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  1. 'SOVA NOCTIS' The Space Owls Chapter, or the ‘Sova Noctis’ as the warriors of the chapter often refer to themselves, are a non-codex compliant chapter of space marines. Inheriting the Gene-Seed of the Raven Guard’s Primarch, Corvus Corax, the Space Owls are supernaturally stealthy warriors who excel in stalking their prey, then unleashing sudden ambushes and devastating close quarter assaults. Links for PDF Download MEGA Bolter&Chainsword Name: ‘Space Owls’ or the ‘Sova Noctis’ Founding: Unknown - suspected Unstated Founding in M36, sometime after the climax of the Reign of Blood Primarch: Corvus Corax Primogenitor Chapter: Unknown - suspected Raptors Chapter successor Successors: None Chapter Master: Davor Venatus – presently elected ‘Warleader’ by the Chapter Conventa Fortress Monastery: Former Age Dark Orbital Prison-Labour Facility renamed the ‘Hollow’ Homeworld: Umbra Minor Designation: Feral World Gravity: Near Earth Standard Temperature/Climate: Temperate and Cold, Volcanic Equatorial Zone Population: Unknown – suspected high thousands Planetary Governor: Chapter Conventa - assembled council of Chapter Captains and Specialist Chamber Masters System: Stolas Sector: --REDACTED-- Segmentum: Tempestus Tithe Grade: None - Adeptus Astartes World
  2. A Black Templars Assault Intercessor Sergeant that I painted when first getting back into the hobby. More info: https://chillminis.com/black-templars-assault-intercessor-sergeant/

    © All rights reserved. Copyright Daniel Lee / Chillminis

  3. A Black Templars Assault Intercessor Sergeant that I painted when first getting back into the hobby. More info: https://chillminis.com/black-templars-assault-intercessor-sergeant/

    © All rights reserved. Copyright Daniel Lee / Chillminis

  4. A Black Templars Assault Intercessor Sergeant that I painted when first getting back into the hobby. More info: https://chillminis.com/black-templars-assault-intercessor-sergeant/

    © All rights reserved. Copyright Daniel Lee / Chillminis

  5. "As the Warp changed my flesh, my brothers in the Eighth legion shunned me. But the Black Legion welcomed my brotherhood and showed me a new path. We are not shackled by our fathers. We can become something greater." - Legionnaire Tor Valdred, Formerly of the Night Lords, Oathsworn of the Black Legion. Pictured below while deployed for the Vigilus conflict, Valdred displays the mutated facial features that drove him out of his former legion, likely as a form of psychological warfare against the human defenders of the world. Note the extreme coloration of the skin and the yellow, glowing eyes. +++ So, after all these years, it would appear that Games Workshop will finally make good on their promises and release a refreshed range of Chaos Space Marine models. Coincidentally, I have an escalation league themed around the Vigilus conflict starting on the 22nd of January and almost everyone signed up has chosen some form of Imperium force. That will not do, no sir. So begins my journey back to the faction that started it all for me! As a head up, this will probably be more of a "Hall of Honor" thread as I personally don't want to provide updates on unpainted miniatures at this point in my hobby life. You'll also notice I've gone with a decidedly more old-school basing scheme. This comes from my formative memories of White Dwarf around the time of Medusa V and this thread will certainly pay homage to the days of that campaign and the 3.5 Chaos Space Marines Codex. Anyway, let me know your feedback! Cheers!
  6. So recently, I've been thinking more and more about 7th edition - and after a local master tournament, and ork codex previews - I said: "screw it, I wanna see if it's just my nostalgia or really 7th ed is better". So I've called my friend who started collecting wh40k just before 8th come out (1. The guy is a blast to play with and a good friend of mine, 2. I wanted some fresh perspective), and booked a table on our weekly beerhammer event. He brought his necrons and I've brought my Deathwatch strike force with Guard Mech Platoon in tow. I must say, it was really enjoyable. We were playing 2000 pts game, that lasted for 5 turns (maelstrom of war cards), with 3 homebrew rules. 1. everything has split fire, 2. you don't have to shoot the same thing you want to charge, 3. you can charge after firing weapons other than pistols nad assault, but you are penalized with disordered charge if you do. The game ended in a draw. Some stray observations: 1. Deployment went much smoother. The fact that I didn't have to constantly measure 17,5" between my units, slowly deploy my screening units, and building some "castle" around a unit giving a certain aura, was a good start. 2. The first turn wasn't deciding. While we both had the decent ranged firepower, no one was able to blast opposing player thanks to some clever positioning, cover saves, and the way armour penetration works. Also the fact that everything has a smaller rate of fire helped. 3. I had to think much more in a movement phase. Lately, in my games of 8th edition, I've been skipping movement phase about 80% of the time (because most of the armies either deep strike or cross no man's land in T1 or are gunline where you just pray that your opponent rolls below the average), during that game I had to think much more where I want to move and how I want to move. Grabbing cover, moving at combat speed or cruising made me think more about my moves. 4. While many (about 9 out of 10 in my experience) 8th ed games are basically over by turn 3, (because in most cases one player has been crippled by the other one), here we had surprisingly a lot of stuff at the beginning of our T4. Mainly because in 7th (even with AP2/3 flying around), power armour does work (his warriors would've wiped the floor with my kill team in a single turn this edition), and if it doesn't you can still use cover. Almost all the time I or my opponent had some kind of save (that wasn't 6+), the game was much more dynamic and fun. 5. Ironically phases took much less of a time. Even with damn templates and blasts shooting phase still took less of a time. Who would've thought that when you don't have to roll 50 dice (or 120 for orks) for each squad game goes much quicker? 6. Close combat was less one-sided. With the way WS and initiative work in 7th, the combat was less decisive. And I think it is a good thing, with the way charges work in 8th, when you are charged with dedicated melee unit you can just remove your models without even rolling, here it was pleasant that my guys had even a chance to fight (they didn't kill much but it was nice either way). And because you can't hit better than on 3+, the fights weren't as predictable. It forced us to adapt. 7. The game ended in a draw. I played 150+ games of warhammer 8th edition, and I can't remember a game that ended in a draw. 8. My friend liked playing 7th more than I've thought he would have. We are already planning on playing some more. Can you bring awful cheesy list in 7th? Yes, you can. But you can do that in 8th too. (Tzangor bomb comes to mind for example) And after today's game, I'm done with 8th. This game was more enjoyable and engaging than any other previous game in six months. I'll need to play some more, but as of now - I think 7th is vastly superior than what has 8th become now. Fight me.
  7. Ave Imperator! This is my first time posting - have been collecting Sisters for a few years now having spent many years away from the hobby (usual reasons). Want to get going with painting / converting and writing fluff for my crusade themed army and would appreciate help, comments and support along the way. Have a Sororitas Imperial Knight conversion that I'm working on and almost ready to post pictures of it, have finished the converting and have just started painting - let me know if you'd like to see it. Before I finish the Knight I need some advice on the colour scheme for my Sisters: https://www.flickr.com/photos/148492198@N02/shares/9145qA https://www.flickr.com/photos/148492198@N02/shares/gh4Atd Leaning towards the red at the moment as would fit with Inquisition and Black Tenplar factions but am changeable. I'm happy with the armour etc but which do you prefer? Should I stick with the red or change to blue? Also - when writing fluff what are the important details that people want to know about? Will post pictures as and when I finish models. I'm planning a force of 2000pts to start, just need to get some Black Templars and I'm there. Thanks for reading if you're still with me and hope to be more involved on this forum. The Emperor protects!
  8. As with I'm sure many folks around here, the Indomitus box has really captured my imagination when it comes to Primaris marines. I sat 8th out for the most part and have really devoted most of my hobbying efforts to 30k and Titanicus. The new marine models are just too cool to pass up however and this seems like the perfect opportunity to do what I'm sure many frater have dreamed of doing - building up a new marine chapter from scratch. My 30k armies are Imperial Fists and Emperor's Children, so for a color scheme I needed to come up with something decently far away from either of those. After much fiddling around in the B&C chapter customizer I was able to come up with a khaki/gold/black/red scheme that I think will suit the Primaris models quite nicely: Once I had the color scheme picked out, it was time to think about the second most important part of the marine's appearance - the chapter logo, and along with that a name. I thought long and hard about what to call these guys. I see so many chapters that are just "color + animal" or "adjective + noun" and I wanted to stay away from that. I needed to go with one word. But what? Well a quick flip through the 30K rulebook and I found my inspiration: The Sunderers It just spoke to me. So now that I had a name and a scheme, I needed heraldry. I sketched out a bunch of ideas but then settled on the one below - a lightning bolt piercing (sundering perhaps??) an anvil. It's simple, recognizable and gets the point across quite nicely I think. After trueing up some of the curves and generally giving it a once over in photoshop, It was time to actually starting thinking about how to accomplish this scheme. I knew I needed transfers, so I was able to find a vendor in the states to put together a transfer sheet mockup for me - since these decals will be white, it's not something I could accomplish on my consumer-grade inkjet. The pricing he supplied and the final design are fantastic - if anyone is interested you can find him here: https://www.facebook.com/badmothertattoos/ Finally, after ordering my decals and collecting the paint I'd need to be ready when Indomitus drops, there was one more thing I needed that Chessex is always happy to provide... After all that, I started to think about the story for this army. I know I wanted them to be assault specialists, so White Scars instantly came to mind. Based on what I know from 30k, I was able to come up with this: The Sunderers - Ultima Founding White Scars Successors - Chapter Traits: Whirlwind of Rage & Rapid Assault Chapter type - Fleet-based Chapter colors - Drab & sable armor, gold trim Chapter symbol - lightning bolt piercing an anvil in white upon a sable field Chapter war cry - "Now for death!" Chapter disposition - Full-strength, full Primaris-type composition Chapter flagship - Battle barge "Moonsilver" Chapter Master - Ardeth Sein of the Red Waste The Sunderers are a chapter descended of the Khan that eschews the fast assault doctrine of their gene-brothers in favor of an altogether darker aspect. The Sunderers were formed of the greyshields born of the gene-seed of the Terran-born of the old V legion - warriors who never shared the Chogorian lineage of their gene-father and who integrated into the White Scars only begrudgingly. Indeed in the annals of Imperial history there are mentions that this Terran contingent of the Khan's legion were of dubious loyalty in the dark days of Horus' great betrayal, and as such were reorganized by the Khan into the Sagyar Mazan - penal detachments that fought only to die in order to atone in the eyes of their father. This grim history is not unknown to the warriors of the Sunderers chapter. While Belisarius Cawl maintains that traitorous geneseed was not used in the creation of the new breed of Primaris Astartes, the Sunderers nonetheless recognize the shame of their lineage within the V legion. They see the burden of atonement falling to them, as it once did their Terran ancestors. Much like the Sagyar Mazan of Horus' rebellion, the Sunderers fight with little regard for their own safety, crashing into enemy lines with their fists as much as boltgun and chain blade. Imperial observers have likened their conduct in battle more to Russ or Sanguinius' sons than those of the Khagan - after a charge of Sunderers, nothing is left in their wake but bloody ground and ruined corpses. -- I'm very excited to get this project underway! I'll be posting my progress here over the coming months - next up is a test model for the scheme! **Edited for readability!**
  9. With an increasing number of areas around the world mandating self-isolation and enforcing quarantines for citizens, what are some of your favourite books that you would recommend, or audiobooks that you would recommend people listen to? I haven't checked out any audiobooks yet, but in terms of paperback/hardback - the Night Lords Omnibus, Helsreach, Storm of Iron, and Know No Fear are great. I'm currently re-reading Betrayer and also enjoying it.
  10. This is my mostly finished execution platform. As always tend to notice details that need touching up whenever I take photos. The Block itself is a small cardboard box spray painted black and painted light grey with a wide brush. I did this fairly quickly and could probably use some stippling or different grays in order to make the building more windswept and worn as if rocks and ice has chipped away at it over time. The top side staging is an array of square bases that I got from the flagellants box. I don't play AoS but had previously converted some Empire swordsmen into crusaders and wanted the flagellant models because they come with a ton of great bits and just love those models. I cut apart an old Play-doh container from my kids and used that as the plinth for the heretic using super glue to attach it to the cardboard. The stand which the heretic is tied to is the barrel of an auto-cannon that I hadn't used in a heavy weapons squad with a random wreath bit from the swordsmen box. The REPENT scroll on the front is another bit from the flagellants as well as the bell hanging from his thumb in what can only be assumed as a pain ring. The wood at the bottom of the base is a heavy weapon tripod cut up and random bits of plastic cut into rough hewn shapes. As imperial guard players know you always end up with extra torsos and no legs so in order to tie him to the pole I created fake legs by measuring another trooper with legs and cutting a piece of sprue to roughly equal it. I then cut that piece of sprue in half making two rough leg shapes tightly pushed together gluing to the torso. I continued by covering them up behind the yarn which I would have had come up slightly higher in an ideal world. Overall pretty happy with effect keeping them the primer black so as to further hide the fake legs that are cast in shadow instead of painting them white like my troopers' uniforms. My next step for this piece of terrain is to follow Striking Scorpion's youtube tutorial on propaganda posters and plaster the bottom of the platform in posters. I imagine the prisoners so drugged out of their tree they willingly climb the rickety ladder and steps allowing themselves to be secured to the platform. Eventually waking up to quite the shock and awaiting their grisly demise. I went for a very small fire effect as if the battle had interrupted the middle of the execution and the commissar overseer casually tossed his cigarette into the kindling before running off to inspire the troops. The freehand writing I had blocked out in a notebook to make sure I could fit the letters appropriately in the metal plating which I believe came with a vehicle kit in the Apoc or defense force box. I added a servo skull to film the entire ordeal and created a rickety ladder out of two parts of sprue where the vehicle rungs are clipped out of for a leman russ. The steps were rough cut sprue cut progressively shorter and glued edge to edge to form a small set of steps. Definitely needs some propaganda posters to fill it out. The heretic has a mix of imperial guard and flagellant parts. I need to touch up one of his eyes but all in all pretty happy with how he turned out.
  11. Neotericity

    Nurgle Swamp

    From the album: 306th Ronarii Rifles

    Followed lethal terrain tutorial on dakka dakka, very simple.
  12. Neotericity

    Nurgle Swamp

    From the album: 306th Ronarii Rifles

    Followed lethal terrain tutorial on dakka dakka, very simple.
  13. Neotericity

    Nurgle Swamp

    From the album: 306th Ronarii Rifles

    Followed lethal terrain tutorial on dakka dakka, very simple.
  14. From the album: Inquisition

    Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Harken is a dangerous radical branded by some of his peers as a lunatic trying to wield power that he can't understand.

    © Frank J Agresti

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