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  1. Hey everyone, recently I decided to retire from wargaming forever (some folks would state that I am too young of a man to seriously consider retirement from anything, but I digress). I did some soul searching, and have decided to move on with my life into a different direction. .... .... .... .... .... .... .... That being said, I decided it's time to go out with a bang I am returning to the Minotaurs chapter of Space Marines, an army left for too long unfinished. Although primarily having focused my wargaming efforts on 30k for the last several years, I have decided that this will be the last army I ever paint or collect. Once I finish I finish with this project, I'll be done for good. This army represents a point in the past when I was younger than I am now, and as such, the painting quality of my existing units is... not great. But that's all good! I'm here to have fun (though expect the new things to look particularly jazzy ). I don't have my existing models with me as I write this post, so here is a sneak peak of the first members of my new Tactical Squad (my 4th Minotaurs Tactical Squad). These Battle Brothers still have some work to do tidying up before they are ready to be painted. Both are kitbashed from the regular Tactical Squad and the Mark III Tactical Squad. The Space Marine on the left carries the Melta Gun that comes with the regular box yet wears Mark III Power Armour, while the one on the right wears the more common (as of M41) Mark VII Armour, yet carries the Heavy Bolter found in the Mark III box. I know it's not much so far, but I will have more on this Tactical Squad as well as overall Minotaurs progress very soon, so stay tuned. .... .... .... .... .... .... Surprise, I'm still here! Although the Minotaurs are the last army I am ever doing for any wargame ever, and I will be proactively moving closer and closer to that end destination (and yes, I do have a set plan of exactly how many Space Marines that is), who is to say that I can't work on side projects here and there? It's a loophole Here is a (currently unpainted) Eldar Farseer: Here's some quick lore about where this Eldar comes from (it's the homebrew kind of lore, so strap yourselves in for a particularly bumpy ride): -The Farseer comes from the very minor Craftworld of Jhul'yllant. It's genuinely one of the smallest, and practically no one even lives there! (Even by Eldar standards). In ages long past, the Craftworld was hidden from the rest of the galaxy by the mystical powers of the Eldar, in a super secret location that NOBODY could ever find it. But the Eldar of Jhul'yllant have decided it is time that it left it's hiding place. Where is it hidden? In the core of a massive ocean planet in a system now controlled by the Imperium. It's a backwater system, only one of the planets is inhabited (though two of it's planets are also occupied by the Imperium), and that's an Imperial staging world where forces being sent to fight in more important places are gathered together, but is currently manned by a solely by a light infantry regiment of Imperial Guard, an Imperial Guard Independent Tank Company, and a wing of Imperial Navy Valkyries. Will the Ordo Xenos Inquisitor that goes to investigate the rumoured Eldar sightings in the system be enough to stop the Eldar of Jhyl'yllant before it's too late? We'll have to find out. Also, some quick notes: -Jhul'yllant doesn't really have many forces. Instead, it's more just Farseers going on adventures around the galaxy, and bringing usually only a few dozen warriors at most as their personal bodyguard, and even then, forces THAT big are only in the rarest of circumstances. Also, multiple Farseers often work together to combine their efforts to achieve a common goal. Releasing the Craftworld from it's hiding place will require all the Eldar of Jhul'yllant to work together! How will they achieve this? Guess we'll find out eventually too!" .... .... .... .... Next, I'll leave you some pictures of some of my Horus Heresy stuff (if you haven't guessed from my name and profile picture by now, they're Dark Angels Legion). These pictures were on my old thread, but everything I do now will be collected here so I will repost: I might return to them, or maybe not, we'll just have to see. I also have some Forge World Badab War characters (not Minotaurs surprisingly) that I aim to get painted up super soon, at which point I'll share here: Carab Culln, Lufgt Huron, and Armenneus Valthex. Thankyou for reading guys, and I promise that this thread, although not got much RN, will only get more exciting from here on!
  2. A while back I experimented with some new Space Marine paint schemes and found one I liked. I just was happy with the one I had originally chosen. I finally let loose the arrow to land where it may. Now at this point I have a conundrum. Is the red bolter housing too busy; should I go with a more neutral off-black? The squad and chapter markings are going to be red, if that makes a difference.
  3. Hello all! I've been away from the hobby for a year or two as my family grew and I explored a new career path. This COVID quarantine has given me the opportunity to take some time for myself and jump back in! I bought some refreshed hobby supplies before the stores closed along with the Space Marine Vanguard box to start. I started out in the hobby back with the Battle for Macragge box set and proceeded to build a custom chapter of purple and gold space marines. I was a kid with no money, so the paint schemes are....cobbled together from whatever cheap paints I had access to. I have a good number of my purple and gold marines, but that collection is haphazard at best. When I hit college I took a jaunt to the xenos side, and started my Necron army. I love those skelly boys, but they aren't getting a lot of love these days. I couldn't resist the lure of the new primaris hotness forever, so here we are. When deciding what chapter I wanted to create this time, there was no doubt in my mind that it was going to be the Emperor's favorite thieves sons, the Blood Ravens! I've been a big DoW fan for over a decade, I still go back and play 1 and 2 from time to time. I grabbed some new contrast paints and did some paint tests and got to work. +++ The Plan +++ I've got the Vanguard box set and the Primaris half of Dark Imperium on order from ebay. I'm going to test out contrast paints, develop a consistent paint scheme across a unified army, and by the time quarantines are over I should have a respectable Blood Ravens force to expand upon. At some point I will consider returning to my marinelets and stripping some crappy paint jobs / refurbishing some poorly built and painted vehicles. I've also got an unopened box of Space Hulk, and some reappropriated suits of Terminator armor in Blood Ravens livery seems delightfully thematic. +++ Goals +++ To achieve a consistent, tabletop-ready look across an entire army To deepen my understanding of and skill with various miniature painting techniques To be able to start playing games of 40K again by Summer 2021, when I move for hopefully the last time in a while. +++ The Work +++ So truth be told I'm about two weeks into this process already. I'll use the rest of this post to document my progress thus far. First thing I did was experiment with contrast paint. I tested a couple different reds on some old bits of sprue before deciding to go with Fleshtearers Red. It's a little darker and I like the tone against the black and bone shoulders. I painted a couple infantry models and an eliminator to see what the combination of green, bone, black, and red looked like. I followed Duncan's tutorials for lenses, for shoulder pauldrons, and for free handing the Blood Ravens sigil. Here's the first result: I'm generally pleased with how the contrast paint came out. I'm using Americana craft acrylics thinned down for the eyes and then glazing with Tamiya clear green on the lenses, I think it's coming out pretty great. I'll use this green on all scopes and screens as well moving forward. There is some variable shine on the models, but I'll solve that with a matte varnish I've ordered at this point to be delivered. I'm very pleased with how the Blood Ravens freehand came out (thanks Duncan!), but after a couple of these, I'm forced to admit that it isn't exactly uniform. I find some blood ravens transfers on ebay and order those as well, and I find Tigurius Omnis Arcanum's blood angels on google images for some inspiration. I plan to use his pauldron layout with some micron pens in addition to decals once they're delivered. In the meantime I move on to finishing my eliminators squad since they have minimal pauldrons exposed. A little liquid plastic putty from Vallejo helps me shore up the cracks in the cloaks, but after some ink washes I'm pleased with the result. These haven't been sealed in matte varnish yet either, but the one I've tested it on I've found the varnish dulls down the cloaks ever so slightly for a pleasing result. And a quick look at sarge's pauldron, the only one exposed: I'll note here that after 15+ years in the hobby, this is the first time I bothered to acquire a pin drill and drill my barrels. I have to admit...it makes a huge difference.
  4. Hey all! I think I'll start posting the results of my building and painting in here. I already have a thread in the Space Wolves subforum, but I guess it won't hurt showing my terrain pieces - and maybe at some point non Space Wolves miniatures - as well. I'll start with reposting my recently finished infiltrators. Not mind blowing, but ready for action ☺
  5. There are varying degrees of experience in the Horus Heresy community but most of all we want to recruit others, so I'm going to start a series of discussions and encourage others to do so that focus on the more mundane questions to the veterans amongst you. The intent behind this is to build a foundation of knowledge for people to draw from and attract others to a friendly and informative guide from fellows from within the community. Starting with the pride of a non-Primarch Legion force and the character and beatstick, let's talk about the Praetor. Questions we can answer - what weapons to give a Praetor, what armour (i.e. what type) and who to run him with? How does this differ from Legion to Legion, or army build to army build, Rites of War included? Please share your thoughts, including your experiences or just your themed preferences if you like. There's room for all sorts here!
  6. Version Final


    Final version of rules Note that you will need the rules for Space Marine kill teams in Shadow War: Armageddon (here) in order to use these rules.
  7. From the album: Castigators

    Castigators Battle-Brother (Battleline), Mk VI 'Corvus' pattern power armour.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  8. From the album: Castigators

    Castigators Battle-Brother (Battleline), Mk V 'Heresy' pattern power armour.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  9. From the album: Castigators

    Castigators Veteran marine seconded to the Deathwatch.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  10. From the album: Castigators

    Castigators Veteran Marine arrayed in relic Indomitus pattern Terminator Armour.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  11. From the album: Castigators

    Castigators Veteran Marine arrayed in relic Mk IV 'Maximus' pattern Battle-Armour.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  12. From the album: Castigators

    Castigators Veteran Marine arrayed in a mixture of Mk III 'Iron'/Mk VII 'Aquila' patterns of power armour.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  13. From the album: Castigators

    Castigators Chaplain (new and improved).

    © Algrim Whitefang

  14. From the album: Castigators

    Castigators Apothecary (updated).

    © Algrim Whitefang

  15. From the album: Castigators

    Ancient Rhertoricus, Bearer of the Crimson Standard.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  16. From the album: Castigators

    Castigators Veteran Sergeant Jonas of the 6th Company ("Purehearts"), 1st Battleline Squad (Squad Jonas). Note: Wielding his Chapter's signature weapon, a deadly Power Whip and artificer-wrought bolt pistol.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  17. I've been lurking on here for the longest time and thought it was about time to try and make a WIP thread of my White Scars successors, the Celestial Guardians. Hopefully it helps with keeping motivated and painting more minis. Here is what I've built so far. Captain Hisagi Jiro - The Storm Prince - Celestial Guardians 3rd company Lieutenant Gamagori - The Evening Star Two members of the Dragon's Talons. Count as Bladeguard veterans Lieutenant Byamba Baro - Red Hawk - If you cant tell already, I'm a big fan of polearms so when i saw the new AOS kits i knew i had to get a hold of some to use for some space marine conversions. Here is a look at the lieutenant before he was painted. Assault intercessors
  18. Having been barely keeping up with the hobby for several years, Indomitus reignited my passion for 40k last year, so I decided to try to actually build a force. This time it will be Primaris space marines, but still my beloved 3rd Company of the Ultramarines. The plan is to build the complete company, including officers and attached specialists and a dreadnought, plus a ten-man Deathwatch kill team, and such a project needs a fresh thread, so here I am. In terms of bulding the company, I will be dividing it into combat squads, to avoid becoming overwhelmed or bored, and alternate those with Deathwatchers and officers, so that it will go Combat Squad > Deathwatch > Combat Squad > Officer > Combat Squad > Deathwatch... and so on. This should offer a decent balance between progress and sameness of models. I started an Intercessor veteran sergeant (the 30th anniversary model) as a one-off before I decided to make a full army, so I decided to finish him before doing the rest of the combat squad. If you visit the Ultramarines subforum, you may have seen him, but here he is again with one of the Necrons the 3rd is fighting: The Necron is really just a color scheme test model, not the start of an army, any time soon at least. The rest of Combat Squad Ardias is in progress, with their bodies only needing cleanup: The bolt rifle arms are coming along too, I just need to highlight the black and tidy up everything before gluing them on. Then it's just the other arms, backpacks and heads and then finishing touches. Of course, an Intercessor squad isn't the end of it. I have plenty of plans for all the squads and in particular the command cadre. I don't feel like typing out all the minute details of my plan that I've spent the last nine months overthinking, so for now I will just finish off with something black for now:
  19. Version Version 2


    Hoot Hoo! This is the new update of the Space Owls Fandex is online, with new characters, units, lore, artwork and much much more. Many thanks to the most excellent @grimdorables for coming up with the Chapter look and character, and for continuing to make new Space Owl characters! Much appreciation also goes to Andrius Matijosius @matjoshas for this amazing new cover art for the Fandex.
  20. Version v1.1 (2020/04/20)


    Alternative rules for playing Black Templars in 8th Edition Warhammer 40'000 to be used in conjunction with Codex: Space Marines and Psychic Awakening: Faith and Fury. These are largely an update of the rules found within the 4th Edition Codex: Black Templars. The file can be discussed here.
  21. 489 downloads

    By request of Master Commander Ajax, the Black Castellans - 3rd Founding Space Marine Chapter. Three layers in the PDF file: solid white logo, white logo with black border, and a black background layer (mostly for display purposes).
  22. 2855 downloads

    A collection of quotes from various sources, scaled for decal use. Although taken from Space Marine sources, many are applicable to all branches of the Imperial military. Script font in 2, 3, and 4 point sizes. Layered PDF Text in Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, and White. Backgrounds in Black, Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow.
  23. 606 downloads

    By commission from WoT. Warmongers Space Marines chapter.
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