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  1. Original Q: Were the Alpha Legion at the Siege AKA How do I base them? So, going with rule of cool over everything, my Blood Angels are SoT themed, and have rubble/muck/marble/tile bases, and I wanted to do the same with my Alphas - namely to have two Heresy forces that would look like they're on the same battlefield. However I've realised/remembered that there aren't really records of the Alphas being at Terra, and it's not really their style of fight, so I was wondering: In new/old lore, is there any evidence for the Alphas being at the Siege? I'm not up to date on teh SoT books, but have got up to praetorian. Do you have any good ideas/examples of Imperial Palace-style basing for heresy era armies? Thanks! For reference, below are my two attempts at what I envisage an 'Imperial Palace' base to be. Could maybe do with more marbling on the tiles.
  2. So as part of the current IF challenge being held in the IF forum i have finished the start of a small Siege of Terra force, and thought i should post it down here for you all. This army started out as a idea to do a kill-team based on one of the ones in Saturnine (which if you haven't read is great), and i settled on the one lead by Garro. While this plan was a starting point i have soon started adding more models which don't quite fit into a ZM ideology, so the currant plan is to do a 2500 point centurion list and then start adding vehicles, and as such i am currently halfway there with the first 1250 points: Breacher squad 1 Breacher squad 2 Terminators Dreadnought Apothecary Delegatus Champion And finally a group shot of them all: Next up in the painting table is a 15 man Phalanx warder Squad, a 5 man support squad, and Garro himself which will bring it up to 2000 points. After that i will do a 10 man autocannon heavy support squad, and 3 quad rapiers. Following that a Caestus assault ram (for the terminators) a rhino (for the support squad) a defense line (for the heavy support) and a Sicaran Arcus (for the lol's). This will have me at 3000 points if i don't use Garro, and my plan then is to add some White Scars and some Blood Angel allies. Hope you like them and any comments and criticism is gratefully received. For Dorn and the Emperor!
  3. We were a legion once. Now, we are little more than rabid dogs biting at each other. The decent into madness started long ago, after our fateful reunion with our genefather. Our leaders were the first to go. The Legion Master was gutted in our Primarch’s berserker fury. Khârn himself was almost beaten to death. Perhaps we should have bombarded that planet and reduced it to ashes, with Angron still upon it. We succumbed to the bite of the Buthchers’ Nails more often as the Heresy ground on. Worlds burned and their populations cried out as we slaughtered our way to Terra. Though we appeared to be a mindless, bloodthirsty rabble, we remained a legion. We remained unified in purpose under our captains, our centurions, and our Primarch. Then we lost at Terra. We charged into the teeth of the loyalist defenses at the Imperial Palace. Hundreds of our brothers perished breaching the gates. Even our feared 8th Captain fell. But we exacted a terrible toll on the defenders. We took many skulls. We had come so close. But then the Sons of Horus retreated, soon to be followed by the other Traitor Legions. We were among the last to leave. We hacked our way out of the Palace defenses and cut a path back to our landing zones. A few dozen of us who still retained some fraction of our senses fought our way toward Khârn’s body and carried him from the field. We could do little but scream in hatred and frustration as we battled our way back across the blasted killing fields before the Palace. We had come so close. My bolter had run dry and my chainaxe was rendered useless hours earlier. I made do with a captured plasma pistol and gladius ripped from the dying grasp of an Imperial Fists sergeant. I nearly overheated that pistol while driving back our pursuers. Captain Ursus deployed several armored vehicles to cover our retreat and annihilate the Blood Angels pursuing us. As we gathered behind the wall of fire provided by Predators, Sicarrans, and Spartans, flights of Stormbirds, Thunderhawks, and Storm Eagles descended from the smoke and dust clouded sky. What was left of my squad and I boarded a Storm Eagle seconds before it lifted off of Terra’s blasted surface. I looked around the troop compartment. Several of my brothers had removed their helmets. Blood dripped from their noses and mouths. Their eyes were hollow and stared at nothing. Nobody spoke. As the ramp began to close, I gazed down at the burning yet defiant Imperial Palace fading in the distance. We had come so close. -Sergeant Droath of the warband known as the Wrathful Host, XII Legion Astartes Hello all, I figured that I needed to start a WIP thread for my World Eaters warband here. I've been working on this army for some time now and posting updates on the CSM forum. I am participating in Call of Chaos this year and I am much more motivated to put together models and paint than normal. My warband is known as the Wrathful Host, and I am depicting it as it was directly after the Siege of Terra and during the Scouring. It is led by Lord By-Tor, former captain of the 202nd Company. My army is heavy on berzerkers and armored vehicles because 1. I play World Eaters, so chop chop 2. I like tanks. . . a lot I'll post some more images of the units I have finished so far and more fluff later, but for now here is Sgt. Droath and his squad of veterans (Chosen) ca. the Battle of Skalathrax.
  4. Howdy Guys and Girls So it looks like we have a Death Guard sub forum now, eh? Guess it's time to make a showcase thread for my finished Death Guard stuff I'm slowly working on my Siege of Terra era First Plague Company force - my army so far: And some close-ups from my recently finished Dreadnought: Treacus Former Destroyer Sergeant, Ferrus Infernum Dreadnought of the Death Guard The Death Guard relied throughout the Great Crusade almost exclusively on its infantry to provide its strategic strength, with the bulk of tactical support firepower coming from heavily armed support squads, and later from the Legion's considerable numbers of Terminators and Dreadnoughts, which provided reinforcement and assault spearheads where needed. This focus on heavy infantry formations was also one of the reasons the Death Guard Legion developed a particularly admirable record in fighting to clear Space Hulks of alien infestation and for their ability to destroy fortifications and citadels from within. For these so-called Zone Mortalis actions, the Castraferrum Dreadnought was introduced in great numbers to support the Legion. Starship boarding actions, tunnel fights and combat deep inside densely built hive cities - there, its lower profile allows the Castraferrum to negotiate low-ceilinged passageways that the taller Contemptor Pattern would be unable to pass along. When the XIVth Legion fleet arrived on Terra - warped and corrupted, so did their Dreadnoughts - now a dark version of their former glory. Note: Corrupted Mark IV "Castraferrum" pattern chassis - also refered as Ferrus Infernum Helbrute. Hope you like - stay tuned for more
  5. Hey! I've started work on a force of Blood Angels that will hopefully become an Armies on Parade entry, and I've set it in the Siege of Terra, which is one of my favourite events in Warhammer 40k. The sheer scale and gravity of it, the fact that the Siege is where where the conclusion of one of the largest wars in the galaxy will be decided, and both sides know it. No quarter is offered, and none is given in one of the most vicious battles in the 31st millenium. I was inspired to do this by frater OakRiver's excellent Crimson Thorns plog, and I've bought a Blood Angels Tactical Squad and sprinkled bits of MKVII to make my company seem like their armour has been patched together with a new and fresh mark of power armour. I've been working on a Blood Angels Veteran Squad Member who is the test model for my army. His armour is about finished, and I'm quite pleased with it. Comments appreciated! :)
  6. http://i.imgur.com/uEuKXk5.png?2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9S24hgiisQY&feature=player_embedded Datafile unlocked… Memory core opened… Sequence begins… I do not understand. My brother captains often speak of glory, of honour, of becoming legends in their time. Sigismund and his Templar are the epitome of this, rushing into combat without worry or care. They have zeal, and that is enough for them. But it does not satisfy me. My father taught us many things, but above all, he taught us duty. Duty to our brothers. Duty to him. Duty to the Emperor. Duty to our Imperium. We are the foundation upon which the Imperium is built. We carry it upon our shoulders every single day. That is why we crusade. That is why we stand, when all others are dust. My brothers, my father. They are heroes. They are legends already, and they will be remembered throughout the annals of history. I am not. I simply do what is needed, and that is enough. It always shall be. I am a soldier among heroes, and I understand my burden. It has been mine since I first stepped foot in the Temple of Oaths aboard the Phalanx so many years ago. It has been renewed with every breath I take, every beat of my heart within my chest. It ceases only when I do, bloody and broken in the golden yellow of my Legion. It is the burden of duty. - Memoirs, by Heinrich Eilings, Shield-Commandant, 284th Storm Battalion, XXI Regiment,. VII Legion Astartes Sequence ends… Memory core closed… Datafile locked... VII Legion Organization CCLXXXIV Storm Battalion, XXI Regiment, VII Legion Within the Legiones Astartes there existed many variant lesser known formations and structures – the Armatures of the impeccable Third, the Steel Phalanges of the Iron Hands, the Dragoons of the early IV legion – that endured from the early days of the Legions. Significantly better known were the designate Battalions of the Imperial Fists: those of the Shield, the Lance, the Sword and the Storm. By far the most common of the battalion structures, the Storm Battalions were shock infantry formations, with a marked disposition for zone mortalis and urban warfare, with an abundance of squads configured as standard Tactical (Line) and Breacher units, representing a propensity for close order firefight units over other more specialized close-combat units. A standard structure for the Storm Battalion was a command group overseeing 3 Line Companies, roughly equitable to the standard Legion Company outlined in the Principia Belicosa, with further units relegated to a number of Auxiliary Detachments. The minutiae of the organization, as in many Legions, was relegated to the commander’s preference, and greatly varied from Battalion to Battalion, making it utterly difficult to pin down specific squad numbers for each detachment. The 284th Storm Battalion simply existed as one of many, but one whose particular ideals, exercised into tactical decision, fell close to the original structure. Within the battalion, it was typically viewed as foolhardy to go into battle with anything less than a boltgun, and whilst it was expected that each trooper of the Line companies would carry with them a sidearm and a combat blade for close quarter brawls, a company was expected to be universally equipped with the bolter as their primary weapon, with the exception of those assigned to specialized Support units and issued an alternative firearm instead. Peculiar to the 284th Storm Battalion’s rhetoric was the reference of individual Astartes as ‘soldiers,’ or often alternatively as ‘trooper.’ Whilst it is true that most Legions and their ideologies regarded the individual as lesser than the whole, it is rare that an Astartes would be referred to as a ‘soldier,’ rather than the more common ‘warrior’ or some variation thereof. The 284th placed a special emphasis on duty, and promoted this ideal as a greater purpose than anything else: glory, honor, or recognition. Duty to their Primarch, the Emperor, and most especially the Imperium was more important than any other motivation a trooper of the battalion might have, and it was frequently referred to as ‘the burden’ in many personal journals and memoirs recovered after the Siege of Terra. They prized fulfillment of their tasking over all else to a higher degree than most Astartes, and as such, suffered a high rate of casualties due to their refusal to abandon any incomplete mission, no matter how minor an impact on the war effort as a whole it might have. The precise structure of the Battalion reflected many of the standards of the Storm Battalions – Shield Commandant Heinrich Eilings and his Command Staff led, while the trinity of line companies formed the spine of the Battalion – each comprising approximately 120 Marines split among Veterans and Marines of the Line, while auxiliary detachments such as the Wallbreaker Terminator Elite and the Hunter Divisions formed its beating, unbreaking heart. By the time of the Siege of Terra the 284th was equipped with large stocks of Mk IV ‘Maximus’ pattern armor. This power armor pattern favored by the battalion for its advanced sensor suite was supplemented by other, older patterns and several prototype armor marks retrieved from Martian forges during the intense fighting there. Optimization and mixed armor types were extremely common, especially among the troopers of the Line companies, who often suffered higher than average damaged wargear during engagements as a result of the battalion’s preferred methods of warfare. It is these same tactical preferences for forlorn hopes and attrition warfare that wore away at the formation throughout the Siege and led to the ultimate termination of the 284th Storm Battalion as a functional fighting unit. http://i.imgur.com/OY4eT9k.jpg?1http://i.imgur.com/IcBn2ZR.jpg?1 [Pict-capture ZX/5793-37-00] Trooper Brannagh, I Grenadier, Company A (Line) http://i.imgur.com/iQs1TBu.jpg?1http://i.imgur.com/2vyh5Nz.jpg?1 [Pict-capture ZX/5793-37-01] Trooper Thawne, I Grenadier, Company A (Line) http://i.imgur.com/1TUf0hL.jpg?1http://i.imgur.com/Xkcf5ST.jpg?1 [Pict-capture ZX/5793-37-02] Trooper Kane, I Grenadier, Company A (Line) http://i.imgur.com/g5IenY2.jpg?1http://i.imgur.com/PwuVBP4.jpg?1 [Pict-capture ZX/5793-37-03] Trooper Lukas, I Grenadier, Company A (Line) http://i.imgur.com/gM5m9km.jpg?1http://i.imgur.com/fu4y0HR.jpg?1 [Pict-capture ZX/5793-37-04] Master Sergeant Arno Slade, I Grenadier, Company A (Line)
  7. Heya brothers and sisters, I just found a Tweet by none other than Neil Roberts featuring the next release of the siege series. As it seems, it's called Fury of Magnus by Graham McNeil. Unfortunately, uploading the picture here at work is quite difficutl. It would be more than awesome if someone could do share it in here. Thanks and let the speculations begin! Cheers, Kel
  8. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-NZ/Sons-Of-The-Selenar-Ltd-Ed-2019
  9. Command Report Neptune Section 75 Praetor-Secundus Gharael My Lords, our situation is dire. Hab-block Alpha-Centauri 7 edges on the precipice of death. Although scattered, the sons of the Arch-Traitor have mounted a fierce offensive. Several elements of the Palace 17th Armoured have defected. Although most of their motorpool was destroyed before this, they still pose a threat to our outposts. Our forces are depleted. (See attachment): -36 Tactical Brothers -23 Veteran Brothers -3 Dreadnoughts -18 Suits of Cataphractii and Indomitus Pattern Tactical Dreadnought Armour -2 Spartan Assault Tanks (1 Immobilized near our frontlines) -63 Troopers of the Palace 17th Armoured Regiment -6 Leman Russ Battle Tanks -4 Sentinel Scout Walkers -5 Basilisk Artillery Tanks -2 Dracosan Armoured Transports We request immediate reinforcements. Alpha-Centauri must not fall. [Pict Attachments] Praetor-Secundus Gharael. Former Huscarl seconded to 642nd Company Command.
  10. -Begin Log- -Sons of Horus 305th Company- -Imperial Logistics Servitor VS-BC-23- 6 Squads idle. 23 Auxilia Sections idle. Dreadnought Requisition pending. Squad Krinos has completed it's objectives. Casualty estimates at acceptable levels. Squad Omega disappeared amongst the remains of Hab-Block Alpha-B65, Sublevel-42. No communications received from Squad Lupus. Last contact made 35 hours ago. Squad Faron has completed it's objectives. No losses reported. Auxilia Section 3 Cult of the Holy Reckoning is facing heavy resistance. Estimated time remaining: 2 days. Next Log in 3 days. -End Log- -Thought for the day: scrapcodedeathtothefalseemperor12-
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