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  1. Working on my Chaos Marine army is slow-going for a bunch of reasons, but progress does happen (and hopefully soon so will more actual games). I'm currently focused on assembling/converting a couple of extra HQ choices. Firstly, a new Chaos Lord based on an Aspiring Champion from the original incarnation of my army. Tentatively named Kayne Firebringer. There's a good chance the name will change at some point (or possibly just the spelling). Based on a Primaris Reiver to get the extra stature the original version was supposed to possess. I'm trimming down the right-hand shoulder pad to add a regular CSM shoulder pad over it, and I need to remove the left hand/forearm to replace it with the CSM power fist for "I'm coming for you" effect. I'm also waiting on some Necromunda Goliath parts to give him one of the masked heads instead of the head shown in this image. Next we have Angelica, Exalted Champion of Khorne or, as I like to think of her, the Khornate Murder Princess. She's waiting for me to work out what I'm doing for her shoulder pad and to fill the gap from the cloak piece I decided against using. I have a right arm for her, with a massive blade weapon, but I think I need to sort out the torso before I can start trimming the shoulder on the arm to get it to fit. And finally, for now, the third Helbrute for my army. Unfortunately I couldn't get my camera to focus on the Cold One Head properly. All it really needs at the moment is a bit of gap-filling, but I'm tempted to add spikes and blades to the spire for the extra Godzilla factor. The heavy flamers use the spare cannisters from the Helbrute kits and nozzles from the Sister of Silence kit.
  2. From the album: Untitled Album

    Corpsemaster of the Red Corsairs
  3. Getting this project going again I think. My Oblivion Hunters are going to rise from my memory onto the tabletop for LVO 2023! =========================================== Paint Scheme =========================================== Background =========================================== Finished/Wip Models/Units =========================================== Altan (WiP) =========================================== Lists & Ideas ===========================================
  4. Kythnos


    From the album: Iron Warriors

  5. Kythnos


    From the album: Iron Warriors

  6. Origins The Knights Adamant were a chapter of Ultramarine gene-stock. Up until their distinguished service in quelling a devastating Hrud migration from the Ghoul Stars, the chapter was fleet based. The Knights Adamant had never previously encountered a threat as grave as the Hrud, and the conflict left a mark on the chapter culture. The Hrud’s ability to accelerate entropy, prematurely aging enemy troops and degrading enemy materiel make them a particularly deadly species of alien. The chapter watched in horror as entire Agri-Worlds withered and died, and whole hives collapsed under their own weight as the steel girders holding them up oxidized and crumbled. The effect on the Imperial Guard regiments the chapter was fighting alongside was even more chilling. Young conscripts grew old and frail in a matter of minutes. Fuel lines degraded as if they had not been maintained for decades and vehicles would not function, no matter how the machine spirit was appeased. Not even the transhuman physiology of the marines of the Knights Adamant kept them safe. By the end of the campaign, barely enough marines to field two companies survived. The highest ranking officer still surviving, and not interred in a dreadnought, was a techmarine named Nikola Carnot. In a controversial move, Carnot took up the mantle of Chapter Master. To calm suspicions about his dual dedication to the chapter and to Mars, Carnot formally renounced his vows to the Machine Cult, a slight that would not be forgotten for the rest of the chapter’s service. Carnot also declared that the chapter would begin construction of a fortress monastery on the surface of MX-115, a planet recently reclassified from Hive World to Dead World, where the Hrud incursion had been most destructive. The post-apocalyptic landscape of the planet served as a morbid reminder of what was lost, and the threats that humanity needed protection from. Possibly due to the analytical mind of their Chapter Master, or possibly due to the macabre landscape where they made their home, the Knights Adamant became obsessed with entropy as a physical quantity. It alone determined the fate of any chemical reaction or process. To the chapter, entropy proved an even greater threat than any xenos ever would. They scoured the sector for ancient texts and data repositories where the sages of antiquity described the esoteric rules by which entropy determines all of existence. These heretical texts marked the downfall of the chapter, for in opening their minds to the idea that there existed a fundamental property of the universe that not even the might of the Imperium – not even the might of the Emperor Himself – could overcome, they had damned themselves. Over the next few centuries, the Knights Adamantine returned to near full strength. A silent feud with the Machine Cult of Mars had left the armouries of the chapter with fewer vehicles than the Codex dictates, but the chapter was flush with marines and their genestocks were full. Carnot had also tasked his chaplains with compiling the Index Thermodynamica, a treatise outlining how best to limit the resources lost to the great thief of entropy. Under the oversight of the chaplaincy, squads were sent out to the worlds that the chapter recruited from to conduct an inventory of each of the planets in the sub-sector. The results of the inventory were grim. The planets were found to be excessively wasteful. Imperial bureaucracy, a corrupt and greedy nobility, and an ill maintained infrastructure was losing trillions of units of entropy every year, far in excess of what was deemed necessary by the Index Thermodynamica. At these rates, the planets would survive a scant few millennia before becoming useless in the defense and support of the Imperium. Furious, Chapter Master Carnot penned an ultimatum to the offending planetary governors and noble houses who ruled the planets in the sub-sector. In it he demanded that if the planets were to continue to enjoy the aegis of the Knights’ Adamantine protection, they would have to make steps to comply with the Index Thermodynamica. The response from the planetary leader’s was silence. The terms were wholly unacceptable. The austerity measures outlined in the Index described a level of luxury, while far in excess of the living conditions that the planets menials laboured under, were unthinkable to the upper classes who enjoyed the lion’s share of the fruits of the planets’ industry. Astropathic messages were sent out to the Ecclessiarchy, the Inquisition, and anyone else who would listen, describing the heretical text penned by the renegade Astartes holding the sub-sector hostage. Within months a fleet of vessels led by Inquisitor Pangloss broke system and began a bombardment of MX-115. The orbital defense batteries fired back on the fleet but were quickly overwhelmed. Beyond the automated defenses, no response came from the surface. No chapter vessels were found at anchor in orbit. The planet had been deserted. Inquisitorial scouts reported back from the surface that the fortress monastery was deserted. Signs of internal violence were present, and the corpses of scores of marines as well as no few dreadnoughts lay shattered in the halls of the fortress. The librarium, reclusiam, and armoury were cleared out, but most curious of all was the geneseed repository. Signs of a great fire, and the remnants of demonic formulae were all that remained. Homeworld Coming soon. Combat Doctrine Coming soon. Organisation Coming soon. Beliefs Coming soon. Geneseed Coming soon. Battlecry “No future! No hope!”
  7. Corpus Brethren Fierce alien hunters prized by the Deathwatch and famed in song across the Imperium's outermost planets, the ivory-armoured Sentinels once roamed the borders of human space. The Chapter maintained no homeworld, but swept through space aboard a trio of Battle Barges, taking recruits from those savages stout enough to endure their victory feasts. Trophies taken from exotic alien species were prized among battle-brothers, and decorated the armour of elite warriors. When the Warp Storm Dionys engulfed dozens of star systems, only sheer bad luck saw the nomadic Chapter caught in its chaotic wake. At first, the Sentinels outright ignored the call to be judged for mutation – it took overt threats from the infamously purist and equally mobile Red Scorpions to bring the Chapter to heel. This insolence would reflect poorly on the Sentinels when gene-seed inspection revealed a hyperactive omophagea – leaving them no choice but to accept a doomed, penitent invasion of the Eye of Terror. Masters of the spaceborne hunt, the Sentinels easily evaded the heretic fleets that scattered the Abyssal Crusade to make planetfall on the daemon world of Oliensis. Initial auspex scans revealed the planet's organic crust, and soon they had fully mapped its true form – a morbidly obese humanoid, curled into a foetal ball. Undaunted and proud, the Sentinels elected to begin the hunt regardless. The goat-headed hedonists who inhabited Oliensis were no match for the Chapter's swift assault and deadly ambush. Nor were the gaudily-painted Noise Marines who came to their aid, adding the screech of sonic weaponry to the mad bleats of Slaaneshi revelry. The hunt raged between tree-trunk bristles, across rivers of drool, and into cave-like pores, and with each conquest the Sentinels feasted anew. As supplies ran low, these celebrations were supplemented by the meat of flesh-cultists and horned tumour-spawn, growing louder and fiercer and crueler without end. By the time the Sentinels claimed victory over Oliensis, the horned pagans who had survived their hunt worshipped the Astartes as hungry gods. Chaplain Cuhullin, whose milk-white armour now twitched with thin red veins, welcomed all to the final feast. At his words, the planet itself stirred. The ground split and broke into a canyon maw beneath the Chapter, swallowing every warrior and vehicle whole. It took weeks for the survivors to gnaw their way free with chainsword and fang, but those who had tasted the daemon world's gory mantle found it an ambrosia beyond any victory they had ever known. Reborn and renamed, the Corpus Brethren retain their old aptitude for lightning assaults and desire for exotic trophies. What drives them now is hunger, an insatiable gluttony that has seen them butcher a Tyranid bio-titan, rampage across multiple systems in pursuit of a shipment of ajidamal spice, and round up the noble class of an entire Hive World into pens for slaughter. Accompanied by Chaos Spawn hunting hounds, horn-headed cultists, and trumpeting Noise Marines, the Corpus Brethren inspire primal dread in the very worlds they once kept safe. Renegade Trait Warlord Trait Stratagem Artefact Of Chaos ********* Slight tweaks to the backstory of the Corpus Brethren – trying to give them a bit more agency in their fall, and emphasizing the hunger/consumption aspect to give them a unique Slaaneshi gimmick. In mechanical terms, I eschewed actually representing that consumption stuff for lack of space; Feeder Tendrils or Hyper-Evolution would have been fun, but I needed to get across the speed and savage hunting skill of the Corpus Brethren. I also wanted to actually encourage the Corpus Brethren to be Slaaneshi, without resorting to the "must be SLAANESH" stuff found in the errata for Vigilus Ablaze – pretty difficult when the primary benefit of being Slaaneshi is a boost against Imperial armies (yay?) and extra Shooting (not really appropriate). The Renegade Trait is more-or-less a clone of the Evil Sunz, but with a Slaanesh restriction on falling-back-and-charging. You get a boost to pile in/consolidate, but your +2 Movement boost applies only to Possessed, not "basically every vehicle" like it does for Evil Sunz. The Warlord Trait is a straightforward Raven Guard-style no-Overwatch, allowing you to rush your Chaos Lord or Daemon Prince into combat and have your hungry hordes follow behind unimpeded. The Stratagem is the inverse of a Harlequins Stratagem (Cegorach's Jest), allowing you to punish enemies who attempt to fall back. Honestly, I feel like this ought to be a standard rule for Falling Back, albeit with an Overwatch-style "hit on 6s" limit. In the meantime, this means that when you get into close combat, it's painful for the enemy to get out. Originally it just let you charge them again, but I feel like this lets your opponent actually get what they want (falling back) with a penalty, rather than just denying them the opportunity to flee. I was tempted to add something about applying Death to the False Emperor to that unit for the rest of the battle, to encourage Slaaneshi marks rather than brute-forcing it, but it's already complex enough and that feels like I'd be edging into a higher CP cost. Finally, the Artefact of Chaos supports that lone wolf no-Overwatch charge your Warlord is good for, by letting him heal himself with kills. It's broadly balanced against the Parasite's Kiss (+1 attack, +2AP, +1D, vs 1 shot on the charge and D3 damage) and is also available to Dark Apostles (because why not).
  8. So I'm thinking with all the new chaos releases I'm going to make a Red Corsairs aligned warband, and I want the core of the warband to be based around Executioner chapter renegades that chose to stick with Huron after the Badab War. While that would technically make them Red Corsairs, I'd like to incorporate some of the old original color scheme of the chapter into the design. Not really sure what color to use, the Executioners are kinda a bluish/grey/silver for their main color. Really stuck on what colors to use so suggestions would be most welcome. To show their allegiance to Red Corsairs I think I'll do the red shoulder pads of the corsairs. For reference here's an executioner chapter marine: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warhammer40k/images/a/a4/Executioners_Marine.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20180223193357
  9. When they speak of our legion, they recall tales of debauched excess; screaming madmen who are little more than slaves to their crude desires. Servants to sin. There was a time, however, when the IIIrd stood for something else, something more pure; master warriors and swordsmen without peer. Our father Fulgrim epitomises this foul change, of course he does, it was he who lead our former brothers from the apex of grace to the nadir of depravity. We cannot claim innocence in the collapse of our legion, we rejoiced as passionately as any other when Fabius returned from his gore stained ventures to the limit of astartes physiology, enhancing us far beyond the Emperor’s original designs. We even accepted the new weapons pioneered by Marius’ damned company on the stained sands of Isstvan, reveling in their destructive power. Aye, we followed the Warmaster gladly when he raised his banner against Terra, though we remained ever loyal to our legion’s goal and, in fact, pursue it still more rigorously than our twisted father and his disciples. That of perfection, mastery of the self and of war. That endless quest to become the ultimate warlords. After conquering the galaxy, what test remained other than that of destroying the greatest war machine ever to exist? The juggernaut of the Imperium, protected by rank upon rank of gene-bred killers was to be the truest test of our skill. In our eyes, we are the true inheritors of the mantle of the IIIrd, even as Fulgrim betrayed his father, he betrayed his own sons and brothers on blasted Terra, abandoning the fight to hunt flocks of human cattle across the world. Who knows how many of our brothers would still draw breath if our legion had not disgraced itself, had not broken ranks, shamelessly discarding discipline in favour of reckless indulgence? We remained steadfast, fighting and dying according to battle drills tested across a thousand worlds. Alas it was not enough, and the rest, as you well know, is history...
  10. Renegades and Heretics (and heretic-Heretics) Painting Bonanza Welcome to the first R&H collective painting event. We're doing this to have some fun, get some inspiration, and show off some great little plastic (or metal or resin) Heretics. Participants will be able to vow to paint part of their collection, ranging from a single cultist to an entire army, and we'll see how much we as a subforum can accomplish. The Rules: Anyone is welcome to participate within the guidelines of the festivities. The event will start immediately, and run until the end of August. Anyone is free to vow as much or as little as they would like, but please finish one vow before starting on another. Try to not vow more than you can handle. Any models fall into one of three categories: 1. Entries in the Renegades and Heretics army list from Forgeworld's Imperial Armour Index. 2. Entries from the Astra Militarum army list from Index: Imperium 2. 3. Other Entries with the Faction Keyword "Chaos". These entries may only make up a total of half of your vows in total. So two squads of Cultists and a Squad of Fallen is ok, Three Squads of Renegade Astartes solo is not ok for this event (unless you have three units to balance them). The Vow: Simply post the following to make your vow of painting. Failure in your vows will be looked on harshly by the Warmaster, and being turned into spawn is the best you can hope for. "I, [name], vow to supply the Warmaster with [units or models here] totaling [total points]. May we bring death to the False Emperor." I will keep track of the vows periodically here :) Kinstryfe- 10 Marauders with Meltas and Shotguns, 2x 6 Marauders with Flamers 194pts 4 Lascannon and 3 Autocannon Teams 146pts 3 Malefic Lords and 3 Enforcers 183pts Greenz- 10 Guardsmen with Heavy bolter, Flamer, and Bolter 56pts Lorgar17- 2 renegade enforcers, 2x 5 Marauders with a plasma gun, meltagun, flamer, grenade launcher and shotgun, a disciple heavy weapon team with a missile launcher, and a land raider with a combi-bolter 550pts Hydra with heavy flamer/heavy bolter (magnetised), totalling 132pts Akrim- 30 Mutants with shotguns and 2 Medusa Siege Guns 120+???pts Azekai- 2 Nurgle Enforcers with Plasma Pistols 70pts
  11. Hello! I haven't actually played in a couple editions, but 8th has me wanting to look into possibility finding out if there's a gaming group near me. Having not played my guard much though, I was wondering if anyone had some good advice on what to build into my lists? The only really huge limitation I have is that I can't afford to buy much new at the moment, but I have a big enough collection to cover most non-flyer options. I'm also very much a play for fun player, but I don't want to paint up an army that isn't at all viable. Are there any good rules to live by? Is a single tank a bad idea, or ok in practice. Go for fewer squads of disciples, or massed militia to get off more shots and more bodies? I tend to gravitate toward infantry, but I'm unsure if a mass of 150 + infantry in a 2000pt list makes sense, or if it's better to swap a bunch of bodies for some tanks. Basically, I need help to know what I should work on digging up, converting, or painting, please :)
  12. I made a thing! Teaser: http://i.imgur.com/9VgEdXk.jpg http://i.imgur.com/82nfySG.jpg Thanks to the B+C members from the Black Templar and Chaos forums for encouraging me in the pursuit of an idea. PS. He already killed a witch!
  13. From the album: World Eaters/ Khorne Daemonkin

    Exalted Champion, Dark Apostle, Renegades, CSM, Heretic Astartes, World Eaters, khorne
  14. From the album: Pictures

    Iron Within, Iron Get Out

    © Games Workshop

  15. Kythnos


    From the album: Iron Warriors

  16. Kythnos


    From the album: Iron Warriors

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