stage obviously entails more. In addition to above average fighting service, said race can pledge itself to be allied to the Imperium cause for the foreseeable future by agreeing to observe large portions of the Imperial law code, if not the whole thing. In return, the race is recognized as honorary but ultimately secondary citizens and can be given or acquire property/planetary rights within limits. This is where Eldrad's Eldar fall under. Third stage is complete assimilation. The xeno race is seen as a full Imperial citizen as the race completely commits to the Imperium, militarily, socially, economically, and so on. This is where the Interex's Kinebrach falls under. The Kroot, who's primary occupation as mercs, were quick to take advantage of the thousands of potential contracts the Imperium offered in its war against Insurrectionists, caring not for prior campaigns between the Imperium and Kroot warbands. Although more than willing to offer their abilities as warriors for Terra, there was a distinct aversion to truly tie the species with Humanity, preferring the more professional relationship between the two races. The Warmaster was content with this state of affairs, given the Kroot's unusual eating habits led them to being viewed suspiciously by Humanity. As such, while the Kroot fought hard against the Traitors throughout the entire war, no lasting ties were established. Without a developed language, the Jokaeros involvement in the Insurrection seemed more like happenstance than anything else, due to the erratic success of attempts to bribe them. Since no Jokaeros ever fought for the Traitors, the war ended with the species remaining off the extermination list. The latter two races would prove to be far more controversial. The Kinebrach would become controversial for being the first and potentially last xeno species to become full Imperial citizens, thanks to negotiations conducted between the Warmaster and the Interex. Although simian in appearance, only abhumans such as the Ogryns and the Squats had been given the same respect and offer. For their part, the Kinebrach acted honorably and obeyed all laws of the Imperium by the time the Insurrection concluded. Despite a change in political power, none dare to reverse the Warmaster's decision, given the sheer amount of damage to be repaired and lost ground retaken in the Scouring. Although they were never granted full citizenship by the Imperium, the Eldar proved to be the most controversial of the xenos for several reasons. Unlike the Kinebrach who committed to the Imperium as a race, Eldar corsairs and craftworlds would continue their on-going raids and warfare against both the Imperium and the Traitor Imperium, not including the depredations of the Dark Eldar. Additionally, unlike the Kinebrach who were already well-situated in Interex space, this new faction of Eldar explicitly traded their services for Imperial territory, an entire system for their use. Although the system had yet to be colonized, several critics declared this a great betrayal of the Great Crusade's ideals to establish a galaxy for Humanity. Although the Edict granted the Warmaster the extra firepower he needed to stop Icarion's first push towards Terra, it came at a high price. Although he was able to quell the internal voices of dissent, the Edict perhaps guaranteed the Insurrection would last longer, leading to the deaths of trillions more. When the three entire legions of the Warbringers, Steel Legion, and the Warriors of Peace defected from Icarion's cause, they rejected reunification with the Imperium. Although Alexandros was willing to offer a full pardon for his three wayward brothers and their sons, the three claimed that the Edict was a direct violation of the Emperor's will. As such, instead of joining the Imperium and permanently swinging the Insurrection in favor of the Loyalists, the three Primarchs established their own empire, dubbing it the Suzerainty. While I'm still figuring out a good name, more thoughts on the Imperium Eldar. Although it is Eldrad who initiates the alliance between Eldar and Man, he does not do so as an official representative of Ulthwé. It is a good few millennia before Eldrad becomes the Chief Farseer. Thus, while powerful and respected, he is in no position to persuade all of Ulthwé to join the Imperium. Furthermore, he has no intention of officially joining the Imperium himself, even as he makes the arrangement for other Eldar to do so. In the end, while Eldrad believes the Imperium/uncorrupted Humanity may be the greatest potential weapon against Chaos, his first priority is the preservation and survival of his race. If it came out that Eldrad had joined the Imperium, it would eliminate any chances of working with Biel-Tan, Iyanden, and a large majority of the Eldar race, which would view him as a traitor. As such, Eldrad's involvement with the Imperium-Eldar alliance is kept secret by the few beings who know about it. Instead, the Craftworld that actually does formally join the Imperium is Il-Kaithe. A Craftworld that absolutely loathes Chaos, when the Insurrectionists begin to dip into Chaos worship, the Craftworld is more than willing to ally with the Imperium to put an end to the new Chaos worshippers. In return for their service, Alexandros gives them an entire system, one that neighbors Delos, to become their new home. Some questions that need to be answered is what does the leadership structure of the Craftworld look like. Their codex entry makes an explicit point that they have some of the best Bonesingers of the entire Eldar race. Does that hint that the Bonesingers rule or merely a powerful faction within the Craftworld? How does that affect their military forces and ranks? Who does lead the Craftworld and is the 'face' of the Imperium Eldar? Looking at canon, the only thing from Il-Kaithe that has been established is their colours. This led to a brief yet energetic search through the internet for traditional Craftworld political structures. This was less straightforward than I imagined. Overall, I'm under the impression that most of the Craftworlds are led by a Seer Council with a couple of exceptions. Now, to my surprise, this doesn't immediately translate to Farseers. Although typical, especially in the case of Ulthwé, the Path of the Seer includes Farseers, Spiritseers, Warlocks, Wayseer, Wraithseer, White Seers, and Bonesingers. So, the Seer Council is essentially a council of experts leading the Craftworld that will defer to an Autarch/Autarchs whenever war comes to the Craftworld or it's necessary. So, as one person put it, the Craftworlds are technocracies, rule by experts. In the case of Il-Kaithe, I see the Bonesingers and the White Seers taking on additional importance given Il-Kaithe's on-going crusade against Chaos. For those of you who don't know (and I only learned about this tonight), a White Seer is an anti-Chaos Seer, who's job is to learn more about Chaos to kill it and guard the Black Library. Supposedly, they are immune to corruption. They are only mentioned in Gav Thorpe's Path of the Eldar series, which came out 5-7 years ago. As such, I think the role of the Black Library guardians has been firmly given to the Harlequins. However, I think they are an interesting concept since they do fill a role of the Craftworlds responding to the threat of Chaos. Bringing this back to Il-Kaithe, since the Eldar have Irish influences as far as I can tell, I'm going to say that they are led by a 9-member Seer Council (2 Farseers, 2 Spiritseers, 1 Warlock, 2 White Seers, 2 Bonesingers). Military command is divided equally into a trio of Autarchs. When Il-Kaithe forms the alliance with Alexandros, they send a 3-man delegation including a White Seer (to test Alex for Chaos influence), a Thought-talker (If it is a thing, then this would be the Eldar's telepath diplomat to ensure smooth negotiations), and one of the Autarchs. After the alliance, that same Autarch becomes the permanent liaison between Il-Kaithe and the Imperium and commander of the Imperial Eldar. Names to come later. As someone has pointed out to me, there seems to be a unified language convention when it comes to Eldar: Aeld-ari, Drukh-ari, and Ynn-ari. So, I think the name we should go with Muniteari to keep it in line with the current canon convention.
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